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Baby Boy – Welcome Maxwell


 My Cousin had a baby boy at the end of last week, so this is off to NY.

Like buses, my cards usually come along in 2’s or 3’s, as I tend to use the stuff that’s hanging around in the vicinity of my craft desk. So if it looks a little similar to the last one, that’s because I used the same kind of card blank and the darling Sweetwater stars pattern paper.

Other supplies:  Cricuit was George & All Mixed Up Cartridges; Stampendous “Hello Baby Set” for main image, inside the card and the envie; COPIC Markers; Palette Noir Ink.  Also orange Bazzill and blue Scrapbook Sally cardstock, ribbon, silk flowers and orange brad.


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Just to prove I don’t just make soap at the moment – a card!

it was for one of the girlies at work to send to a friend.

made with Sweetwater paper that’s been hoarded for a very long time, bright orange and green bazzil cardstock, nesties and the “Cheers to You” SU set – oh, and of course coloured in with COPICs and with a bit of stickles on the foam bit of the beer.

I also made a whole lot of wee shopping bags with my Cricut, which I put some of the soap that was ready to be used in, and gave each of the girls at work one.  Disappointingly, they were supposed to actually use it, but have been hoarding it.  I mentioned on Friday, that they actually did need to use it and give me feedback, so fingers crossed on Monday that will have happened.  I love my soap, but I need to know what other people think of it too.

I’ve done no crafting this weekend, but not unsurprisingly, have made two further batches of soap.  Playing around with silk in them and also clay.  They smell devine, and are women’s shaving soap.  Hopefully, they will turn out well.

It’s been really nice to give the crafting a rest, I was beginning to feel that I was churning out just the same card in different colours, and I feel that some inspiration is beginning to form in my again.  I love to say that I needed new stamps, but in reality I have so much virgin rubber, that is not really an excuse I can use… mojo’s been off round the world!

Toodles and I went on a lovely bike ride this afternoon. We had to drag Guy along, as the bikes don’t fit in my car, so he drove down with us to the local Countrypark at Hayesden, and we did several circuits of the lake. It was beautifully sunny, and such a precious time together. We then sat on a bench in the play area and scoffed Mr Whippy with flakes – yum.

This was the first time that we’ve managed to get out for more than a quick ride, which is quite disgusting considering I got the bike just before Christmas – and just goes to show just how busy we are as a family (it’s a modern day sickness having no time for quality family bits and bobs).

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and this is how #5 turned out this morning

the tiny bit I had left over went into a silicone bun tin, and they’ve turned out really sweetly.

The picture on the right is a close up of the only slight worry I have with this batch – there is what appears to be gelling on the corners.  Anyone got any suggestions on what that happened?


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Pecan Caramel Mousse Cake Soap – 08-06-#5

  • TVEGSH 500g
  • Ricebran 457g
  • SC 120.44g
  • Aqua 363.66g
  • Tumeric
  • SP Pecan Caramel Mousse Cake FO
  • Hardness 26/26
  • Clensing 1/0
  • Conditioning 69/70
  • Bubbly 1/0
  • Creamy 25/26
  • Iodine 110/101
  • INS 70/94

Out of the pure need to make some soap I fiddled around with this one – more really marking time and for trying out colouring.  As tumeric made the pale yellow colour turn a lovely mild orange.

I also added small chunks of the white batch #3 soap, and pushed them down into the mould – so hopefully, when it’s cut through it will have white pieces running through bits of it.

Coconut oil is ordered a large batch, and I’ve made a really decision not to use Palm Oil unless I can get a large batch of organic (sustainable) at a good price.  As I get older, I seem to be getting green, I’ve idea why this is happening to me, I’ll be wearing shoes made of our nettles and vegan in a few months maybe (not that there is anything wrong with that, but if you knew me well, you’d be highly surprised by my whole eco-kick).

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Mmmmm, snotty coloured soap (or possibly something you might see in a baby’s nappy)

  • 500g Trex
  • 100g Coconut oil
  • lye and water as per soap calc (will check what it was an update).
  • I used green tea in the lye water, and this is the result.  It does have a nice SP Apple Pie FO.


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Just when I think I can find time to do some crafting

something gets in the way……Lydia pulled a stunt re-enacting Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and we’ve spent two evenings in A&E at the end of last week, all weekend with her in a back slab plaster, and then Fracture Clinic today.

I did make a card yesterday, but we were in such a hurry to get out of the door to FIL’s lunch that I didn’t take a photo.  I used the new “Cheers to You” set by SU that I recently received from Caz, and I was very impressed, it’s a really great set, and I think it’ll be quite versatile.

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Hooray, my Boss has been away for a week

and I’ve managed to break the back of the very large workload that’s been hanging around on my desk since, well October last year to tell the truth – what with the credit crunch biting the way it has.

Hopefully, by the time he gets back on Thursday (and wades through all of his 300 emails) I will be pretty much up to date.

I can tell that I am starting to feel less stressed, because I’m back to rowing – even finding time this evening to update my stats.

In the next couple of days I’m expecting a nice (and quite large) parcel from Caz, with 2 lots of S10 orders and my Hostess goodies.  As I will have some nice new supplies to play with, I shall have to get crafting again.  Expecially as Sugar Nellie are going to be selling Hanglar designs – and basically, if I don’t use my stash (and particularly the virgin supplies) my beloved one will start to say I don’t need any new toys – can’t have that!


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Note to self

this will not very much to most raders, but:

lefthand notes on soapcalc

20+ creamy

35+ hardness and conditioning

50+ how bublly, stable lather

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Normal service will be resumed shortly

finger still sore, but I will be back crafting by the weekend hopefully.

Meanwhile, batch number 3 of soap just been un-moulded, and I’m quite pleased with bits of it.  The small chunky moulds are great, and actually the half rounds too – but the ribbed loaf has crumbed somewhat.  Completely my own fault…..I was impatient and cut it up on the wire rack, immediately after taking out of the mould – it’d been in the freezer for sbout 15 minutes before that, and consequently some of the sections have crumbled – oh well, live and learn.

Receipe for this latest batch was:

  • 12oz coconut oil
  • 14oz palm oil
  • 10oz avocado oil
  • 14.44 water
  • 6.008 SC
  • 5% superfat (I might try 8% next time)
  • Geranium EO
  • Tea Tree Eo

That peoduced enough for all of the above mentioned moulds.  It’s a lovely soft, creamy soap, and as I’m currently bringing to trace by hand, it did take ages, and ages and ages to ge there – actually, I really thought I would have to throw it away at one point.

Mum had to drive me to work today, and then she pickedme up around 4 ish, and we stopped off at Sainsbury’s to try and get a stick blender.  They didn’thave any, but I did pick up a nice postal manual dial scales, as currently my electronic one only goes up in either gram or ounze degrees, which is mighty difficult if you need 6.044 of something.

I’m giving driving a go tomorrow, and so will stop off at Curry’s to try and get an elusive, reasonably priced sticked blender to make things easier.  Have to say that I’m really addicted to soapmaking – guess what though, looked in the store cupboard to re-stock the bathroom this evening, and NO SOAP we can actually use!


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OUCH! – poor me

having to type this with one finger,  as I’ve taken a huge slice out of one of my index fingers.

We’ve spent quite a few hours at the A&E, and I now have a stitched finger, all wrapped up dramatically and a sling.

I was just measuring out ingredients for a new batch of soap, so had to direct my Mum in the art when I got back.  Guy’s just had to cut up my dinner and wash my hair.  It’s rrally throbbing now – poo!



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