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No really in the mood today

Great Grandma passed away last night – she had reached a truly wonderful age, but it was definitely time to go to a better place.

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Not much time, but a link added to my blogroll

have a look at this lovely blog:  Penelope’s Pitstop.

News on Oliver:  he’s not doing too bad, but there have been a few complications last night and today.  Still, we are remaining very positive, he’s a strong wee thing.

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Despite my best intentions, life just seems to keep getting in the way at the moment

I managed to do a tiny bit of crafting last week, and yesterday rushed off to get a few bits and pieces as one of my friends was due over for an early supper, unfortunately no sooner had I left the house then Guy rang me to say that my godson (expected in the middle of May) had made a very, very early appearance into the world – my best mate therefore needed me pronto.

I fortunately managed to get hold of Vicki, and then fled for the hospital to see them, finally getting home around 10.30’ish last night.

The news is that Oliver, although classed as extremely critically premature, is doing quite well – he’s so very, very tiny and has a very big mountain to climb, but fingers crossed.  Poor Di faired quite badly in the whole thing, and not unsurprisingly looked truly awful, but she’s keeping positive about the whole thing (for those of you who’ve read my blog for a long time, you will probably remember that just over a year ago, we nearly lost Di in a horrible riding accident as well, so this is just another hurdle in life).


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A little too much wine I’m afriad


and all I feel like is going to sleep.  We’ve just got back from the most scrumptious lunch at the White Dog Inn (Ewhurst Green) and now I find that the new Sugar Nellies will be on-line at 8 pm……… I can’t go and have a nap in case I miss them.  Damn!

Hopefully a lovely hot strong cup of Java will sober me up enough, so that I can stay awake long enough to order them all.

It’s my Toodles birthday today (10) and also my Mother In Law (too old to admit, but past 73), so hence the lunch.  We were also joined by my Mum, my Brother in Law and our Nephew.

It’s quite a long drive back from East Sussex, but I have to say the sunset made it completely worth it – most beautiful one I’ve seen for a long time – shame that the camera was in the boot and we couldn’t stop.

Look forward to some Nestabilities crafting tomorrow, and also some SU projects using the stamps I bought off Caz – one of the sets is called “Toy Box” and I think it might just develop into one of my favourites.

Right off to sober up now, see ya, hick………………………………

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A slight variation on yesterday’s card


made for a friend at work.

This time I used yellow Ecoline (321), with brown and cream hydrangeas’ instead of the metal flower from yesterday.  Actually, I think I like this version better.

I’ve had a few comments about the technique, so this week I’ll work on a little tutorial.  It’s very easy, and you get a big bang for your buck so to speak!


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Sugar Nellie Dog


Finally, a bit of non-Xams crafting – have to admit though that it takes you awhile to get out of the red and green mindset!

Very quick card using up one of my new stamps from Sugar Nellie, Angus’ wee dog.

Stamped in Palette Noir ink, and then coloured with COPICs R20 (Blush) and a darker pink (can’t remember what number though). Just gone around the edge if the image to create shadow with C1 (Cool Gray).

Other supplies were:-

I have to make two cards this evening, for two very lovely and special young ladies, who are the Daughters’ of my cousin, I guess they are cousins too, but I loose track of all that first cousin once removed malarkay.  They were 2 the other day, and whilst the cards will be a little late from us in the UK, hopefully they will love the cute little fairy dresses we are sending.


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It’s horrible when a friend is hurting

I’ve just found out the my friend Caz lost her Dad today – I really feel for her, and am sending out loads of cyber hugs and prayers.

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Truly blessed with such wonderful family and friends


I had just about the best birthday ever yesterday.

I was completely and utterly spoilt with all the lovely cards and presents – OMG, the presents:

  • Obviously the Mountain Bike that was no surprise
  • An ice blue helmet and snazzy biking gloves to match
  • sooooo many COPCICs – in fact I’ve just added a Copic Colour page to keep track of them (the pile at the front were for my birthday)
  • 2 bouquets of flowers from friends
  • Love smellie candles
  • The new Walman Video MP3 – it’s da bomb! (just need to work out how to use it)
  • 2 Noah’s Ark and stamps and a bunny with a carrot on a truck
  • stamp (can’t remember the stamp company name) – they are huge stamps too.
  • Magnolia’s which have yet to arrive
  • Money from Rob – I’ve just bought some Paul Smith Rose perfume and have more of that to spend.

Then Guy and I went to the Comedy Club supper in Tunbridge Wells last night.  Two very good comics, and a so so’ish compaire (can’t remember their names, too much red wine was consumed!).

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I stamped a header, but made it a bit big

so it looks a tiny bit odd with bits cut off it – nevertheless, it’ll do for now, until I have time to do a new one.

It’s been hellish at the Kingdom of Blahh, and I am completely creamed.  After work I dashed off to Sevenoaks to get a pair of leather gloves as part of the Parental Control’s Xmas pressie, then dashed home to an empty house.  Prepared the dinner, rowed, and now I’ve just bolted down my dinner.

I need to organise a shower for me and a bath for Toodles, but I think that may well be all I can manage this evening.

I had a “processing your order” email from Silly Monkey, so fingers crossed that Caz’s Tilda is on its way to her (I hate having a debt outstanding, and the stamp she wanted is one).  My other order with them placed a few days later isn’t mentioned, but fingers crossed for that one too, as it the Mermaid Tilda in that particular order.

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Well Done Hazel

who, after my post about the size of the picture I’d put up, has found that if you click on it you get a much larger version.

With that in mind, I may well just load them up like that in future.

I finally got all of the Blog Candy’s off yesterday, but thought that I might consider doing another one when I reach 250 hits on the new blog… to make sure I don’t take as long to desptach it as I did last time, I’m going to start making it up, and hopefully by the time I’m done we will have hit that amount on the hit counter.

It’s lovely being able to post from my normal place of residence Monday to Friday now that I’m on WordPress!

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