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well that’s it, officially on holiday now. See you all when I get back.

I completely ran out of time to get all done before I went away, and I (a) haven’t finished by UKStampers CJ entry, or done the posting list – sorry folks it will be the first thing I do when I get back or (b) done any blog entries ahead of time for the Slave to load up (c) cleaned the house before we go. Instead, I’ve flitted around like a house/shops/diy shops like a blue-bottomed fly on speed to get the last bits we needed, and then today lounged around at the Langley Hotel in Tonbridge with the outlaws of their various older peeps celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary, achieving nothing other than a very full tummy and lazy attitude.

So that’s it folks, we are now officially on hols til 1st Augut. Any orders that come into the Galaxy in the meantime will be packed and despatched on 2nd August. Drummer Boy and Guy are staying at home, so the cat and dog don’t have to go into the dreaded kennels.

So all there remains for me to do is to apologise for anyting that I haven’t managed to do (you can kick my butt when I come back) and say …


Galaxy Girl

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Last day at work today…………

and looking forward to getting it over and done with.

Just a random picture of Rob (ages ago, I think he was about 15). It must have been when he first got the drum kit, cos it still has the makers front on the base.

Then for Christmas that year he got a proper front to go on it with the name of the band on it.

It’s amazing just how much that boy has changed, grown, and now maturing. He’s an excellent drummer too.

Oh well, after that bit of randomness about me, I’m off for a shower.

Galaxy Girl

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1. my Minkey is feeling very poorly – I think that it may well be heat exhaustion or sun stroke from the Sports Day on Tuesday. Not sure how she will be when she wakes up, but going on last night she will most definitely not be well enough for school.

2. My tooth is hurting – it came on all of a sudden yesterday afternoon, and will not go away. The timing of this stinks, as we are going away in a very few days time. I’ve got an emergency appointment this afternoon – I hate the dentist.

3. I got none of my CJ done last night, we were home to late from our anniversary meal for that, and it was too hot, and I had orders to pack, yadayadayad.

4. It’s already hot, and I have way to much to do, and I have to go to that stinking godforsaken place and sit and do nada.

As you can see I am a grumpy fairy this morning, and I don’t think that anything is going to get me out of my funk, except of course an unexpected delivery of 4 trucks of non-fattening chocolate, weather that it is comfortable to walk around in a cardi, a diamon ring and a big snog with Brad Pitt – what are the chances of that happening?

Galaxy Girl

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with the added wording……..

it’s a shame I couldn’t find my pixie stamps, but the Karen Foster Stickers are no too bad.

I got a lovely card from Guy (no cute and cuddly bears on it, yeah).

I think we are off to have a Chinese tonight, but need to be canny about telling the kids where we are going, or it will turn into our usual romatic meal for 5!

Oh by the way, Simply Stamping Issue 5 is in store at the Galaxy now, and selling fast, fast, fast. I am trying not to look at my copy cos I want it to read it on the plane next week.

Have a good one, it’s gonna be another scorcher.

Galaxy Girl

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Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary Guy….

last night with 5 minutes to hand, and Guy gone to the pub with his best mate, kids were either in bed or out, and loads of Galaxy work and a CJ to get done I did this card, as I’d forgotten (well mislaid the thought anyway) that it’s our 9th anniversary today. I just need to add the stamped words “Happy 9th”, and I can bung it in a envelope.

Doesn’t show up on the scan, but I added diamond glaze to the bookplate window, and then tied it down when it was dry.

Galaxy Girl

PS: Actually forget the stamped words, I can’t find the right small alpha set, so I’ve used Karen Foster cardstock alpha that looks stamped, mounted on green cardstock, inked the edges and added a touch of my very favouite opal dust for bling.

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Lydia officially joined the Seal Team Missions…

last night after I picked her up from football. She is now the proud owner of her very own log book for her dives, a safety DVD, a keyring and next mission booked and paid for. Bless her, she is so excited, and so loving it.

Another sporting activity for her today as it’s sports day – usually she does very well as she’s quite fast. The outlaws are coming over to watch and then staying for dinner – so that’s something to look forward to!! Unfortunately, I can’t go, as I have to work, so at least she’ll have family support.

The bloody website seems to be down, and I have no idea why – especially annoying as I need to process an order.

Other news: I am now a two mobile girl – yep my Kingdom of Blah and a new Stamp Galaxy international roaming one. Guy is hoping that with 2, there is a fighting chance at least one of them will get answered – yeah right.

