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Something new has arrived in our household …

oh hhhhhhh yessssssssss ……….. a GYPSY !!!!!!

I am so unbelievably excited – I did have a little bit of a play, but can’t wait to get seriously playing with it.

Chance might be a fine thing this weekend though, as we have birthday pressie shopping for Toodles and Mother in Law in the morning.  Need to get back by 1 pm as Toodles has two friends for a sleepover, and then the parents in law will be arriving later on for High Tea.  Plus, I have orders coming out of my ears, and blog candy and challenge stuff to get off.

The only chance I may have is when the girls are sparko on Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, one of the girls has to leave Sunday lunchtime for rehearsals, but Toodles, her other friend and I are off to see Avatar.

The poor old Rubbah Elf will be left behind to get on with decorating our en suite ….. we finally, got the shower installed – we’ve only been without the en suite since July, but it feels like a life time.  New shower is working, but we’ve been told that it is all strictly off limits til RE has fully decorated and the new flooring is installed …. could be without it ’til this July!!!


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My Christmas Goodies Video

I had a quick try the other day using my new Logitech webcam and Ustream.  So here is a quick video of my Xmas Goodies.

I am just about to pop into my workshop to collect some bits and bobs and will then hopefully Ustream live at about 5.00 pm for half an hour or so if you’d like to join me at the Kitchen Table.


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Scored some canvass off the roll tonight

just perfect for the cover of my mini journal ….. but stripe me….£10 odd for a metre, and they wouldn’t sell less than that (still it’ll last a good while).

It’s been an horrendous day today, just so busy at work – my boss has been off sick, and now away on leave so that just leaves good ol’ me and my able assistant, but we are run right off our feet – I am consequently pooped, and vegtable like in bed watching Emperor’s New Groove with Toodles – what can I say, it’s Llama based!

Very exciting when I got home, some of my birthday pressies have arrived, but I am not even allowed to look at the boxes, let alone get my hands on the contents.


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Haungtingly good time last night and a right old soaking today

and I have actually crafted ….. a few more bits and bobs towards the Halloween album and a small bind-it-all 10x10cm journal for the shoebox appeal box.

Lydia and I managed to get royally soaked this morning in Tonbridge, it was nothing short of monsoon weather, but cold and windy with it – still she was happy as she managed to get a sweet Hello Kitty umbrella thrown into the haul from Claire’s Accessories …. you see, we were out getting the contents of our annual Shoebox Appeal box, and as we’re aiming for a girl 10 -14 years Claire’s was a very good idea.  I have to say that she went out wearing her Converse, which were soaked right through (and are still not dry these many hours later) – I was a little more sensibile, but found to my cost that my 4 season old (beloved) boots were both leaking and I soaked up water to ankle level, and then from head downwards – twas pretty much the effect of just standing under a shower!

There was still a little room left when we packed the box, and so I swooped off to the Craft Cabin and made a small journal with my bind it all – now, I’ve had the BIA pretty much since it came out, and am only just getting around to using it, and actually had great difficulty with the binding side of things, but with a little help from the Rubbah Elf, that was also soon accomplished …. I do, however (and surprisingly to a lot of people probably) remain uncertain at the BIA, I am not sure if it is too much trouble in the long run ….. I expect though that if I give it more of a chance it could probably become one of my favourite tools, there again, may be just a good old fashioned office binding maching might work just as well – I shall have to try out chipboard in the one at work.

I forgot to take piccies (and I apologise, my blog is picture short recently) of the little notebook we put in the box, if I have time in the morning I will go at taking a picture of it – hopefully, it won’t be like the videos I did the other day, where Toodles had taken the memory card out of the camera.

Happy Crafting Chicas



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That’s the problem with not being at work

the devil makes work for my idle purse …. and I indulged in a bit more Retail Therapy.  Just a few bits, a cheapo set of Halloween stamps, some purple funky foam, brown and pink felt, a small pack of coredinations cardstock, some purple fibres and some orange pearls …. just a few more items for the paper bag mini album.

Happy Crafting Chicas

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Remind me, how did I manage without one before

what an amazing bit of kit the ATG gun is – love, love, love it!

I’d always assumed that because they look quite big, they would be unwieldly and heavy ….. nope, light as a feather and easy to hold and move around.  The only issue I am having – and ’tis me not it – is taking my finger off the trigger in time, but the adhesive can be easily pushed back on itself.

The Halloween mini album is coming along, and I’ve nearly finished the first unit (note to self must take some photos), however I really don’t have too many halloween supplies, and could do with a set of stamps (another note to self for next year, T&B need halloween stamps).

Today, I must upload the two videos that are on the camera, one quick one (not up to Toodles standard, but I will sneek it on) and another one just showing the bits I got on Saturday.  Talking of bits, I also got the top note shape sizzix die from the Scrapbook Shop ….. actually, I thought I’d ordered a frame die, and was pleasantly surprised to realise it was the die that I had been searching for all along ….. it’s seems it is referred to as a “top note” but is in fact that one – I can’t remember what the actual name is, I will post that later.

