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Papertake Kit – October

I can finally post my effort for Papertake Group 4, as it’s now been published.

This is a criss-cross card I made from the lovely kit. I will update with the details of what it contained, etc., later.

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Halloween early morning session

300 reps/18.60 cals/10.10 time/2084 total trip

Boring, but I need to make a note of it – my OCD coming to the fore.

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Tally for 30th Session

231 reps/7.24 time/14.32 cals/1781 total trip

Guy got the amount of calories wrong….so I got excited about nothing.

Will be back to craft related subjects, just workign on a project for Blog Candy winners from a while ago………so if you are waiting for something from me…….it won’t be wrong!

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Oh well, that has not definitely cheered me up

Isa sent me a link to Snowball grooving on down to the Back Street Boys – ohhh, how funny.

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A huge winge and a moan….so sorry, but go with me

I really couldn’t believe my eyes this morning, when I popped over to Squidoo to see what the Jon Richardson site was coming up with on the blog links…..and there was my post but from a blog called Stempel Galaxy (a german one), but with my post in English and then links to very unsavoury items such as non-prescription drugs………….which incidentally, I most definitely to not agree with and would never publicise.

I am really at a complete loss to know what to do about the whole thing. First step has been to add copyright details to the sidebar – it never occured to me that I would write anything of note, let alone that somebody would take the time to copy though – they clearly must be such sad cases that they result to theft (even on this minor scale).

If anyone has any helpful comments on a way forward please can you let me know.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

On a brighter note, I had a lovely day at the Races in Kempton. Yummy food, and great company.

Then got home and managed a rowing sessions. Guy’s just pointed out to me that the calories I thought I had been burning are actually KCalories………so I’ve been burning way more than I’d thought. I really don’t feel quite so guilty about the Blueberry Charlotte I scoffed earlier now!

This morning’s sessions details were: 202 reps / 6.29 minutes / 12.52 Kcalories and total trip of 1280

This evening’s session details are: 225 reps / 6.25 minutes / 13.95 Kcals and total trip of 1544.

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Mice Time


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We had a wonderful time watching Stardust

I can heartily recommend it. All three kids (1 nearly 10, 1 just 9 and the other nearly 9) were on the edges of their seats, or completely entranced by it.

The acting is brilliant, the costumes beguiling and the story perfect. It works on so many levels – go and see it!

Rowed before dinner tonight (which might have been a mistake in hindsight as it was a bit too near to dinner time, and I couldn’t then eat anything). Racked up 201 reps/12.46 calories in 5.53 minutes and total overall trip of 1078………I now ache in muscles I didn’t even know I had. Indeed, every step downstairs is prefaced by ouch, ouch, ouch.

I have solved the leaving card dilemma that I was in, and come up with an old project that will work just fine and dandy for my friend’s card. Very much doubt that I will get around to doing a bit of crafting, but I might colour.


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Sunday row before the Cinema

netted me 195 reps/12.09 calories/with total trip to date of 872 (I’m presuming that’s metres).

I now ache in places I didn’t know I had, or least had forgotten since my riding/competing days.

We’re off to see Stardust, much to Lydia’s disgust, she wanted to see the Ratouille film – but it has had terrible reviews – so I persuaded her that Stardust would be more the thing for George and Henry to see. I’ve also promised to shell out for the Rat DVD when it comes out.

It really is not a cheap do going to the cinema anymore – over £40 for 2 adults and 3 kids, plus all the popcorn, drinks, etc. on top of that.

Crafting will be very light today as I have the kidlets to entertain, and when I get back home quite a few orders to pack……….anyhoo, waiting for my Magnolia Stamp Club which is due to be released any day……….so that will kick start my mojo (which seems to be bumming around Europe at the mo with at least half of my friends mojos’).

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Second trip out on SS Galaxy

netted me 250 reps – crikey, would you believe that only equates to 15 odd calories burnt off.

From now on, I will clearly not be so ready to shovel in calories, knowing just how much rowing (about 5 minutes) it takes to burn off those 15 calories.

Whilst I was sailing along the bedroom floor, Guy was reclining watching Most Haunted, and I marked in a miffed way that I thought it would have some effect on my stomach muscles, but didn’t think it was doing a thing. I woke up at about 3 this morning to feel exactly what effect it had started to have on them then! Also the inside of my thighs are quite tight.

Still push (or rather row on). If Mark Olver (another wonderfully funny comedian) can walk from Bristol to Edinburgh in readiness for his show next year, and do all the training beforehand, I can keep up with him in a spiritual way by rowing myself thin and fit. It’s my personal challenge to justify the trip to Edinburgh to see his show, as well as the funny and gorgeous Jon Richardson, plus a few more random acts that I would like see…..oh and some that Guy likes too. It’ll be expensive, it always is when I travel, as I do not do cheap, so I will feel much better about the whole thing if I’ve put some “E” for effort in.

Mr Olver is keeping his Review of Life, (it’s news page rather than a blog apparently) up to date with how he’s getting on………so check it out from time to time. It should be quite entertaining, especially to see if he actually makes it through training, let alone for the actual walk. Actually, when he does give up I can throw in the rowing towel too, eat an unfeasibly large cream cake, and go to Edinburgh anyway without any feelings of guilt. So let’s see how long we both last.

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Row, row, row your boat gently through the bedroom

ohhhhhhh yes, my lovely new toy has arrived – a rowing machine.

I’m going to keep check on how I do with it. First try today I did 160 reps – not knowing that my Darling Hubby had changed it to the hardest setting as I put on my trainers.

Got to do another trip this evening before beddiebyes, and make sure that it’s set at the right setting and I do more than 160.

It’s fun, but such hard work.

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