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Today I have mostly been shopping


but did make this using my trial copy of Adobe Illustrator CS4

I know that it’s not very impressive, or 100% correct as I had trouble with the rotation of the second heart (think it might have been down to not quite getting the feeling of the snap to point!) – but none the less, I can’t really drawn in real life and have had no graphic training whatsoever (I do use Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 which has helped with finding my way a little though). 

I’ve yet to re-draw, trying to lign up exactly, and use the gradient mesh tools, not bad for a first effort if I do say so myself.

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Toodles & Binks **Special Offer**

for a limited time Toodles & Binks have got a 3 stamp bundle offer on, which is £11.00 for your choice of any three stamps in the current range, and if one of those happens to be Toodles & Binks Skate they will add in the Figures of 8 quotation stamp as well.  Check it out here.

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Hope you all had a lovely Christmas



and you got everything that you wished for, and family and friends have had a lovely time too.

I have been an incredibly fortunate girl this year, and received some more beloved COPIC markers, a Russell Howeard DVD (as pictured above), but one of the main pressies can be seen surrounding them – it was a light tent, and is going to prove soooo useful – I have hated having scrappy backgrounds behind my images when I post.

It came with black, red, blue and white backgrounds, and folds up neatly (if I could actually manage it) into a tiny bag – mind you I nearly took somebody’s eye out when I took it out the bag!

The kids had a particularly musical Christmas, with the Drummer boy receiving his Ableton 7 live music software, and Lydia getting not only an electric guitar and amp, but a fab keyboard as well – they are particularly happy.

Ohhhh, I also got my fabulous Danish jewellery – not Pandora this time, but Hultquist – it’s a fabulous purple knotted ball with a little gold frog playing with a bead ball.

Right, just finished off lunch, and now Guy and I am off for a quick bike ride……………. laters peeps.


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I’m sorry, what for what is about to follow………..


I’ve just broken my Making Memories Paper Trimmer – to cut a long story short I had a bit of glue drop stuck under the plastic guide thingy, and I lifted it my, was a little too heavy handed and it wouldn’t go back down again………so I tried to take out the guide and place it back in, and trying to do this I broke off the bottom bit that fits round the luggy thing………………….. BUM, BUM, BUM……………………..

Clearly, after that outburst I am now on the naughty list, and Santa clearly won’t be slipping a sable under or anything else under my tree for having such a potty mouth, but I say again, BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM FRIGGIN BUGGER BUM……….. I L-O-V-E my trimmer, it’s less than a year old – now what can I do?  Can you new ones anywhere?


Anyway, made another giftcard holder last night, slightly wider 3.5″, but the same formula.  Crappie picture, I am too upset to cut and crop it, I’m off to sulk.

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Blimey …. that was quick



I only ordered it from Craftsulove yesterday, and my smashing brown and soft pink spotty Macinac Tote arrived this morning.

I had a tidy up on my desk, and then unloaded all the COPICS I possess into it – plenty of room for more of their mates too!


I just have one quick giftcard holder to make, and then I must go and get ready – we’re off to the local pub for a night out with friends (it’s Jam Night, and always good fun.)


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Money Holders (thanks to Kit)



My friend Kit sent me a lovely tutorial for a money holder, and I quickly made to (not quite the same as hers – as I am rubbish it seems at following exact instructions!), this evening for the two of our Godchildren.

Check out her blog for the tutorial, and also just below it are some fabulous Toodles & Binks projects, that I haven’t had time to upload yet.

I still have tons of wrapping, gift boxes and the main food shopping to do, I ticked a bit off today, but can’t get up much enthusiasm…… that is apart from a bit of Retail Therapy…… I bought a nice small tote for my COPIC markers on line.  My COPIC folders are now completely full up,  and I have some markers kicking around on the desk, so I needed something more – especially as I think I may have more colours coming on Christmas Day. 

The tote is a yummy chocolate brown with soft pink dots – and the markers will sit just below the top of it, and as it has dividers they shouldn’t fall all over the place – it can then (with a bit of tidying and re-gigging) sit on my desk.  I can then use the COPIC folders for travelling.

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Thank you for the lovely comments

I thought I’d answer a couple of queries:  the boxes are the first round of little gifts, I have more to do for table presents, and some actual presents too – however, these particular 4 are off to a certain, andvery well-mentioned radio show.  Only fair, the inspiration seems to have come from listening to the radio show for the designs when I commissioned them, so they are each getting one of their own (not that they will know what the heck to do with them!).  The boxes have sweeties in.