Poor Toodles is still poorly sick, and I am having to administer lots of loving care …. easy in the morning, but harder at night ….. she is not an easy patient!!!!  I just die and want to be left alone when I am ill, she likes attention in abundance, soothing words, lots of hugs and a whole gang of servants, doctors and nurses…. nobody give her a bloomin’ bell for goodness sake!

Apparently it is medicine time …….

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The Director’s spoken apparently ….

and I say this because I had a nice video to show you of the Craft Cabin, but I’ve been banned from uploading it because in her opinion it was a “shame effort”!

It seems that spinning the camera round as you go to give portrait and landscape in the same movie the way I had just doesn’t cut the mustard ….. and you end you with all the portrait stuff ok in her opinion and the landscape stuff, just round the wrong way so you’d have to crick your neck to see it ….. noooooooo, not a good enough effort at all and I got an F – not even an E for effort.

The Steven Spielberg of Toodles & Binks is going to supervise me re-shooting it tomorrow…………so watch this space.

I have actually crafting a bit this weekend, and have to say that I am LOVIN’ the Tattered Angels mists (even though they are pants at spraying) and the Shimmerz paints (wonderful on dark cardstock).

The number of sleeps is getting shorter before the NEC on 7th November, and my tickets arrived today —– YAY!!

Happy crafting.



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ouuuuuchhhhh ….. step, hop, step, hop

can you hear that ……. the sound of my new limb ………. been to the optician today and I need new glasses, and sob, sob, sob verifocals too – all told the bill came to a whooping £629 – £600 for me and £29 for Toodles.  She’ll be sporting a fabulous electric blue pair, super trendy and grown up, and for me that amount of dosh has got me Cherry Pink Titanium frames, verifocals and lenses that will actually go dark in the sunshine!

Believe it or not mine are coming from Germany and will take 3 weeks to arrive, presumably they will be walked here on a silver cushion by handsome and hunky lads!

Right, I’m off to try and get used to the new artificial limb.



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Nearly moved in now….

there are a lot more bits and pieces around, and I have electricity ….. light and power ….. whooo hooo…… who’d have guessed I would have so much stuff?

There are still a few more bits to be moved in, and I have had to leave my SU collection behind in the old Craft Room cupboard until I get some free standing cupboards out there, but we are 90% in – so crafting should commence in earnest soon – although I have done some, but have just not had time to load it up.

I have been doing something else homemade too – since we got back from Devon I have been making bread – not in a bread maker, but by hand, and ’tis fun, I can recommend it as another form of therapy.

Try this one:

  • 1 tablespoon active dried yeast
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 8 fluid oz lukewarm milk
  • 2 oz melted butter
  • 15 oz strong white bread flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 beaten egg

Starter – Place the dried yeast, honey, melted butter and lukewarm milk in a bowl and mix, have a quick stir and then cover and place in a warm place for 20 minutes.

Loaf – meanwhile weigh out the flour, and add the salt and mix quickly, make a well in the middle.

Beat the egg ready to add.

When the starter is ready, add the egg to the flour and then the starter, and mix together.  Turn out onto a floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic……if you have never keaded, just push the dough away from you with the heal of your hand, and then fold it back on itself towards the centre and repeat, I turn it slightly every now and again to ensure it’s all done (it starts off quick sticky, but soon becomes combines to become smooth and elastic)…’s a truly sensual experience!

Place this in an ungreased bowl, cover and leave in a warm place for 1 1/2 hours until about doubled in size.

Punch down the dough (I like that bit), and turn out onto a floured surface, and either cut into three equal lengths, roll out and plait, or just shape into a large loaf shape.

Place on a greased baking tray, and leave to rise for about 30/45 minutes.

Combine an egg yolk and teaspoon of milk , and brush over the loaf.

Heat the oven up to 190 degrees (I just non fan assisted) and place in oven for 45 minutes on a middle shelf.  To test if cooked turn the loaf over and tap – it should should hollow. 

When done, take off the sheet and place on a wire tray to cool.

It’s so much better than shop bought bread, as it last up to a week – we had the yummy croutons with the remains of last week’s loaf last night with dinner too.

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After doing an impression of Simon Cowell all day

I decided that enough was simply enough, and hit the rowing machine when I got home …. way too many Full English Breakfasts, Devon Cream Teas and 4 course meals had left me feeling sluggish to say the least, and with the distinct impression that my waitband was rising to meet my bra – I know, I know – ACK!!

The mere fact that I struggled to strap myself  into my wonderful rowing contraption, still deepend my belieft that that is where I should be heading most days – too long have I been living off the benefits of 2000 metres rowing before last year’s Edinburgh Festival.

I therefore made a modest start, and am now right royally knackered – no crafting for me, just pack a few orders and chill now I think (to contemplate just how much I will feel this tomorrow).

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