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ohhh, they’ve come, they’ve come

and just like Fresholi, it was lightening quick service.

My luverly soap moulds have arrived.  This is the Funky Chunky small loaf one, and I also have the 2 rounded half soap moulds, the pryramid massage slab and the primitive ribbed.

Unfortunately, no soap making for me today though as I have to take Toodles to the foot doc, and then we are off to see “Oliver” at Tonbridge School.

Any pictures on here over the next week or so might be a bit off, edinting wise, as my new laptop can’t support Photoshop, and so I’m having to do with Paint Shop Pro – it’s really very different, and I am struggling to do anything with it much at the moment.


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He’s barking mad…but fingers crossed that the lovely Mr Olver makes it

from Bristol to Edinburgh.  I still can’t fathom why this lovely, and slightly chubby (in the best possible way) comedian would even contemplate such a momentous challenge…..but he’s due to leave early next month on quite literally the walk of a lifetime.  The trip is around 400 miles, and he’s going to try and rely on complete strangers to give him a bed, or camp where he drops each night if all else fails.  A few gigs along the way are being thrown in for good measure.

He would probably be the first to admit that he’s not done too much in the way of training for this, but as he’s even been known to finish a gig lying down waiting for an ambulance after he’d broken his leg – it could just be that he can pull it off, and still live to tell the tale!

The lovely chap is now sponsored by Berghaus, and they’ve set up a blog so we can keep up to date with how it’s going – pre-match, and on the road (probably on his knees by the end of it too).  Please, please check it out here…….and also give a few pennies to the completely worthwhile charity “Help the Hospices”.  Better still, if you live en route – go to a gig.

The donation site is here.


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I’ve been wombling, but no crafting as such

I got so desparate for access to a PC at the weekend (with oldest one of the laptop, Guy on his work laptop, and the youngest on the PC in the studio) that I scuttled off and got myself a shiney and handsome Toshiba laptop.  It’s passworded, so none of the little blighters can get on it, and it’s all mine, alllllll mine!

Guy’s managed to network it to the PC downstairs, and is working on the printer drivers to get it to print down there too.  I can sit in bed and work now, which is lovely.

I have to admit, I’ve not done too much crafting – only a card for our God Daughter – which I will post later this week.

I have been wombling around though, and bought more oils for soapmaking and some moulds too.  I wanted to get some fragrance oils, but the shop is closed till the weekend, and then I will have splurge there too.  I really can’t wait to get going and make more soap, and more soap, and probably even more – ohhh dear, but addictive the soap making lark.

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So easy even a kid could understand it

and I managed to keep up too.

Here’s a lovely link to an explanation (with fabbie pics) of the soap making process (and superfatting).

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Soap Batch 1 Cut up …. and Batch 2 tucked up in its sleeping bag

Batch 1 cut

here you go – all cut up, bit rough around the edges, but I like my soap like my men!

Worried of Kent though, as it is very soft.  It was pointed out to me last night that I should have run the recipe through Soap Calc, and the lye was a bit off, so not sure if this batch will be OK.

It’s also very yellow, and doesn’t match the aroma of lavender that it has, so the second batch I made this morning smells of lemon.  I also added a touch of honey to it.  That’s now settled down in it sleeping blanket brewing away.

The second batch was made with:

  • 500g veg shortening
  • 65.3g CS
  • 190g water

added lemon EO and a tablespoon of honey.

It seemed to trace quicker than the first batch, but I don’t know if that was because I did it in the utility room by an open door?


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I’ve just lost my virginity……….

My first ever batch of soap tucked up snug

of the soapy kind – nothing rude, trust me!

Not blogged for over a week, as have been so blessed busy at the Kingdom of Blah, and I’ve only really felt like vegging out in front of the telly with a good book – oh yessss, my soap books arrived.

The necessary items were rounded up in a few spare minutes here and there throughout the week, and then I bit the bullet so to speak, and got right down to the business in hand – soooo scary with all the mad scientist bit involved with mixing the lye, etc., but actually it was a breeze.

Of course, only time will tell, it could be one maahooosive blunder when I get it out of the mould tomorrow evening – so fingers, toes and anything else that you have to hand crossed please!

So dear readers, if all goes well, this is going to be a crafty, rowing and soapy blog form now on.

The piccie is of my baby all tucked up snug before being cozied down with a sleeping bag, and then more old towels on top to keep it warm for the magic to happen.

