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Galaxy Girl your mission if you choose to accept it…

{actually under the terms of the Galactic Customer Service Treaty you have not choice but to}

is to drive to Kingsnorth on the less than attractive Isle of Grain to rescue a couple or four Wizards’.

In case that doesn’t make much sense – and I’m not surprised ‘cos I’m stressed max – I telephoned the supplier today to enquire why my goods hadn’t turned up. I was told they would get back to me in a minute.

15 minutes later a phone call to say that the courier had not found us in, and had put a return card through our door. Strange, quoth I, we don’t have a letterbox in our front door, we have a post box at the end of the drive, and there twas nowt in that. I was furnished with the telephone number of said courier company, and rang them.

I was not given the same story by the chap who was unfortunate enough to answer the phone. His story was different, but still along the same lines. I challenged him about it, and confirmed that we defo. do not have a letterbox and no, nothing was left. I arranged to drive all the way over there to fetch said items.

So, with sketchy directions (male ones, you know the kind), we set off after picking up Minkey from school. Minkey was happy she had bacon bites and a fanta, and rock music. I was happy I had my Mummy to keep me company, and rock music.

We followed the male directions, which by and large to actually get us to the general area were not that bad. The itsy bitsy actually find the building details, were less than great – but we are persistant, and being women will actually ask for directions.

We found it eventually, and upon chatting with chappie in depot, find out that actually the courier just couldn’t be asked (cbas my DH calls it). Obviously a male complaint.

So, we loaded up the goods and headed home. The Wizards’ were generally well-behaved on the journey, but then they have got quite good at travelling around Kent.

So darling customers who have been waiting for a Wizard to make your day – they will tomorrow be shipped out to you, and I am sorry that you have had to wait – I am full of shame that you have, and I am grateful that you have been so lovely about it.

I can’t help wondering if the chap had actually asked for directions, or used his mobile to ring the number provided for these circumstances, I would not have to have done this. MEN ASK FOR DIRECTIONS, IT IS NO REFLECTION ON YOUR MANHOOD, JUST GOOD SENSE.

After my trip to the Rhemy today, and my drugs, I have to say that now my back has completely seized up, and I feel sicker than the average sick dog. I need a serious lie down and tlc.

Galaxy Girl

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UK Stampers is coming alive……

I’ve just got news from Stu that the UK Stampers forum has been set up, and I think they are going to do me a button so that it links from the Shop to the Forum.

I will obviously give word when things are more ready for registration, as I have to admit that I’m not quite sure how it works yet, but keep watching this space for more news.

If out of interest you’d like to have a look the address is

Good that all is moving along though.

Been to the hospital today to see my Rheumy, and been given yet another super-speedy injections – which hurt like billyo to start and make me feel really poorly for a day or two, but then goodness kicks in, and I can even manage a few steps of running (granted not a pretty site, but a good, good feeling for me).

Galaxy Girl

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At last the image…..

of our Kool4Kats large acrylic block has been loaded onto SG here, which I have been saying I would put up for the last week. Slave returned briefly from his business trip, and thus the camera too, so I took the opportunity of getting a couple of items photographed by him – used the I’m too busy, but would you do it love routine – works a charm.

I also need to thank Mystydog for kindly letting me use one of her double layouts for the SG article that I’m working for chalking. The article should be ready next week, if I pull my finger out.

If you get a chance check out her web-site for the most fabbie fairies sculptures I’ve seen (

Galaxy Girl

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Timmo’s Mini-album card for work…

made from a Sweetwater mini-album cd case that I got ages ago, and also the unexpected delivery of the Sweetwater January kit (which I had cancelled).

Inside I’ve cut squares of cardstock, with fronts covered in the Sweetwater papers, and then inked the edges, so that we can add the good wishes labels to the blank side, and then Kel and Tim can pop photos on the pattern side.

On the front of the case I put a larger square of the dotted, then the pink flower, then the choose me paper is wrapped around the whole thing. Added the Sweetwater wrap-around lables, with some Atumn Leaves rub-ons for the T & K and some love hearts and a row of dots, and this lushymclush orange and brown organza ribbon that came in a Scrapgoods kit ages ago.

Because it’s Tim that will be getting this card/album I didn’t want it too girly girly, so I then gave the whole thing a coat of Golden Gel Medium with a hint of metallic paint in to dull down the pinkness a tad – also this should serve as a bit of protection re handling.

Hope they like it.

Galaxy Girl

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Quote Sunday – a day late….

“you always pass failure on the way to success” – Mickey Rooney

Galaxy Girl

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Moaning {forgive me}, but it just gets on my pip…

when a supplier gets you to pay on the Thursday (early enough to organise a courier), and then by the following Monday the goods still haven’t managed to struggle to our door.

It makes me furious, and worse still means that I have orders that cannot go out because the goods have failed to turn up. It’s not all suppliers, just this particular one that I have a problem with. I seriously need to find an alternative to them.

It’s bad customer service, and means that I have to disappoint my customers – generally, I really pride myself out quick turnaround apart from when these blighters are involved. I wouldn’t mind, but I had already set a longer than average expected date on the product because I know what they are like. I think In future I will only add the products once they have been received, as I am extremely unhappy with the situation.

Should add here that the rest of my suppliers are absolutely fabulous darling, and have the same ethic re customer service as I do.

Moan over – but I’m still simmering over it.

I will be back later, with a piccie of my Kool4Kat block and also the wee mini-album that I made for Timmo at work’s wedding card.

Galaxy Girl

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More spending this morning…..

and I’ve ordered 7G’s plate gold, silver frames; watch faces; clear buttons small, medium and large, re-stock of BG birds and butterflies rub-ons, Pebbles blank market tags; spool of Karen Foster jumbo ric ric in white, more Prism cardstock in organges and pinks; Scrapworks colour Rubz in Breeze-Coaoca/Buttercup and some L’il Davis wooden petal flowers in anto green.

That should keep me going for a bit to load that lot up.

UKStampers is now linked to Stamp Galaxy, and I expect any day you will see the formum button going on.

There will be other sponsorship places, so if interested give me a ring.

I’ve managed to make a start on Tim and Kel’s wedding card for work, but it’s gone a bit pear shaped when I put on the Golden Gel (it did that on my canvas and looked awful), but fingers crossed it will be fine when dry.

Slave has organised some photos of the dogs today for me, as they were on his account, and I can now make a start on the Deco book that’s been on my desk for an age.

I’m off to talk to Rachel now, and hopefully will be back on in a bit with some good news.

Galaxy Girl

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