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Returned, full refreshed and raring to go…….

from a fantastic visit to Somerset and Cornwell. In the main the though, the highlight was definitely Saturday and then Tuesday night spent at Bowermead House the delightful home of Bill and Netta Southcombe.

Unfortunately, the picture really doesn’t do the place the justice it deserves. It’s an 18th century house in an idyllic setting overlooking the Vale of Avalon near Glastonbury. The rooms really are beautifully decorated, the beds the most comfortable and Bill is a dab hand with the old breakfast menu. Along with the Bill and Netta, Millie the dog does her fair share of meeting and greeting of guests.

We had originally only booked for Saturday, to break our journey to Cornwell, but having spent one night there, we just couldn’t resist asking if they had room for our return on Tuesday. They were full, but Bill very kindly said he would fit us in.

So we tootled off to Cornwell to stay at Trewinney Farmhouse near Megavissey. This was not a bad B&B too, but really couldn’t compete with the attractions of Bowermead. The one drawback to Trewinney was the shared bathroom accessed through an impossibly small/narrow opening in the cottage wall. Fine if you are of normal, proportions, but I have a backside the size of a small kingdome, and am not very nimble. I probably bumped by head at least 25 times.

We (Minkey and Parental Control) pootled off to the Eden Project some of Monday, and tehn on to Goran Haven. Now that is a nice child/family friendly beach, even if the decent is hair-raising to say the least to get there – typical Cornish typography.

It’s small enough to be able to see what she was up to, had a good flow of freshwater down the beach to facilitate the building of dams and pools, rocks to poke about in and a handy beach cafe. The only draw back was that as we had gone in my Kia we had limited boot/luggage space and hadn’t had room for the usual beach chairs, and the seating opportunities were limited.

We treated ourselves to pasties and chips by the sea to round off the evening.

On Tuesday we ventured back to Wiltshire to spend time at Longleat (always a favourit), and it has just improved again. I think we may also have been filmed in Pets Corner, so we will be watching out for our faces to appear on the TV!

After dinner at the Fox & Hounds in Tytherington (not sure if I spelt it right) we went back to Bowermead to spend the night. Bill was apologetic that he had had to squeeze us in, and Minkey and I spent the night in Sophie’s room (thank you Sophie for letting us do that) – shhhhhhh, don’t let on, but her bed is seriously comfortable, and it really was no inconvenience.

Netta has a jewellery company, and I have fallen in love with quite a few of her wares, so it won’t be long before I put an order in there.

We set off for home this morning, and had a loo stop at Stonehenge – I refused to pay the vast sums English Heritage were demanding for the ability to go a further 3 feet than the perimeter – so we made do with looking at it through the fencing.

We finally got home at about 12.30 today, and I’ve spent the rest of the day packing orders – which I’m very pleased to say I then got to the Post Office before it shut.

It feels like I’ve been away for ages, so I suppose that’s the sign of a good break.

On another happy note, only one prono member had joined UKSTampers, which has now been deleted, and we have had loads of genuine members join up too.

I have also been asked by several people today to organise mail order facilities as well as the web sales, so I will have to turn my attention to that side of things too.

Right, Minkey is moaning to get on-line, so I’m off to drink coffee with my honey (whom I have missed so much). He is in my very good books, cos he’s fixed my printer (busted by moi in a frenzy of order processing today)….

Galaxy Girl

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Urban Couture Ribbon Collection and book clips..

unexpectedly turned up today, it was so long ago they were ordered, I had forgotten all about them.

The Cactus Pink stamps, chiboard alphabets and papers also arrived yesterday, and have absolutely flewn out of the door ever since.

I will be M.I.A. from tomorrow morning til Wednesday night, so get any orders in now, so that they can be packed before I go. I haven’t got piccies of the 12 x 12 CP paper that we also got in, as I’ve not had the time, but ohhhhhh lickable so so lickable – as Kirsty would say I wubes ’em.

As I type this I am completely surrounded by products that have recently arrived, it’s really quite overwhelming just how many there are (oh, and quietly so the Slave can’t hear just how dang much I have spent on them.sssshhhhh!).