The goat, not that I’ve found a plastic one yet, so have had to make do with one printed out and stuck onto stampboard and then triple UTTEE’d is also going in one of the boxes.  Toodles & Binks bought the JR show an Oxfam Unwrapped goat, as Mark (the Olvernator) did a feature a few weeks ago about the scheme.  I’m not sure if it’s available in any other country, but basically you buy a goat, sheep, camel or such like and it goes off to a developing country to help assist families in improving their circumstances.

I also got Lydia 100 school dinners for a year, which is going to go in her stocking from Santa ….well, obviously not the actual 100 school dinners, that would be one hell of a delivery and clean up operation for the old chap, but a nice little card with a lovely picture of kids eating their school dinners …… I like my kids to understand that there is every need to give to others, especially when they receive so much, and not everybody in the world is as truly blessed and fortunate as them – that’s me off my soapbox now.  I’m also getting her the Terry Wogan and Aled Jones Little Drummer Boy download for Children In Need to go on her walkman.

Now a confession, I am so behind in sending out DT and winning stamps………….. ekks….sorry everyone.  I will try and do it very, very soon – except not Friday as I will be drunk and incapable (fingers crossed) by about 11.15 on the Orient Express.  Guy has orders to soak me up from the station later that eveninig at a yet unspecified time (fingers crossed again) in an even more drunken state – yipppeeee!!!!! where I will no doubt tell him loudly that I love him and be clutching mistletoe – I am a very happy drunk!

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Joel (08-10-RRP-002) – Kay (UK DT)




It’s …………….. another box ……………….. about 7″, so the cardstock would have been 9″ wide by by 12″ long I think and scored at 1″ either side of the centre from memory – should write this stuff down!

It’s amazing just how many markers I use when I colour too, but in truth you could use far less than this and darken as you go.


One more box and a card to do now.  No goat has been found, so I will have to think of something else – I’m thinking image transfer from the picture of the blessed creature from the Oxfam site onto a piece of stampboard at the mo.


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It’s official………….

Sevenoaks is a crafting tundra ……………. I tried four shops in the damn place tonight to buy just plain old silicone glue, could I get any? could I fudge!!!

I had the merest drop left, and a deadline to reach of tomorrow night to finish off  two more boxes, stuff them, make a card and find a plastic goat.  Panic was beginning to set in, so much so, that I forgot to purchase the plastic goat – don’t ask!

So convinced that I would miss my deadline we dejectedly headed home, and I made plans tomorrow to drop Toodles off at home after School and make the long trek to Notcutts at Maidstone (having first phoned to ascertain if they had any of course), when I had a bright spark ……….. Caz………….. oh yes, she has the loveliest of crafting goodies, she may have some!  So I phoned, and bless her she came up trumps for me (hugs, to you dear sweet friend).

So I stuffed dinner down my neck and drove the 35 ish round mile trip to bag my silicone, coming away with my last SU order………….. and tahhhhdaaahhhhh some stamps I’d won, and not even known about.  Carolyn I love you, it’s official.

So back at home, I’ve stuck on 20 more snowflakes, need to colour two more images, make one more box, a card, stuff them all with goodies …………… oh, the goat – forgot about the bloody goat!!!!!!!! – find a goat tomorrow and pack everything up in bubble wrap.

You’ve got to admit, I have an interesting life.

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Adam (RRP-007)



as I might of mentioned, I’ve move the Adam tag I made on a bit last night, and have made box with it using my Scor-pal and a piece of 12×12 card.  I didn’t write it down, but I think I scored at 1 and 11, and 5.5 and 6.5″, and then flipped it around, and scored and 1 and 11″ again – which has essentially given me a large rectangular box.


Then I mounted the image on some Daisy D Christmas paper, which I have had for several years unused.

Then just addded QK snoflakes in Limeade Sugarcoated, with red dots and leaf green pearlidoodles, and red snowflakes with Limeade centres and red pearlidoodles.  Green gingham ribbon all around the middle of the box, and a limeade circle with red ribbon tied through to indicate the opening.


It did take a bit of making because of all the cutting out of snowflakes, and I’ve all but depleated by stock of silicone glue too … which is tragic as I still have tons of 3-ding to do.  I need to find an emergency supply from somewhere, and am hoping that Lorimers or Sussext Stats will have some in Sevenoaks … we are so desparately short of a decent craft shop here now.

Sorry for the awful photos, the light levels are terrible this time of  year.

By the way, I found out what my extra birthday pressie was – yay, the Sparks new album (OMG, that takes me back decades and makes me feel really old!).  Actually, they look younger on the cover than I rember them all those years ago, and it’s a fantastic piece of work, called “Exotic Creatures of the Deep”, and has a really rock opera feel.  The individual tracks are also make great listening – my particular favourite is (She Got Me) Pregnant.


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