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Galaxy Invasion – Day 9 ………..

and sadly no action on either side – fingers crossed that the deadlock will break today.

I also have nothing to look forward to today, other than a day of completely and utter nothingness at the Kingdom of Blahhhh, it’s probably doubtful if the phone will even ring! I will, at least, get to do some forum and site maintenance.

Weather gloomy and raining – mood pretty much the same. I have decided that I need something to look forward to, and I’ve been eyeing up the Self-addressed kit via Kool Kitty’s blog, and I think that will be just the thing to do the trick. I used to get 3 kits a month, I didn’t actually need any of it, but the anticipation and rush of unpacking was great.

So, I shall lurke on the self-addressed site a bit today, and try and make a decision (as people who know me will tell you, this is not easy, I am not a quick decision maker). I hear tell that the trinkets treasure and trash kit is back, but I’ve heard disturbing things about their reliability, etc., so I will have to do a bit more research on that one. I may even take a look at the Scraptivity one (a Canadian company).

Good news, the shower is back in action, and I’m really looking forward to a nice hot one….

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Sorry my posting is late today………..

I had huge amounts of orders to pack this morning, and I simply ran out of time.

I’ve been working from homes this afternoon, I got done what needed to be done IFYKWIM, and then have cleaned Minkey bedroom from top to bottom – including throwing out loads of stuff, clothes, etc. I think we have reached the stage in her life when fiddly toys are less important – we have NOT reached the happy stage where cuddly things are less important sadly (and quite frankly I seriously doubt if that will ever be the case), but the fiddly Polly Pocket things are lessening.

The room really looks quite grown up now!

I have really got to hit my studio, as it is now impossible to move for paperwork that needs to be done (dealt with), products that need to be put away, stamps that need to be mounted and organised, and stamps to sort out that have been mounted, and are lurking in the many baskets they currently call home.

I need to sort out some kind of effective stock control package, as the online shop if fine, but it can’t answer questions that the Accountant keeps asking me. I am thinking of Quick Books at the mo, as Sage I feel is a wee bit expensive.

My UK STamper CJ went off to Harpie38 today, unfortunately the camera was playing up, and I was short of time, so I didn’t get a chance to take a picture. I have left a pleading note on the thread to ask if he will take a picture for me, and as he’s a sweetie, I’m sure I’ll get my wish!!!!!!

The Western CJ arrived from Flo today, and boy is it lovely. I can’t wait to do something in it.

Talking of CJ’s UK STamper’s second CJ list is now open, as some of the girls missed the first one, and we have more members now. So as soon as the first one is over (or before if it gets signed up quickly), I will be starting another one – think I might do a lunch tin – a la Fairy.

From Minkey’s room today, I retrieved a wooden clipboard, and my very old jewellery box – both perfect for altering!

So well, coffee, and try a bit of tidying I think.

By the by, I have to say that Hero Arts Sunny lowercase alphabet RAWWWKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Galaxy Girl

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Everwood play by play………..

2 episodes in one : a quick, very quick summary:

Rose (Mother to Amy & Bright, Wife of Dr Abbott) has cancer ; Ephram is not over the baby thing and has split permanently with Amy, and is still not talking to his Father (Dr Brown), Nina has split with Dr Jake. Dr Brown is falling for Nina, and Nina has no idea.

Ephram has sold all of his expensive equipment (including the Baby Grand) and is off to England on the proceeds. His father is less than happy.

Hannah is going out with Topher, and Bright is falling for Hannah.


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Big progress with my UK STamper CJ…..

last night, I have just got the finishing off bits to do tonight. It’s not the most technical page I’ve ever done, but has been passed around the song “Windmills of my Mind”, which is what I kept humming when thinking of the theme, which was Dreams and Nightmares – so I’ve gone down that route as I really don’t seem to remember any dreams at all.

Day 7 of Galaxy Invasion plan, and battle lines have been drawn.

The Big Shot offer at the Galaxy went so well at the weekend, that I have got to make an emergency re-stock order with Ellison today, as a few people have asked me to order in for them. I’ve therefore just been sitting looking at the catalgogue, and trying to decide what else to get at the same time.

About a year ago, I thought that it would be lovely to buy products, don’t get me wrong it is lovely, perfectly fabulous in fact, but actually very, very difficult to co-ordinate product buying, so as it isn’t all over the place, and fits in with the shop image and what customers want. I don’t like to have huge batches of things lying around for ever, I prefer to get in quick moving items so that there are then more pennies in the pot to get more stuff.

So therefore actually putting together an order can be quite difficult. I’ve given up this time, I’m simply ordering the required number of machines, extra takeout boxes, which have gone really well too, and an alphabet called Sunset, and that will be it, as I need to get this order emailed over today.

Then it’s fingers crossed that they move quickly (as they can be very laid back), and get the goodies out for me to despatch.

I will then spend a bit more time putting another order together, which will feature the petal cards, and Popcorn Boxes, more extended cuts and alphas.

I would love to say I’m off for my shower now, but in point of fact it’s broken, so bathtime for me.

That’s another job today, ring Aqualisa and get a new hosepipe – I cannot be without my shower for too long darlings!!!!!