It’s been suggested to me to make sure that I write it all down, so as I am hopeless with bits of paper the best place to do that, is here.

The recipe for this first batch was:

  • 16oz veg fat
  • 2oz CS
  • 5 oz Sainsbury’s Still Table Water
  • 2 dessert spoons of lavender EO

The whole of has this, or is this not, reached “trace” was quite exciting actually, and actually I think it was quite clear when it reached that point (as I said, could be famous last words).

Tomorrow, I will try and do some tally ho soap, which is made with dripping instead of veg fat, and see what that’s turns out like.  Then I might get adventurous and try honey blossom, but with unbleached beeswax ‘cos that’s all I’ve got ———– oh the possibilities.



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I’ve been lazy, lazy, lazy today

and apart from cooking breakfast this morning, and dinner tonight, have been in my PJ’s all day surfing the net from Guy’s laptop by the log burner……….oh you lazy cow, I hear you all cry!

True, it cannot be denied, but after another frenetic week at work, and then dash to London yesterday afternoon, I’m all in.

Mum and I had lunch at a lovely Bistro and wander round Covent Garden, then tootled off to see Fat Pig at the Trafalgar Studio in Whitehall – I mentioned it last month, it was a play with the lovely Robert Webb.  Actually, it was good, and became even better when they lost the terrible American accents about halfway through.  Rob (who is the other half of Mitchell & Webb) was wonderful, in fact I think up until now I have very much under-appreciated his talent (no secret that I prefer David Mitchell of the two).  He has the cutest habit of rubbing his eye, which is soooooooo adorable! 

It was good to see that Krish Marshall (My Family & BT ad fame) had made a recovery from his recent accident, and was truly amusing. 

All in all, it was a wonderful bit of entertainment, and I’d anyone who got the chance to go and see it.

More theatre going on Monday, we’re off to see Cats in Canterbury.

Actually, I’ve digressed from the original line my post was going to take – during our sojourn around Covent Garden we happened upon a fabbie handmade soap stall, with the most delish items for sale – in fact, I could kick myself that we didn’t actually buy anything.

So, laying in bed this morning, it occurred – I’m crafty, and just how difficult could soap making be ……….. these could be famous last words I expect ………. I think I’ll give it a try.

Hence the surfing reference at the top of the post.  I’ve been soap making surfing, and found some great sites, both selling and blogging about the stuff.  Oh….my…..god….. some of the soaps they make are AMAZING, and I want a piece of the action.

I found a great forum site, with very helpful gals – really I was just trying to find a course to get me started – and they advised that they just read a book to get going.  So, in my usual overkill fashion, I’ve just splurged………..can you use the word splurge for £16.97? …..on three books from Amazon.  With the free shipping option, and a following wind, they should be here by mid-week, and I can do a bit of reading up.  Obviously, a bit of retail therapy will be required to kit myself out.

Really, just from surfing today, I have picked up quite a bit of info, and just need to be a bit brave and give it a whirl.

A highpoint of today was a visit from my bestest friend, Di – towing along with her my Goddaughter and the wee Oliver – who by the way, is doing so well.  It was great to see them, and have a nice chin wag.

Righto, I need to close this laptop down, and head off to bedfordshire.

Night, night.


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Cute Card Thursday – Challenge 10

and this week’s challenge is:


what a lovely theme, check out all the DT samples over at CCT.

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The Winner of last week’s Cute Card Thursday was

Sue’s Snippits entry, and I believe that she got some Zoomz.

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Getting to know my brayer – 101

I salivate over the lovely things pieces of work that Zindorf produces, and have resolved to definitely get to know my brayer.

I’ve set myself the target of doing 101 pieces of artwork with it – not every day, but at least once a week is the plan – and then hopefully by the end of that the brayer and I will be best buds.

So, this is number 101 on the countdown.

I’m quite pleased with it, but do still need to work on keeping the middle section a defined colour.


  • Whispers White Cardstock (SU)
  • Seahorse stamp (Anita’s)
  • Fern & starfish stamps (Stampington Bolio set)
  • SU Dye Inks in Bareley Banana, Certain Celery, Old Olive & Chocolate Chip
  • Denim Adirondak Dye Ink
  • Palette Noir ink
  • Versamark Pen
  • Chiaro Flo Clear Embossing Powder
  • COPIC Markers in Flesh, Pink & Yellow




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