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Booked our May half-term holiday accommodation…

this evening – we’ll be off to St Mary’s Island on the Isles of Scilly. It was a bit of a phaff, and we’ve had to compromise, but at least it’s now booked – I didn’t realise that accommodation gets quite so booked up there. Apparently, people go back year after year, and think they probably book before they leave for the next time.
We’re going from Penzance to St Mary’s by helicoper, and staying about 100 yards from the Harbour.
The picture I’ve posted is of Appletree Bay, which is on the Isle of Tresco, and it just looks so peaceful and empty. Can’t wait.
Galaxy Girl

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Builders are here again today…………..

finishing off the wardrobe, and then getting on with the window in our bedroom.

Only problem was that they couldn’t get the doors we’d planned, and they’ve had to make the wardrobe bigger, which means not that my desk doesn’t fit in flat to the wall as there is insufficient space.

We will have to move it all up, get a further wheel base unit, and a further desk and get a double L configuration going on, which I actually quite like the feel of, plus Mum will have her own desk for her Italian coursework/sewing, and we’ll be face to face.

Guy got Lydia’s fish tank up and running last night, and we will go to Maidstone at the weekend to get a couple of inhabitants to it.

I pushed on with a bit of crafting last night, and my M&S tin is now well underway…..then I watched a lovely film called A bit like Love.

Right off to the Kingdom of Blah…..

Galaxy Girl

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We had a fabulous early supper yesterday…..

with people going around 9.00, it was lovely just to sit, eat, chat and drink the evening away.

Yesterday saw a telephone call that we’ve been waiting – heralding the builders’ arrival tomorrow to build a walk in wardrobe and put in a window. So it’s frantic activity here today moving furniture and finding sufficient dust covers.

Lydia is diving this afternoon, doing her 2nd speciality mission (8 more to go), so we need to get a serious move on.

Galaxy Girl

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Eye Candy …….does the sole good………

Mr Tennant looking very foxy in Episode 6 of Blackpool. Ohhhh, it does a girl good to watch him!

We’ve been rushing around all over the shop today, buying ink cartridges, flowers, booze, and other random stuff …. oh, and an underwater camera for madam’s photography dive tomorrow.

In a short while family and friends are descending on us, for late lunch/early supper in celebration of Lydia’s 9th Birthday – which was yesterday. Really looking to munching into the Power Rangers cake that she’s decided upon.

I’ve just picked up another couple of submission to the UK STampers Newsletter (Intensive Rubber Therapy), and am just about to finish off a further piece for that myself. I also need to track down a mermaid stamp, but I can’t find one….so maybe will just go vintage instead.

Right off to baste the ham………….

Galaxy Girl

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I’ll possibly regret posting this, as I really don’t like

any kind of photograph being taken/displayed of me, but this whilst not good, is not exactly horrid – please bear in mind that I’ve lost about a stone since it was taken last year!

This is a picture of yours truly with my GodMother (Pat).

I’m afraid I look very pale and pasty against her, she always has such a fabulous tan.

I’ve just been putting the finishing touches to another Newsletter piece this evening, so obviously you don’t get to see that yet.

We’ve had lots of submissions coming in over the last few days, all lovely – KEEP ‘EM GOING GIRLS AND BOYS, the newsletter will be only as good as the submissions that we get.

Galaxy Girl

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I refuse to moan about the weather, or just how…

rotten the Kingdom of Blah was this morning, instead I am going to say that:-

I am lucky I have a wonderful Mother, Husband, Kids and life.

I love my shopee and UK STampers, and all the friends I have made there.

I love being on Team Tennant, and am having such fun talking to like minded (and let’s face it quite sick girlies) like me who adore the Prince of Ruffledom.

I love my Miniten.

I love Blackpool (David DVD) and have watched 5 out of th 6 episodes since I got it on Friday.

I love K-Ology Trend pack I bought a fortnight ago.

I’m busy with the UK STampers newsletter, doing crafy type things, but can’t show them to you at the moment – I will do something tomorrow to post though.

My office is a mess, and I don’t care…………..

I’m off to bed and episode 6 of Blackpool.

Galaxy Girl

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Creativity abounded last night………….

but I couldn’t get on line this morning to up load, here is a quick card for Christine at the Kingdom of Blah, shame it’s a bit late, but I’m sure she won’t mind.
Yellow card blank is lurking underneath some blue floral paper from the K&CO Trend pack.
The I cut out a vintage add from one of the sheets in the Heatwarming Vintage Collection “Earthy” pack, inked with gold ink around the edges, and mounted with double-sided tape.
Stamped on the reverse side (stripe pattern) the flowers, leaves and photocorners from (Aud Designs) in gold pigment ink and embossed with SG-me! Glaactic Gold embossing powder the cut them out, and mounted at the bottom with silicone glue. Added some gems to the middle of the flowers for a bit of bling.
I will probably add some ribbon and beads to the spine, with a couple of tiny tags as well.
I did do something else, but that’s for the UK STampers newsletter, so you won’t get to see that yet.
Galaxy Girl

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I’ve been quiet, but I’m back with a vengence….

and here’s a quick view of my Miniten posing with my heat gun. To the uninitiated (and less sad than myself and the other Team Tennant crew) he’s a mini David Tennant (Dr Who) doll. Oh hours of fun will be had with him.

I could only get the K9 set, so Lydia got to have K9 as long as I had the Miniten, and we can play with them jointly – oh what it is to be 45 and decided not to quite grow up.

Clearly from the look on the Parental Control’s face she was most definitely not amused – but as I pointed out it’s my money and if as a subsitute for the real thing I require a miniten, then a miniten I shall have.

Galaxy Girl


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Off to Bloomin Scraps crop in Plumstead…….

today, and we are taking a small portion of the SG shop with us.

I have to admit that I’ve known about this crop since September, and am spectacuarly unprepared for it.

Put it down to Xmas, not being well, having been busy at work and other mother related incidents, but noting is packed, nothing is priced, and I can’t get my head round it.

I have also yet to pack my brand spanking new tote with my own things too.

I will only take a proportion of the shop, as we would need a lorry to get it all there.

Right, better get packing.

Galaxy Girl

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Thanks to Faeryscrapper………….

I’ve just embarked on a playing card journal journey, which Emily Falconbridge is organising on her blog.

Basically, you have a pack of playing cards, and journal on one a week, so by the end of the year you have 52 small pieces of artwork, which can then be put in their own little bag for safekeeping.

Every week Emily will be putting up a prompt for that week to do a card. Obviously, we are a couple of weeks’ into January so I have a few to do to catch up, but looks like fun – and after all, it is only one card a week when I’ve done caught up with the couple of weeks I’ve missed.

The beauty of it is that you can pre-do some/all of the background work in batches, so that you just need to grab a card and go with the flow.

Go on, have a go….

Galaxy Girl

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