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They are spreading the love over at UK STampers Cyber blog

go check it out, and join in – you might win some blog candy.


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While I’m not getting much chance to craft……..

here a link to a marvellous blog I found via one of my blog rolls links today – Zindorf – oh my gosh, she really does have a way with creating scene images from stamps.  Enjoy!


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No really in the mood today

Great Grandma passed away last night – she had reached a truly wonderful age, but it was definitely time to go to a better place.

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Today’s the day I get my spinner

just waiting for Guy to drag his sorry carcas from bed, and get showered and we’re off to Creative Living to pick up my spinner unit.  I actually think if they have another one going I will get it – for personal use though, as I like to have things out on show, and it could stand in the studio to hold my every growing colletion of stamps.

Ever growining? Hell yessssssss, bought more (cheered on by Toodles) yesterday – some of the new Sugar Nellies (and sold older ones).  I clearly, wasn’t quick enough off the mark and missed some of the new designs, they were already showing as out of stock.

We had a bit of bad news last night, Guy’s Granny is very sick, and his Mum thought that she may not make it through the night – very sad news, but she has had a really good innings – she’s 104 – but is now very, very frail also blind, bed ridden, very, very deaf, and has dementia – so it’ll be a blessing to go to a better place I think.  The kids love their Great Granny very much, and it was very upsetting to have to prepare them for what is inevitably going to happen, but they both realise that she’s had a wonderful life, and is looking forward to being with Great Grandpa (she’s been a widow for about 30 years, as Guy’s Grandpa died at a comparatively young age).


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It’s called a Tag Curler


and here’s a demo for it (unfortunately not of the moving picture variety, but you can get the idea).



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Cute Card Thursday – No. 7 – Hey Chick

this week’s challenge was to create something for a female – perfecto – it’s Paula’s birthday on Saturday, so I used my new Chicken stamp.


OMG, I had such trouble with the MM magnetic stamps I’ve lost the handle that came with them, and had to use a magnetic block – know I remember why they’ve pretty much never been used.  I have to say that they are just the perfect size, obviously I just need to persevere with them though.

Quite a plain card, and I’m not sure if there’s something missing.  Possibly I should have matted the pattern paper down the middle.

I saw one of them there MM ribbon tag attachment tools – sorry, I know that’s a really bad description – I think I might want one.  Rather than rely on that dodgy description, I’ll try to find a demo clip of it.



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Lovely shiney black flat monitor and flirting with a new look for the blog

wow, I now have amazing space of my work desk, I can actually have room for papers, filing tray, Dave the Cricut and a pile of flotsam, and still surf in comfort.

I’m also flirting with a new style blog design, which is clean and simple….just wish I could change the colour from blue to purple ’tis all.

I’ve had to to take the day off from work as I had no child care and the pesky teachers at Toodles school have gone out on strike, which is annoying, but has in fact given me loads of time to sort out her bedroom – her lovely white and stylish Danish desk and mantle is being delivered about 4.30 this afternoon.  Oh my gosh, how I love Danish furniture – in my dreams I have a whole house full of it – lovely clean white wooden furniture no mess, beautiful green, purple, red and black accessories in various rooms – of course, it’ll never happen with two kids, a dog a cat and a husband, but a girl can dream!

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Flipperty Dooo dah

not only have I had to waste a day’s holiday because Toodles teachers have decided to go on strike tomorrow, but now the PC monitor’s gone on the fritz.

Just had to borrow Guy’s laptop to order a new one, and am just whiling away half an hour before I trek of to Tunbridge Wells to pick up an other one from PC World’s collect in store – there goes tonight’s crafting time – c’est le (or is it la) vie!

Didn’t manage to do any yesterday, as I had to help Guy pick up some of the fencing that we ripped out last weekend.   The old posts were burnt and the old rails stacked in readiness for him to cut up for the log burner this winter.  He reckons that we’ll probably get at least 6 equivalent loads that we would have had to buy in from the log man….. is that’s something I guess – it was damn hard work though with 6 acres worth of fencing in a couple of paddocks to work our way through.  We’ve not finished, but have at least made a big dent in the amount there was to shift/tidy away. 

Bonus of the whole thing will be that it’ll be much easier for the old chap to top everything, as instead of doing each paddock, he can just treat it as one entire field.  Have to admit too that I was quite anxious to get rid of it as well, as one of our friends had been using he paddock for her horses (on the strict understanding that she paid for the water she used and kept the fencing in order, and as usually happens she did neither even though I reminded her plenty of the deal), so now she can’t come back – ha! method to our madness – or are we mean?

Toodles is happily snuggled in watching her box set of Star Wars (the old ones, which she has never seen), and so is happy little bunny presently.  I on the other hand cocked up, and accidentally ordered Series 1 of Peep show, completely forgetting that I have the box set of series 1, 2 and 3 – and actually needed series 4 – still never mind, my box set is lost in the boy’s room (probably never to return) so at least all I have to do is get series 2, 3 and 4 separately and I’m current. 

Talking of which, new series of Peep Show is beginning on 2nd May – and I’m very excited about that (god, I think Guy’s right, I really am getting sadder!).

Righto, I’m off to the Wells now to pick up my new monitor, and when I get back I’m going to tackle the dust bunnies of 6 foot Harvey the white rabbit proportions that lurked under and around the old (and massive) monitor.  I will have loads more room on my desk with a nice flat screen one, so there’s another tick on the pros side of life.


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80th Birthday card


  • Pattern Paper – English Paper Company
  • Green Cardstock – Prism
  • PM Buff, Cream and Brown cardstock
  • Stamps:  Fish and Basket (on the inside of the card) – Creative Expressions & Hand Stamped By (SU)
  • COPIC Markers
  • Chiaro Flo Clear Embossing Powder – SG-me! 
  • Palette Noir Ink
  • Versamark & Lime Green Fluid Chalk Ink
  • Green Stitched Ribbon – AMM
  • Scor-it Board
  • Cricut with Base Camp Cartridge
  • Loopy Bard – Karen Foster


Used the Base Camp cartridge to cut the 80 and the postal stamp rectange and shadow background.

Stamped out the fish, roughly coloured in with COPICs, covered with Versamark and then several layers of Chiaro Flo (I know that it’s our own product, but it really is the most amazingly clear EP!).


Well, well, well …………. Peep Show won best Situation Comedy at the BAFTA’s last night, it was worth sitting through the whole thing just to see that.  Such a shame the lovely David Mitchell didn’t win best Comedy Actor (he was robbed).  I’m not a fan of Gavin & Stacy and don’t see the appeal of the fat chap, James somethingorother, who did win.

To celebrate I ordered the Series 1 of Peep Show for Rob (ohhh, I admit it me too)  – who is now a massive convert to the series and a huge fan of the wonderful creation of Mark Corrigan.



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Creative Living is at Pains Hill is closing down

which is very sad news, as I’ve visited it since it opened, and they have a sale (which started yesterday).

Guy and I had a few bits to do, so I managed to get him to come with me yesterday as I was wondering if they had any shop bits and pieces going – and, of course, I knew that the stamps were 50% and better off – can’t blame a girl for taking advantage of that!

Sorry about some of the crime against photography, I was in a hurry with the images this morning.  Actually, the Hero Arts clear “W” set’s been missed off. 

I managed to get this little lot, and also a wooden spinner unit complete with the metal hooks (which I can go and get next week) for the Galaxy to use for shows.

Actually, I think I may just well get another spinner at the same time if they have one, which I can use for my own personal stash.


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