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Revised list for the NEC

as I’ve got a couple of the bits on my list, I have had a re-think (now, this will change before the big day) and this is what I want:

  • 7G border punch kit and may be a Binderie
  • Tattered Angels/Cosmic Shimmer
  • Shimmerz paints
  • Sir Tim Tiny Attacher plus refill
  • ATG refill
  • Sir Tim D rings
  • Sir Tim Loop fasteners
  • Sir Tim Hitch Fasteners
  • Pin Flair Gel glue and ATG refills
  • DCWV stacks
  • Sizzix dies
  • Tattered Angels journalling bits

It’d be interesting to know what other people have on their hit list?

Happy Crafting Chicas


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That’s the problem with not being at work

the devil makes work for my idle purse …. and I indulged in a bit more Retail Therapy.  Just a few bits, a cheapo set of Halloween stamps, some purple funky foam, brown and pink felt, a small pack of coredinations cardstock, some purple fibres and some orange pearls …. just a few more items for the paper bag mini album.

Happy Crafting Chicas

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JUST LANDED: Tando-Creative Chipboard


Fabbie news, the Tando-Creative Chipboard delivery arrived this morning, and is already loaded in the shop.  The birdies are so sweet, and I just love the mini house and pub from the Village Green collection.

Check em out, and have fun crafting.


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Remind me, how did I manage without one before

what an amazing bit of kit the ATG gun is – love, love, love it!

I’d always assumed that because they look quite big, they would be unwieldly and heavy ….. nope, light as a feather and easy to hold and move around.  The only issue I am having – and ’tis me not it – is taking my finger off the trigger in time, but the adhesive can be easily pushed back on itself.

The Halloween mini album is coming along, and I’ve nearly finished the first unit (note to self must take some photos), however I really don’t have too many halloween supplies, and could do with a set of stamps (another note to self for next year, T&B need halloween stamps).

Today, I must upload the two videos that are on the camera, one quick one (not up to Toodles standard, but I will sneek it on) and another one just showing the bits I got on Saturday.  Talking of bits, I also got the top note shape sizzix die from the Scrapbook Shop ….. actually, I thought I’d ordered a frame die, and was pleasantly surprised to realise it was the die that I had been searching for all along ….. it’s seems it is referred to as a “top note” but is in fact that one – I can’t remember what the actual name is, I will post that later.

Poor Toodles is still poorly sick, and I am having to administer lots of loving care …. easy in the morning, but harder at night ….. she is not an easy patient!!!!  I just die and want to be left alone when I am ill, she likes attention in abundance, soothing words, lots of hugs and a whole gang of servants, doctors and nurses…. nobody give her a bloomin’ bell for goodness sake!

Apparently it is medicine time …….

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Wooohhoooooooo I don’t know, but I’ve been told

2009-10-27-atga Scotch ATG gun is worth a pot of  gold …. well, that might be a bit of an exageration, but they are apparently a lovely bit of kit!

Mine arrived today from Gill at the Scrapbook Shop, along with some other purchases ….. and I can’t wait to try it out.  I must be a visual learner (the written instructions were less than helpful – actually might as well have been written in an alien language), as I had to resort to a Youtube vid to be able to load it up with the tape …. rather than wait for the Rubbah Elf to get home and tut at me for being pathetic!  Still, it’s installed an I am raring to go with it.

Poor Toodles has flu, so I have been running around with her most of the morning, but she is now bathed with lovely clean hair (makes all the difference I think when you are poorly), and perked up enough to have a go on the computer in the other room.  Fingers crossed then, and I could get out to the Craft Cabin later on for a play with it.  I also got a lovely Sizzix Top Note shape die and some pieces of chipboard (boring, but completely necessary for mini album covers).

Actually, talking of chipboard, I also placed an order with Tando this morning for some of their scrummy chipboard, and that should be in store soon.  The Ivy flourishes will work a treat with the new T&B release (coming soon, I know I’ve been saying that for ever, but this release has been a long time in the pulling togehter through one thing an another).

Happy Crafting



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Hours of photocopying today

gave me time to contemplate my list, and I think I need to add:

  • Sir Tim D rings
  • Purdy ribbons and purdy white prima flowers
  • Sir Tim Fragments
  • Sir Tim Tickets …. but then I have a Sir Tim Ticket Stamp, so do I need these?
  • more white pearls


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I’ve got a little list ….. and it’s getting a bit bigger every day ….

another day nearer the NEC with Zoe, and my excitement is growing.  I have a little list, and it’s getting bigger every day.  So far it has on it:

  • Paper Bags for mini albums
  • Normal and black chipboard for mini albums
  • Sir Tim Swivel Clips
  • Sir Tim Hitch Fastenners
  • Charms
  • Distress Embossing Pad
  • Glimmer Mists in Lemon Meringue, Creme de Chocoloate and old lace
  • Cosmic Shimmer pigments, not sure what colours
  • journal blocks of some kind from 7G
  • Pinflair Gel glue
  • ATG gun and tape

To the un-trained eye pretty boring, but to a crafter ………. ahhhhh heaven!

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The Director’s spoken apparently ….

and I say this because I had a nice video to show you of the Craft Cabin, but I’ve been banned from uploading it because in her opinion it was a “shame effort”!

It seems that spinning the camera round as you go to give portrait and landscape in the same movie the way I had just doesn’t cut the mustard ….. and you end you with all the portrait stuff ok in her opinion and the landscape stuff, just round the wrong way so you’d have to crick your neck to see it ….. noooooooo, not a good enough effort at all and I got an F – not even an E for effort.

The Steven Spielberg of Toodles & Binks is going to supervise me re-shooting it tomorrow…………so watch this space.

I have actually crafting a bit this weekend, and have to say that I am LOVIN’ the Tattered Angels mists (even though they are pants at spraying) and the Shimmerz paints (wonderful on dark cardstock).

The number of sleeps is getting shorter before the NEC on 7th November, and my tickets arrived today —– YAY!!

Happy crafting.



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Actual hands on crafting at last

I found time tonight to make a couple of flowers, which will be accompanying a prize we are sponsoring very soon.

2009-10-15 - flowers

It was actually lovely to sit in my studio and get down and dirty with paper, ink and sticky bits………….. I’ve missed it.

Definitely need more sparkly spritzy stuff, but I really think that I prefer the Cosmic Shimmer to the Tattered Angels, as I have mega probs with the spray on Tattered Angels ones.  I want one that I’ve seen called Lemon Meringue (pretty certain it’s CS variety), and so that will be going on my crafty list for NEC next month, plus of course a Sir Tim Tiny stapler.


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ouuuuuchhhhh ….. step, hop, step, hop

can you hear that ……. the sound of my new limb ………. been to the optician today and I need new glasses, and sob, sob, sob verifocals too – all told the bill came to a whooping £629 – £600 for me and £29 for Toodles.  She’ll be sporting a fabulous electric blue pair, super trendy and grown up, and for me that amount of dosh has got me Cherry Pink Titanium frames, verifocals and lenses that will actually go dark in the sunshine!

Believe it or not mine are coming from Germany and will take 3 weeks to arrive, presumably they will be walked here on a silver cushion by handsome and hunky lads!

Right, I’m off to try and get used to the new artificial limb.



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