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So poorly at the moment, and technology saga

continues, so I can’t load up Hayley’s birthday cards.

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY HAYLEY by the way, your presents will be handed over to your Mum on the school run.

Slave has been working so hard to get the technology back up and running, and he has improved things a bit, but now can’t find the disk to re-install our email provision.

Currently we only have the laptop cabled with no wireless, no printers or scanners – fingers crossed for the weekend.

I have a flare up, and so will be spending the day tucked up in bed, and praying that the increased anti-inflam dose and other meds start to take effect. I kinda himped out here very slowly to check the emails, and am now himping (between a hobble and a limp) back to bed now.

Galaxy Girl

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Everything is going Pete Tong today……..

I don’t feel particularly well, the wirless connection has ceased to work, and I mislaid parts of an order (fortunately that bit has been found), but everything else is still off the wall.

I did a bit of crafting last night, but as the Slave was hogging the PC to sort out the problem, I have no way of loading up the things.

The only way I have internet access at themo is via the laptop, connected by cables and perched at a dangerous angel atop the pc – not ideal!

Still orders that can have either gone or going today, apart from one received this morning, which is waiting for a cheque to come in.

There are loads of goodies on their way to the Galaxy at the moment, and apparently some are due to arrive tomorrow.

Off to shower, and try to calm down a bit. I’m going to attempt to go into work, and hope that I can make it through the day.

Galaxy Girl

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Something I’ve discovered……..

if you put fluid chalk ink on the back of shrink plastic, and then shrink it:

there is a terrible smell of burning!

One lives and learns I supose. At least it did set, but it took me by surprise.

I haven’t been very well today, but felt a little better this afternoon so have been playing around with my new Cycling Stamps (soon to be in store at the Galaxy) along with my Cactus Pink ones.

The result is kinda retro with a vintage edge, and I’m really pleased with the results as quick and easy thank you note cards for the Drummer.

The “ladies knickers” stamp shrinks into a beautiful little tile, just right for hanging on a card with fibres.


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woohooo, I’m wireless………………..

and nowplonked in front of the TV with my Parental Control in the sitting room. I now have a bit of freedom, and don’t need to be tied to the PC upstairs, as miss out on some of family life to run the Galaxy.

We’ve just been watching the Party at the Palace, which Minkey enjoyed very much, and now it’s bath and bedtime for all of us I think.

I’m looking forward to blogging without leaving my bed in the morning.

Night blogettes.

Galaxy Girl

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and the finished babules look like this……..

are they lickable. I just love the lushness of them – just like the Russian eggs.

Watch out for a showing of how it’s done on Create & Craft – I have a feeling it may be today at 2.00 til 4.00, but not sure.

We have a viewing today, so the majority of yesterday was spent cleaning. The Parental Control, Minkey and I ventured into T/Wells on a shopping trip. We came back with a haul:

1. a very large purple case ready for holiday;
2. a new mobile phone for Drummer Boy.
3. a Per Una top for me, plus some t-shirt tops and knickers from M&S. No Blackcurrant Sundaes, they didn’t have any – boooohooo.
4. a Nintendo DS Lite plus games for the spoilt Minkey (ready for holdiay, as we are off to a remote region with not a lot to do for 8 year olds).
5. a part of Hailey’s present – not saying, she may read this.
6. a lovely large oval basket lined with pink and blue floral material to hold the stamps on my desk.

Shopfront news: there are loads of orders going out tomorrow, and one which I have been requested to leave until later in the week.

Minkey, Slave and I are off to the cinema later today, and whilst we are that way we’ll be picking up the remote aerial doodad for the PC and Notebook.

Right, off to have a look at the listings for the Cinema……..

Galaxy Girl

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Baubles and pots of lushness………

and oh my goodness they are lickable. The Primary Elements are soooooooooo lovely as well – especially the Wine & Roses Set.

I’m so excited that they have arrived – not in great quantities at the moment, as I wanted to see how they went, but I am confident they will fly off the shelves.

For anyone who has heard of Primary Elements, they by Luminarte – the same people that make H20’s – and are dry polished pigments which are meant to be mixed with the Simple Solutions 1, 2 or 3. Depending on your application the solutions work on different surfaces.

You can pour the appropriate solution for glass on the inside of the babule, then add the elements, and you get the most fantastic looking creation. Perfect for high-class Xmas decorations.

I will put up a picture of a completed one tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is where you can see the range of products at the Galaxy.

I’ve also added the Wizard Metal eyelet setting mat in store, and the large protective worktop mats that are cleanable and heat resistent.

More products should be coming on stream thick and fast next week.

