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Treats for me



lovely treats for me …… yummy Ipod Touch. As I’m being thrown out of the house shortly (resist the temptation to feel sorry for me, as it’s only into my own crafting cabin in the garden) t’internet won’t be working that far away, and so I have had to put some tune ability into place, as I cannot work in silence – I need tunes, Richardson podcasts and recently The Archers!

I took the opportunity at Bluewater yesterday to pop into the Apple Store to buy one.  Surprisingly enough I have never been in there before, and it was all a bit bewildering – luckily though, Toodles was with me to steer me through it.  I just went for an 8 Gig, as realistically I don’t own (or likely to own) that many songs, but I have to admit that once on the journey home I then started to panic that this was the wrong choice ….. would I suddenly have a rush of music buying, and need more space?  I need re-assurance!!

The choice of cover was more difficult, purple would have been main colour of choice, but none was to be had; pink is lovely but not really me, so I left the choice to Toodles and she decided on Paul Frank money, and I went for this one:


If not purple, then I seen to be drawn to citrus colours, with organge just below lime green on the list of favourites … am I odd?  Actually, no need to answer that, I know that I am.  There mere fact that I am now listening to the Archers seems to confirm it for Guy! 


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What’s on your desk?


this is on mine ………. I had a spare piece of the text paper, and so decided to try out my new Spellbinders Magnetic Plate (only thing is that I have yet to work out how to use it with the CB, and used my Wizard).

The dies stick like glue to the plate, and so it’s really super easy to make a frame.

Once cut out I used specially adapted Alcohol Ink applicator with Cut’n’Dry Foam to ink around all edges, and then stamped out the pretty SU flower girl on Whispers White cardstock and coloured in with Copics.  Added Stickles to the flower heads, and Crackle Accents to the hat, then placed the frame over the image. 

’twill probably look mega pretty on a box, and so that might be the next thing on my list this weekend.


G28 ~ Ocean Green

YG67 ~ Moss

YG03 ~ Yellow Green

E00 ~ Skin White

Y32 ~ Cashmere

R59 ~ Cardinal

E57 ~ Light Walnut

BV04 ~ Blue Berry

RV34 ~ Dark Pink

C1 ~ Cool Grey


We are excitedly awaiting the return of the Rubbah Elf in this household tonight, as he’s been away on business in Italy, the house is just not the same with out him!

Tomorrow is a busy day, as we’ve got to be at Bluewater early doors for Toodles uniform fitting, and then general food shopping etc., in the afternoon, but hopefully I can make a start on my box – it would possibly make a nice housing for choccies for each of the girls on thir last day at work in September.

Have a good evening, and happy crafting.

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Toodles & Binks Explore (KXR-018)

never stick down your sentiment, and then do crackle accents over the top of it, and be careful when you remove Frisket masking film in an excited fashion…… ask me how I know this?

A quick and in an out post with a view of the Toodles & Binks Explore card that is sitting on my desk – I just need to stick down the curling edge of the sentiment with something a little stronger, and it will be good to go:



As usual coloured in with copics (too many colours to mention, but in stock at the Galaxy), and my yummy crackle and sepia accents added as well.  I used the last of the air in my air brush to do the sky.

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Busy, busy, busy, but no time to upload my card

which is a shame, but I’m working on the Toodles and Binks Wholesale Catalogue as we have had a lot of enquiries, so it’s something that needs to be done urgently.

It has been a bit of a curate’s egg today, good in parts, we were up very early as the Rubbah Elf had to go to Italy on business, and so the alarm went off around 5.00, which disturbed the whole house, and then I had the audit team in at my day job, my boss was at a meeting all day and my assistant is away sunning himself on a hot beach.  Also the first of the girls left on maternity leave/redundancy, so I had to fit in a bit of time for a good bye quick lunch and pick up Toodles from schoo….phew, no wonder I’m tired.

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It seems just like an innocent bottle of glue

but let me tell you ….. ’tis yummy after about half an hour of putting it on!


We got the Ranger Crackle Accents in stock today as I ordred it in after seeing some projects using it on the Sugar Nellie Blog hop – oh my word, I am in love with it.  I have to admit to being a tad disappointed at first as it behaves just like glossy accents (always a great favourite) and I didn’t realise that it would take a while to show up all is cracklie goodness.

I went on to crack open a bottle of the Sepia accents  for Toodles Indiana style hat after that, and I can’t wait to see what that comes out like too.

Nothing to actually show you tonight, as it’s been a bit fraught in the household one way or another, but my crackle is crackling and the sepia hat band drying, so will pop this up tomorrow.

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Family all well fed and happy

so I should count that as a success – with lovely yummy roast pork and all the trimmings for dinner, and I have a half finished card on my desk for the new Toodles & Binks Explore stamp, but apart from that it has been a quiet, quiet day.

I had to go over to Maidstone today to chase the cabin, as I’d had no news and the 8 week deadline is nearly up …. it seems that there is a problme, and there may be a delay …. cross this has most definitely made me as nobody had communicated that to me – poor customer service!

Since I was nearly there I also went over Hempstead Valley shopping centre and got a couple of nice cropped jeans, 2 tops and a scrummylicious purple handbag – so, twas most definitely spoil me time – I did get Toodles a lovely new faded denim shift dress, which shed’ had her eye on.

I am just doing a few quick bits, and packing today’s orders and then I will move my copious amounts of completely essential handbag items into my new bag ready for tomorrow, and have a snuggle with my family.

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Toodles & Binks Explore (KXR-018)


R.R.P. £4.35 unmounted and +50p mounted on UMOUNT

Main image measure about 10 cm x 9 cm (plus sentiments)

yay, rubbah finally cooked for this one….. a lovely new design by Kate Rietz, which is called Toodles & Binks Explore.

We’ve really pushed the boat out with two sentiments added to the stamp for you, “Have Fun today …” in the usual Amanda’s Hand and “EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES” in another fabbie font that we have been given permission to use – tis slightly worn looking and works perfectly with the image.

Soz about the watermarking (there are some very bad people out there who steal), I would love to show without, but can’t take the risk.

If I say so myself Toodles and Binks just keep getting better and better, with even more bang for your buck – it’s showing in the Stamp Galaxy shore as pre-order at the moment, but we have a big pile of ready to go out with the pre-orders and DT pack.

I’m off to teach a make’n’take at the Chicken Shack Craft Club in South Nutfield this morning so need to scoot to get ready.

A BIG thank you to everyone who visited the blog yesterday, I just need to get time to run round the hop myself and read everything properly.


Ohhh, and don’t forget that Toodles & Binks blog still has blog candy to give away this month.



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