I’ve had the day off the Society of Blahhhh today, but deffo not been idle, far from it. First we dashed off to the wholsaler to get some bombanierie tulle circles and ribbon for the Nebbia del Mare, as the bubblewrap just wasn’t good enough to package it up. They now look like wedding favours, and oh so cute. The we hopped over to Chatham to Staples, as I needed a huge supply of padded envies for the order levels we now have. That lot should keep me going for a week or two, oh and more bubble wrap, but in it’s own handy dispensing container. The off to Hempstead Valley for shoes for me – Imelda Marcos eat y our heart out! – a birthday pressie for my goddaughter Rom and food type stuff for Drummer and the Slave to supplement the lasagne and macaroni cheese being left for them. After that they will be on their own – don’t feel sorry for them though, stir fry and kebabs will be the order of the day!

Then back to pack and process the outstanding orders from late last night/this morning, and the new ones that had come in, and sort out a couple of customer queries/problemos.

Next came loading up products, and then a trip to el banco and post office Earth.

Back to load up the new products and attempt a bit of paperwork.

My Parental Control has now taken over packing for Lydia, and that will just leave me.

Slave is now home, and has just popped a much needed/earnt coffee on the desk, so I will now have a short intermission and then start my packing.

Drummer and Hailey are going to be around next week for the Dog and Slave will also be around, but I will need to cook the cat’s fish, as they won’t want to do that.

Well, that’s about me done, if anyone needs me has an announcement thread and my mobile number is on there.

Galaxy Gilr

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Spoldger and Golden Projects now in store…….

I’ve been waiting for ages to get these little beauties in stock, and yippee, they are here now.

For the uninitiated, they are great for applying gesso and paints to surfaces. In fact my splodger was single handedly responsible for me conquest of the gesso mountain I was facing.

If you apply some along the bottom of it, and then gently swipe over the surface, with a kinda flick of the wrist action, it lays down just the right amount – trick is to be light as a feather when you do it. Then dry off with a heat gun and then apply you ink.

Anyhoo, apologies for my sad excitement, but I think they are great!!

Store was busy last night, but all orders (including a back one for wings) are now packed and ready for the off.

It’s my last day at the Blahhh Society, as I have tomorrow off to pack for our hols, but the only thing I have to look forward to is a health & safety cbt – think of me through the day – that thing is my nemisis (ok following some people’s remarks at Kirsty’s spelling not sure if that is spelt right, and I am certainly not gonna get my dictionary at this time in the morn).

We are viewing a house near Wadhurst this morning, that has just come on the market, so it will be a rush to get fed (both human and dog varieties) and out of the door tonight.

Oh well, need to shower and prepare for the h&s test…………….

Galaxy Girl

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Golden Products were ordered yesterday…..

as well as these lovely Pierrot Plates from Paper Artsy, which are their May release. How lickable are they, I really love the Just Clowning Around on, but all will come in so handy.

I’m quite excited about the Golden products too, there is Golden Matte Medium and Golden Gel. The Matte Medium is for photo transfer with ink-jet transparencies (Issue 2 of Simply Stamping I think) and the Gel is great for decoupage and sealing.

Viewer was a no show yesterday, which is annoying beyond belief, as there is so much tidying, and prettying involved before they come. Agent was going to find out the reason why, but we haven’t heard yet. Still, more of the blighters on the way this week.

Still waiting for the Cactus Pink to arrive (I’d love to say patiently, but I would be lying). I want that stuff in stock so bad!

The blahness at the Society reached an all time high of stupifying boredom yesterday, but as it’s hump day today I get off early – so whoooooooooohooooooooo to that – just need to stay awake til I get to 2.45.

All orders including the Wizard one are away from the Galaxy now, and we only have one backorder of small wings (hopefully these will arrive today) that is pending.

Oh well, off to drink copious amounts of coffee and not too eat much, think of me hating every last minute of that place…..

Galaxy Girl

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Nebbia del Mare makes Simply Stamping Issue 4…

woooohooo, thanks Becks for that, it was a lovely surprise to see it mentioned in the products section. The Slave was tickled pink when he read it. Nice to see that the lovely and very charming Sid got a mention too!

Busy, busy, busy cleaning and more cleaning as we have further viewings this week. Apparently some of the peeps from last week are quite interested – so fingers crossed for us.

Society of Blahhhh, is just that, boring and exhaustingly so, I like to be busy so the time flies, and it drags there.

