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K9, what a star………….

although we had a heart stopping moment when he was in that explosion. Minkey sobbed, and sobbed and sobbed, but was overjoyed that he was put back together again for Sarah-Jane.

We’re all off to view a possible house today, quite nervous about the whole thing.

All orders from yesterday afternoon/night will be packed when I get back, no hurry as they won’t go out til Tuesday cos of the bank hol.

Just finished loading up the new Flip-flop bits, they are really charming and in lovely spring colours. Would quite like some myself, but have to keep them in stock I think, as I am sure they will sell really well.

I will sort out Quote Sunday when we get back, and report on what kind of train wreck the house we’re looking at is.

Galaxy Girl

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House for sale, set in c. 12 acres of orchard & paddock..

in the Kentish countryside at Ightham.

That was quick the agent has got the details on the site already He turned up yesterday to take some photos, and really they are quite good. Kitchen and conservatory are fine, just a shame about my drawing board in the picture of the conservatory. Yes, they really are as big as they look in the photos too. Our house is like the TARDIS, it really doesn’t look that big, when is a different matter when you get inside, and people always comment on that fact.

We’ve been here for 14 years and love the place, and will be sorry to move on and the only reason we are doing so is to be closer to the Slave’s gainful employment – he has a huge drive when he’s in the office, and mega problems with transport to the airport when he jets off around the world fixing his equipment.

This weekend we are mainly househunting, with a bit of duck racing thrown in. Slave is topping the paddocks this morning, and I am taking Minkey to splash time.

On a TV note, K9 is back! How excited am I!!!!!

Shopfront: Flip-Flops by Paper Loft are in, all orders done and dusted.

Galaxy Girl

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Stress piled on big time by the NOTSOFASTWAY…

courier service today. Having been promised my delivery, by 4 pm it hadn’t show up – no surprise their usual trick – so I phoned and ripped a whole in the bloke. Told him to make sure it was there by the time I got home, or I’d come a gunnin’ to the Isle of Grain. Full marks to them by the time I got home it was there! As I got through the door their chap from the depot was rining me to say he was worried cos the courier seemed to have lost his phone this afternoon (ok, I thought another layer in the tissue of half truths and downright fibs this lot tell me on a regular basis).

Anyhooo, it’s here now and go out to the lovely lady that is waiting for it. Also got some really lovely Art Institute glitters, charm embossing pads, spacer plates, and re-stock of butterfly dies. I really love the Fairie colours, and wish I had ordered more. Oops, forgot to mention the heat proof acetate. Unfortunately the stamps have been delayed, but am really looking forward to the new Fairie Poppets coming in.

Parental control, Smallest Minkey and I then shoved off to T/Wells to purchase football kit as she is doing afterschool footie from Monday week – yep, the French has been given the heaveho and replaced by running around and getting grubby with the boys – is this a sign of things to come?

I had been right in my assumption though, with Minkey it’s all about the look/retail opportunity, and we have come back with red England shirt, blue England shorts, white socks with red and blue logo, silver shin pads and silver footie boots, oh and to round it all off a blue England windsheeter and a silver football. I managed not to have to buy the blue, red and white wristbands she wanted, or the fleece and long trousers and footie bag a drinks bottle and England flag – much to her disappointment.

Estate Agent is coming round to photograph the house tomorrow and I now need to urgently change our bed, clean all the bathrooms and tidy my scraproom. Downstairs is done though.

Right off to it, and when I’m done I will treat myself to a scrummyinmytummy Blackcurrant Sundae.

Cheerio blogetts.

Galaxy Girl

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UKSTamper – Number 1 Challenge – Spring

not the easiest, or best picture, but actually taking painted canvass in the half light is not too easy, as you can see Slave has his shadow right across the middle. Here is my effort for the spring challenge, done with Jo Sonja’s inks (All Girl and Seascape collections), then microbeads fixed on with diamond glaze. Tulips were stamped on acetate and then glittered with Art Institute glittering system (not sure which colours) and stuck and 3-d foamed on. Then small butterflies stamped (magenta). It actually looks way cooler in real life, and is for smallest Minkey’s wall.

Will get a better image of it at the weekend.

Galaxy Girl

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Well, finally taken the leap and firmly put our property…

on the market. Parental Control and I skipped over to Hadlow to sign the paperwork, the “for sale” sign should be going up tomorrow and the agent is coming over on Friday to do measuring and photography work.

In the end we have actually gone with – after a lorralorra discussion betwixt and between us, cos in this area and at the price if you have horses and therefore want land, they are the agent that people go to first. In the early days when we were hoovering in an undecided manner we had thought FPD Savills or Lane Fox, when we ran into the problem of people coming from London with plenty of money, but not a single clue about how big an acre is let alone the 12 we have. It’s a relief now that we have taken the firm plunge rather than go down the route of letting it be know that it would be on the market if anyone was interested. There will not be a marketing campaign, stress beyond belief trying to make the kidlets/teenage weirwolf keep their areas tidy, and a certain scrapper keep her stash in order, but fingers crossed that we can get this sold off pronto and move on to life with no land, but plenty of cash to flash on stock and a decent office/workshop area for demo-ing.

Shopfront news: I have had a HUGE and heated [very actually because {excuse my language, look away if you get offended} they have pissed me off with yet again unbelievably bad service which impacts on my customers]!!!!!

Yet again having waited for one particular supplier to get their finger out of the backside and send off my order they have used the crapiest of crap poo pooey sh1T couriers known to man who don’t even try to deliver, but simply tell you nobody was in when there was. ARGYHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! phew, calm breaving, apologies for the very bad language, attidude etc dearest bloggers.