Galaxy Girl

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A Grand Day out yesterday………

for afternoon tea with the outlaws, to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

We have a nice time, eating sandwiches with no crusts, beautiful pastries and scones and cream, but I have to say that I really do prefer the Ritz Afternoon Tea – it’s around about the same price, but much better service, and a seemingly endless supply of whaterever goodies you take off the stand, as it is replenished by unobtrusive waiters. The Grand in my opinion try to cram as many people in to the available space they have, which means that the waiters can’t get around properly to wait as it were! That notwithstanding, we had a lovely time, and the outlaws were very impressed, as they wouldn’t have dreamt they would get taken there for tea.

It’s Invasion Day 6 today, and I have had a few enquiries about what the Galaxy Invasion Plan is, unfortunately, I can’t say, but suffice to say if it all comes off, there will be oddles of pennies to spend on stock at the Galaxy. We really are determined to conquer the Crafting Universe at some point!

This morning, I have been attempting to help Parental Control and Guy to do a wee bit of logging, to try and save a few pennies on log purchasing this year. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but these day it seems a physical impossibility to be able to do work like that for more than about 5 minutes at a time – I only managed 2 hours worth, with frequent breaks.

So this afternoon, once I had a nice bath to warm up a bit I need to get my UK STamper CJ finished today, as it is posting in the week, and so far I have only just got the background done.

I also need to have a play with this Butterfly Border Stamp by Hero Arts, as I one or two ideas that I want to try out.

Thanks to Kristy (yes, you’re gettin the blame again), I bought myself a wonderful sheet of Peakcock type stamps from Tanda Stamps yesterday. They were a bargin at £6.95 with free delivery. Fingers crossed they turn up tomorrow, I am really looking forward to playing with them.

Right off to jump in a good hot both filled with M&S Freesia bubble bath, and have a quick tidy of my desk and get down to work.

Galaxy Girl

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A successful Mission 2 for Tiddly……….

and I think it’s Day 5 of Galaxy Invasion plan, but have to admit to not keeping proper track of it – progress is being made though!

My Smallest Minkey (aka Tiddly) did fantastically well yesterday on her second Scuba Seal Team Mission – she did have a small problemette with her mask being a bit too big and filling up with water when she had to take her regulator out at the bottom of the pool as her speciality for that dive. I think she paniked the first couple of times, and came straight to the surface, but after some fantastic coaching from her Instructor (they are all really great and love teaching kids at the Dive Machine), she managed. Her Dive Buddy, Harrison, who is the same age, managed superbly too and completed his mission as well – I also happen to know from a conversation in the car, that my Minkey things he is “lovely”. Do I sense a budding romance, he likes the same things as her, is Prehistoric Park mad, and even does the same kind of funny voices!

They have even arranged to do the next Mission together in September.

Picture, BTW, is Minkey last Chrismas, taken at her Grandparents.

Talking of which, we are off around 11’ish to drive to Northiam to pick them up, and then heading out after a quick sandwich to Eastbourne and the Grand Hotel for a Champagne High Tea. This wee trip is celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary, which was in July. I know we already attended the lunch, but we wanted to do something personal for them, and as they pretty much have everything, it was difficult to find something – so this seemed something they would enjoy.

Okay, I need to finish up here, jump in the shower and organise us all in our best big and tuckers…………

Galaxy Girl


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Everwood play by play………..

oohhh, I forgot to do this.

NTR really, Ephram didn’t attend his Juilard audtion, and then returned to Everwood not talking to his father after he found out about the baby. He finds out that Amy new and dumps her. Goes looking for the baby, but gets there and doesn’t go in when he sees on the normality of family life going on.

Bright and Hannah have a fight, over Hannah’s new found religion. Topher ask Hannah about her troubles, and she asks him out.

That’s pretty much it.

Galaxy Girl

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and wooooshhhhhh they were gone……..

all the Big Shots have sold out – I’m sure that must be some kind of record.

If it’s any kind of consolation, even I didn’t get one. I had got one earmarked, but when push came to shove it got sold too (if you knew how many times that happens to me).

We have got one lonely Tag along left now.

I will have to order more in I think, and there are some lovely new dies that have just been released too. I will have to order an extra one for the shop, as I have no demo machine now.

The Inkadinkado stamps are also selling fast, only got one of the Landscape Triptych ones left – and that was a favourite of mine too.

BTW, there is a new full time Design Team Member at the Galaxy, but I won’t spill the beans just yet. Also a package of stuff went off to somebody very lofty (and talented in the extreme) for some guest design work – more details about this in due course.

My baby is Scuba Diving today – Mission 2, and I’m looking out of the window at monsoon type rain – drought, did South East Water say there was a drought?????

Galaxy Girl


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Girls, in my defence………

Cal, it’s tradition, my hands are tied. I would love to let them open pressies before breakfast, but who am I to buck tradition!!!!

Kristy, your work is so lovely that I think if I purchase such-or-such a product, I will get the same look as you – but hey, no chance, I just end up breaking my strict stash diet and still never achieving such loveliness. I then just look my new purchases for a good long time, and bang my head repeatedly on my desk, shouting “why, why, oh why can I NOT get my work to look like that”.

Galaxy Girl

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The Galaxy are now Ellison Design stockists….

to celebrate, this bank holiday weekend, we are offering 10% off the Big Shot Beginners Kit and the Tag a long Beginners Kits – it’s while stocks last, hurry as they are a really good price! We’ve also got some lovely thick, thin and extended cut dies, as well as new Hero Arts and Inkadinkado stamps that have just bee added to the store. Galaxy Girl

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