All orders from last night have now left the Galaxy, and we are eagerly awaiting the Cactus Pink stuff, which is winging its way to us as we speak (surely it cannot be much longer).

Simply Stamping Issue 4 is now in store (apologies though, as it has the Issue 3 image currently, I will fix this asap).

I can smell toast, so I just need to do the last bits and then have some brekkies.

Galaxy Girl

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Scratched to blazes this morning as I have been..

attempting to tie in very vicious old fashioned roses. Despite the fact that we had on thick jumpers and gauntletts, they still got flesh, vicious blighters.

Viewings have gone well this weekend, with one woman coming back again with her hubbie and kids. Fingers crossed that it might lead of an offer.

Had a great time watching the Princes Trust concert last night, and hope that people have been very generous for this worthy cause. We will be paying in some money at the bank tomorrow ourselves.

Shopfront news: Got an offer on til Monday at the Galaxy for Sassafras Nester Stamps at £9.00 for the doodled borders and dings, and £9.00 for the stitched borders (2). The sew fine alphabet is also fabbie value.

All orders in so far today have been packed and sent on their way.

Got news on Friday that my Cactus Pink order left the USA on 16th May, and am so excited that the stamps and papers will soon be in the Galaxy.

That’s it folks…

Galaxy Girl

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Quote Sunday……..

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”


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Feeling so down yesterday, and then got lovely…

surprise when I got home, as there waiting for me was a whole host of great stamps to make up demos, and design make n takes for the Craft Expos in June and July from Jenny.

Got more viewings today, so didn’t have time last night, so am going to take my trusty KAI’s and some foam, together with some of the designs to sit and cut them out – got nothing better to do.

Weather is miserable, horrid – and I am afraid to say matches my mood again today – Society of Blah is certainly getting me down – it’s the unrelenting boredom.

Shopfront: all orders despatched on on their way – only the Wizard order outstanding – apparently “less than fastway” should be delivering it today.

Hope you all have a better day than I’m expecting. Hopefully, I will be in a better mood when I next blog.

Galaxy Girl

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Hump Day…….

today, which is a day that I really quite like, as I pick up Minkey from school. She has a friend coming over for tea tonight too.

I made a start on another avatar last night, did a fair bit of cleaning, and then settled down to watch HRH Prince Charles talking about the Princes Trust – very interesting and informative programme. I have to admit that I’ve always liked him, and watching that interview just confirmed why, what a very, very nice man he is.

Last night was also a very busy night in the Galaxy, but I’m pleased to say that all packed and ready to go (except one waiting for payment to clear).

There was a thread going on UKScrappers about adhesvie yesterday, and I just thought I would share my favourite one with you – Sticky Fingers Scrapbook Adhesvies (sold in store) – believe me when I say I have tried them all, and given up with most – and again and again I come back to this little beauty. It’s economical, easy to store, quicky yet allowing for stick down error and archival quality. I’m really not sure why more people haven’t discovered it.

Right, I can hear my shower calling. I need to get a move on today, as I am also taking the Minkey to school.

Galaxy Girl

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Another avatar image done…..

this is number three in the Vintage Stampers series:

Another day, where it’s been a completely non-event at work, not really even worth getting out of bed for (except for the money).

Hump Day tomorrow, which is a good day, as I work till 2.45 and then pick up Minkey from School.

Spoke to Anna Louise today, and got the low down from her about Bonanza – she is such a sweetie, and so talented.

I probably should be doing housework as we have a viewing on Thursday morning, but I have Sky+ the Bibster, and I need to watch that. I also need to do the next Avatar – granted they don’t take long. Minkey too needs a bit of attention, and the Drummer’s room need a muck out.

Ordered more lovely stuff from Auscraft today, including the Potting Shed collection, and various mediums, gesso and textile medium.

Something I learnt of great interest is that you can paint on the texture paste to a thick acetate, stamp into it, colour it etc., and when dry you can pull it off and stick it anywhere you like! Also if you add the textile medium to the paint it turns into a textile paint (possibly you have to heat set, need to read the instructions).

Shopfront: All orders (except one waiting for cheque to clear) and ready for the off tomorrow.

Righto, off to knock up that avatar.

Galaxy Girl

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