Galaxy Girl

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Loads of offers at the Galaxy at the moment….

and it’s quite busy as a result. I got no time last night, and fealt awful anyway to do crafting, we had to sort out the technology and pack orders. I also watched a bit of the Bibster and then “Without a paddle”, which is a very funny movie.

As usual this morning, I’m in a rush, I need to leave the house smart as picking up a colleague at her mother’s as most of the Blahness are off to a do in London this afternoon. I’m not going, but I thought I would play nice and offer a lift to save her Mum a journey into work – I go right past her door.

In the middle of packing more orders this morning, but won’t get them done til this afternoon when I get home, there still should be time to get to the Post Office tonight though.

The payment waiting to be cleared is now OK, and so that one parcel will be going off.

I have a whole day of Craft Day to watch on Sky+, so will do that on Sunday.

Hooray, we have a viewing on Sunday, so Saturday will be cleaning day!

Galaxy Girl

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Craft has been a bit few and far between on the blog…

so I will endeavour to rectify that at the weekend. Reason is probably the heat and my exhaustion.

I had a busy afternoon yesterday, and spent loads a money on a new Advent Notebook laptop, hardrive and toner for the laser. Guy spent last night setting it all up for me. I am now reasonably portable, and can take my notebook with me to work for the quiet periods and do some article/accounts work.

It’s wireless enabled, but I now need to sort out the business end of things – I think he said it was a router or something – so that I can take full advantage of that and work in other spots in the house.

Only one order waiting to go out, which is the one still waiting for clearnace, hopefully that will come through today and it can go.

On the shopfront: I ordered soooooo much stuff yesterday. There are a huge amount of colours of Prsim Cardstock coming, as well as AMM Tote, Craft Mates storage and 7gs journals. Oh also got some Lollipop Shoppe papers (I know they are an old range, but they still remain really popular).

Today I will be concentrating on my Stix-2 order, and then Sarabinders etc this afternoon if I get time.

There are a load of Wizard items en route to us, including the eyelett setting mats, and these should be here tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Well, just going to catch a tincy bit of Dawn Bibby, and then shower and get ready for the off, complete with my Notebook.

Galaxy Girl

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Pants weather, imho, I like it cooler and the air…

quality is also terrible at the moment – I’m struggling to dredge even a tiny bit of energy up to craft. It could just be that I’m still really tired after Saturday, I suppose, but I only did 2 minutes of crafting last night, then abandoned to watch the telly.

I did use my my Ranger Heat Gun in anger for the first time last night, and I love the little white wonder – so quiet and once it was up to temperature very effective. A few on-line buddies have also given it the thumbs up. So I would give it a 10/10.

The usual blahness to look forward to today, and it isn’t busy either, so the day’s gonna drag. Still on a positive note, it is Tuesday and I have 2 hours of crafting to watch – a la Dawn B – when I get home.

I must also push myself to finish the thank you card I am doing for Drummer. I’m using some of the new Cycling Vintage stamps from Artistic Stamper (should be in store soom).

Oh actually, talking of things to be in store soon, I have ordered some of the new Luminarte primary element sets and solutions, the mini-scoops that are used with them, glass babules to use with the elements, as well as the new Wizard Eyelette setting mats, and some great crafting mats (which are heat resistent) – all should be in this week. Today, I will mostly be ordering Stiz 2 and Primsm cardstock in a BIG way, all of which should be in store end of this week/early next.

The Prism is being ordered, because I’ve been giving serious thought to pattern paper, we carry a huge range, but sell very little of it. Pretty much it’s the cardstock that moves off the shelves, so I think I will be concentrating on that area, then once Prism is fully stocked I will move on to Bazzill (probably 8 x 8 to start with and then 12 x 12). We will obvioulsy still carry BG paper, and SEI ranges, but expand what we hold of them.

On the order front, still waiting for one payment to clear, got orders waiting for stock coming in, and anything that can go out today is doing so.

Have a good one blogettes.

Galaxy Girl

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Today, I’ve mostly been Kreme Krakered….

from working at the Craft Expo in Tonbridge yesterday. It was a 7.30 start there, setting up the stand right up til it opened. With demos in the morning at a fast and furious pace. It slowed right down after about 2.00, and the we packed up around 5 ‘ish taking down the stand etc.

I think it went well and Jeannie was happy with my efforts, and I’ve picked up some more demo work for a lady with a shop in T/Wells into the bargin.

I am now the proud owner of one of my much coveted Ranger heat guns (you know, the quiet white ones), and am going to take it out of the packet and use it in a mo.

Shop orders have got some orders waiting for clearance of payment, and products coming in.

No more news today…….

Galaxy Girl

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