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Kitchen Rennovation – Day 1 – Photos

2007-12-31-day1-kitchen-dscf0014.jpg2007-12-31-day2-kitchen-dscf0012.jpgDay 12007-12-31-day1-kitchen-dscf0013.jpg

The day has dawned, and we’ve started destroying out kitchen.  Looking at it in this state, makes me think that perhaps it wasn’t too bad after all!

All but one of the top cupboards have been taken down, and some of the tiles off the walls.

We’ve also taken away some of the bottom cupboards and worksurfaces, and some of the floor tiles.

Yesterday, we managed to buy a black American Fridge/freezer in the Curry’s sale.  Today we’ve been off looking for wooden flooring, and tiles to go behind the Aga – I think that I’ve seen some nice tiles, but no luck with the floor so far.

The whole finish date seems a loooonnnnnnnng way off, but in reality it’s only about 16 weeks.


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SBS – Group 8


I’ve applied to join Group 8 of the Sisterhoold of Blogging Stampers, so am working on getting the image and links onto my sidebar.  It’s not as easy as it is with blogger, but I think I have the idea now….just need to put it into practice.

So, please bear with my while I fiddle with the sidebar and add all the links to my Sisters in Group 8.


I’ve finally managed to add the sidebar image, and also add all my new sisters to the blogroll, as well as drop round to all of their blogs to leave a comment.

Thanks for all the lovely comments that I’m getting from all my new sisters too.

Some of the sisters I think I know, but for anyone who hasn’t read by blog before, here goes:-

I’m 46, am married to Guy, and we have two kids Rob (19.5) and Lydia (10 in January).  We live in rural Kent on what used to be an Apple/top fruit farm, but we sold off quite a bit of the land, and are just left with about 6 acres of paddock and garden.  Usually, one of my friends keeps her ponies in the paddock, but a careless driver ploughed through the hedge and they are currently staying elsewhere til it’s fixed.

My real name is Kym, but I like to be called Kay by my friends.

I’ve cut, stuck and coloured all of my life, but have been stamping/scrapbooking for 11 years – I’m hooked!  Especially, on COPIC Markers.  Why?  They are the best colouring medium by far, they blend so easily, an individual colour can be layered to give a darker tone, and they are so easy to use.  Beware though, once you start down that road, there’s no turning back, with hundreds of yummy colours to collect.  That’s quite a problem for me actually, ‘cos I’m borderline OCD!!!

What else can I tell you………..mmmm, I was the founding member of UK STampers.  By day I’m a Bank Manager, and by night I run my own online papercraft shop, Stamp Galaxy.

I used to be quite an artistic stamper, but have now found cute………in particular I love Sugar Nellie and Magnolia.  I was very excited that we’ve finally got Stampin’ Up in the UK, and my friend Stampingcaz feeds my addiction in this area.

My other love is comedy, and am a huge Jon Richardson/Russell Howard fan, as well as loving anything that contains David Mitchell (Mitchell & Webb), Mark Olver or Michael McIntyre.  David Tennant (Dr Who) is right at the top of my eye candy list.

Other random stuff:

  • Love purple in any shape or form.
  • I recently bought a rowing machine, and will be joining a Rowing Club in 2008.
  • I used to be a riding instructor, but because I have Lupus, I can’t do that anymore.
  • Flowers, ribbon and bling are always good, and you can never have enough ink pads or stamps.
  • I love (but can’t eat as I’m watching my weight) Marks & Spencer Blackcurrant Sundaes, Sugar Mice, pancakes or anything chocolate based.
  • Favourite pieces of technology are my Fuji Finepix camera (new for Xmas) and my Sony Video Walkman (new for my birthday recently).


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Well, it’s been a COPIC Christmas for me

I got quite a few more colours, and another storage folder – so they all have a home now.  Only got one double up of colour (which was always the risk with soooo many colours), and I can use it a bit, and then get Guy to top it up with colourless blender so it’s a very light earth colour – see, my glass is most often half full!

I also got a fabbie Fuji S5700 camera – to replace my knackered old HP one, which is now about 5 years old.  It’s very lovely, and I completely love the Guy that gave it to me. LOL!!!

I also received a wonderful sporty steering wheel cover for my much beloved Panda from Rob, as well as jewellery.

We’re in full swing with getting lunch ready at the mo, and I’m now off to get blind drunk – marvellous.


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Merry Xmas to you


Hope you all have a wonderful time, and Santa brings loads of lovely presents.

Like most crafters’, I’ve not had a lot of time for doing much, but hopefully that will change – especially if Santa brings lots of lovely new rubbah and COPICS!

Merry Xmas.




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Cause to celebrate – 1025 reps

on my rowing machine this evening – how’zat!  I am very proud of myself.

Really and truly there is no time for crafting at the moment, as we are getting ready for Xmas.  I’m having to progress an insurance claim for the stupid woman that destroyed 30 ft of our boundary in her car the other day, and also organise various workmen, as well as on going quotes etc., for the kitchen re-fit.  I have no time for working, fortunately for me I don’t have to go to the Kingdom of Blah until January now.

I had to do an emergency dash to Sevenoaks to the Post Office to pick up my new Sugar Nellie stamps.  I was a tiny bit annoyed that I had to pay insufficient postage on them – especially as I’d made sure that I had bought enough for free postage…..when I got the package it seemed that they’d probably put the right amount on, but the frank mark was smudged and it couldn’t be read…………..still, it can’t be helped, and I have my lovely new rubbah now……so it’s all better.

Right, now I’m off to finish clearing out the two rooms that are having carpets fitted tomorrow.



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Yay, Matt & Flavia go through

to the Strictly Come Dancing Final – it’s split our household right down the middle.

Mum and I, love Matt to pieces and think he’s just about the most amazing dancer, and Lydia (supported by he Papa) wanted Gethin to go through.

Mum and I now have both of our favourites in the final, as we’ve also been charmed by Alicia…..have to say though, that we are goign to have quite a big phone bill……….probably going to vote for Matt!

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It’s horrible when a friend is hurting

I’ve just found out the my friend Caz lost her Dad today – I really feel for her, and am sending out loads of cyber hugs and prayers.

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Truly blessed with such wonderful family and friends


I had just about the best birthday ever yesterday.

I was completely and utterly spoilt with all the lovely cards and presents – OMG, the presents:

  • Obviously the Mountain Bike that was no surprise
  • An ice blue helmet and snazzy biking gloves to match
  • sooooo many COPCICs – in fact I’ve just added a Copic Colour page to keep track of them (the pile at the front were for my birthday)
  • 2 bouquets of flowers from friends
  • Love smellie candles
  • The new Walman Video MP3 – it’s da bomb! (just need to work out how to use it)
  • 2 Noah’s Ark and stamps and a bunny with a carrot on a truck
  • stamp (can’t remember the stamp company name) – they are huge stamps too.
  • Magnolia’s which have yet to arrive
  • Money from Rob – I’ve just bought some Paul Smith Rose perfume and have more of that to spend.

Then Guy and I went to the Comedy Club supper in Tunbridge Wells last night.  Two very good comics, and a so so’ish compaire (can’t remember their names, too much red wine was consumed!).

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Random Observation, but …..

I need a Stamp-a-ma-jig, just so I get the placement of double image stamps in the right place!

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….and…another one!

Bud Basic Tag

this time with my new SU Bud Basics set.  I think this set could be really quite useful in the future.  The “Merry Christmas” is a portion from a stamp in the Loads of Love Set.

Inks used were Starry, Starry Night (Whispers) and Red Magic (Vermagic Dewdrop).

The cardstock is SU Whisper White – OMG, so nice to stamp onto.

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