Anyhoo, only this one Wizard left, which they assure me will be here tomorrow and will go off, with I have to say suitable recompense for it being so late, lovey preggies lady that is waiting for it. I am so, so, so sorry – as you can see from how wound up I have got, that I do care extremely about my customers and the goods they have shelled out their hard earned for and I am not a crappy retailer and I take it personally that they have such a dreadful customer service attitude.

All the other orders that have come in this afternoon (or were waiting for bits and pieces) have now been today /are going to be despatched at Post Office Earth tomorrow.

I have made a start on tidying scrap area, and am certain sure that I will finally get my accounts to the Accountant this week (ish)!

Good night dear bloggettes, and if you are in the market for a lovely 5 bed challet in 12 acres of Kentish paddocks and orchards with 5 stables, and foundations for 5 more, then I’m ya gal.

Galaxy Girl

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Yeah, finished my Spring challenge for UKSTamp..

last night. Just need to get the Slave to take a decent picture of it tonight and then upload to the Gallery.

Got blahhhhhhdedahness of the Society to get through, but yeah it’s Wednesday, so I leave at 2.45 to get Smallest Minkey. We will probably be decorating a plastic duck in readiness for the Annual Plaxtol Duck Race on May Bank Hols. I am wondering alcohol inks, flowers and beads.

Shopfront: just the pesky Wizard order waiting for the machine to arrive, and one that is waiting for the urgent re-stock of Biscuit the Cat, which should arrive today.

Oh well, finish my coffee, shower and head off to the Blandness.

Galaxy Girl

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Got a lovely note in the post today……

from a lovely lady called Norma about the Stamp Galaxy stamp/crop club, apparently she had been on a drive-by our address, but couldn’t find us as I think she’d maybe been looking for a regular shop. Anyhoo, she would very much like to join our merry band, and hopefully will be coming to the June meet. It’s great that word is slowly getting out, and I am now really glad that I sent details off to the Craft Stamper to include it in their diary. She also mentioned another lady she had asked for directions living right here in Ightham, and they swapped numbers so she might just bring her too.

I just love the way crafting brings the most unlikely of people together to make firm friends.

Been busy ordering items of craft to be captured by our troops today, and have Hampton Art and DCWV coming, along with Black Acid free permanent markers and White Milky Way Galaxy markers, MM knives and some dye ink pads in lovely colours, other bits too but just can’t remember.

Slow supplier has fingers crossed given the giddy up to that Wizard, and it will arrive tomorrow so that order can go out, and the glass will be ready tonight for that order to go off.

Couple more Issue 3 Simply Stamping have been put in stock if anyone is interested (see link above to Stamp Galaxy) and from 6pm to 6am tomorrow we have got plain cardstock on buy 2 get 3rd free.

Right, really, must, must, must finish off the Spring challenge and get the accounts printed off and put in the relevant boxes to take to Accountant tomorrow.

Have a good even blogettes.


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I’m a UKSTamper, give me a header challenge….

is now underway, with a closing date of 31st October. Yes, I know that it is sometime in the future, but at least it gives all who are entering (have to be a member of to qualify) time to register and give some thought/shopping to the whole process.

Seriously, give it a go, and also the everyday challenges we have got going on there. I’m just finishing off my contribution to No. 1 Spring challenge, which has to be done by 30th April.

I also need to put some thought into next challenge, which will be a quickee I think with a 1 week closing date. Even if people don’t upload anything, hopefully it will be getting their creative juices flowing.

Shopfront news: OMGoshness, the world seems to have gone mad for the Nebbia del Mare (tumbled sea glass to those of you who don’t read this often), it seems now to have made the best seller list on Stamp Galaxy, which means we have sold a lot. At the moment we have 2 orders pending – 1 waiting for more seaglass to finish (tonight apparently) and the other waiting for the Wizard to come in stock – gave the supplier the giddy up yesterday, yep, the usual slow of slow one, so fingers crossed it wil arrive tomorrow.

I need to do more stock shopping, as I am doing the Craft Expo in Bromley on 13th May in conjunction with my mate Jenny, so anyone up for a good chortle should come along as I will be demoing (I am currently a demo virgin by the way). The one this Sunday at Gravesend was a bit slow, and I am praying that this one will be better – possibly the reason behind it was that not too much advertising had taken place, and not that many people were in the know.

Got the usual blahness to look forward to today, and need to get the Minkey’s passport photo signed as she has changed beyond recognition.

Right need to go, we have the Hound of the Baskerville howling downstairs and I need to tell him off!.

Galaxy Girl

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Craft Expo………………

today in Gravesend. It was great to catch up with Sarah and Karen from Scrapaholics as well as Helen Campling (gotta love that girl, she is so pretty and talented), and numerous other crafty broads!

Been asked to be on standby to demo at the next one in Bromley next month, just waiting for a confirmation phone call shortly on that.

Didn’t spend much for me – just one Somerset Gallery and a Creating Keepsakes mag – oh and a spritz bottle. Artistic Stamper has some lovely new stamps out, and I will be putting in an order shortly.

Yesterday I helped load the skip, and do a bit of lawn tractoring – only problem was I had to give up after 2 hours as the steering had been pants since I strated – it turns out I had a flat!!!!

Galaxy Girl

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Quote Sunday………

“Vitality shows not only in the ability to persist, but in the ability to start over”.

F. Scott Fitzgerlad

well, that just about sums up my fight with gesso then!

Galaxy Girl

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