No QVC craft today it seems, and I also seemed to have missed the Xyron Pick of the Day on Sunday, what’s going on?

I have a confession to make, although I’ve organised the UKStampers CJ, up until last night I hadn’t even started my one. Good news though guys, it is well on its way.

I feel sick, why is my website down???????

Galaxy Girl

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Lydia looked truly terrified when she was sitting on the bench for the briefing for her first Scuba Seal Mission 1 yesterday, but as soon as she reached here natural habitat (water) she settled right in.

It was certainly great value for money (£25), we arrived at 2.45 and didn’t leave til 5 pm.

I have to having a small panic attack when the strapped that huge tank on her back, and she went under for the first time. Then to make matters worse she is really buoyant, so that had to bring her to the surface immediately and put one of those really heavy weights around her middle to weight her down. She’s had to learn hand signals for OK, up, down, something’s wrong, out of air (oh no my baby), and counting out how many bar she has left in her tank. They played frizbee, and arrows in the water, went through an underwater space station, and generally had a blast. She is now looking forward to Mission 2 when we get back from holiday.

I’ve updated the “Big Shot” post, and amended my to do list, there’s not much left to go that now, but obviously I still have to get money, keep up-to-date with washing and pack.

So we have 7 days to go til the off now.

Talking of off, shower time…

Galaxy Girl

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today is Lydia’s very first Scuba lesson. We’re heading off at about 1.30 ish, as we have to stop at Halfords to get a new booster seat in readiness of Italy (and the law change here).

Random picture of Lydia last June in Devon, doing what she loves best, being in and around water.

I can’t believe just how much she has grown (and grown up she is) since then.

Guy is off cutting the back and sides lawns, and the humming of the tractor is quite soothing. It’s nice today, not too hot, with a gentle breeze.

I did start to make a half hearted attempt to sort out some washing, but then Lydia’s taken over my bedroom sofa and is watching a DVD – so I’ve drifted in to my studio (which is next door), and straight onto the computer to update my blog.

I’d very much like to scan in a picture I need, but the Lexmark scanner has disappeared under a mountain of stamps, mags and half-finished projects, and since it’s been all change on the technology front, I can’t find the Samsung driver to use that one – oh well, will just have to wait til Guy sorts that out.

Galaxy Girl

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So these are one of the limited stamps that I’m ….

going to be taking to Italy with me. We hopped over to Tony & Margaret’s today to fix up some last minute details about the villa, and then we stopped off for me to buy just a couple of ink pads, small but deadly scissors, and some snowflake stamps to go along with the sew simple alphabet that we have in store at the Galaxy.

I’ve now finalised (I think) my list of what I’m going to take along with me:

1. Sew Simple Alphabet
2. Glossy cardstock and cutndry foam
3. Ranger Heat it tool and clear EP
4. My brayer
5. The tiny scissors purchased today.
6. MM Craft Knife and spare blade along with my cthru ruler
7. The snowflake stamps I got today.
8. A wadge of A5 watercolour paper, my water brush and small brush and some H20’s.
9. Black and brown stazon.
10. CK Mag (need to get) and a n other craft mag (got a Craft Stamper today).

I am going to work on ideas for xmas, and do some ATC’s.

Not sure how much crafting time I will have, but hoping for siesta each day, and I can’t sit around and do nothing, so it will be perfect.

Apparently, there is a large lake about 20 minutes away with a beach/swimming area, so that will be perfect for Minkey, and the beach is about 35 minutes drive away too, with full compliment of lovely restaurants and ice cream – oh yes, Italian Ice cream – bella!!!!

Galaxy Girl

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I’ve been tagged by Linda………..

This is just a random piccie of Lydia from last year taken in the garden.

Here are the answers to my tag:-

1. How old are you? 45 in December.

2. How many kids do you have if any? 2 – Robert who was 18 in June and Lydia who is 8.

3. Are you married, single, divorced, widowed? Married to Guy for 9 very happy years next week.

4. What is your occupation? I am a Commercial Recovery Maanger for a Building Society by day and Pusher of stash/stamps by night.

5. What are your passions? My family, my company, rubber stamping and scrapbooking oh and blackcurrant sundaes.

6. Are you a dreamer or a dream seeker? A bit of both, I dream, and dream and dream, and then go get.

7. Are you happy with the way your life turned out? Oh yes, I believe that every decision you make (right or wrong) compiles you life. No point in moaning about what has been, look forward to what might be.

8. Are you a scrapper, and if so how many hours a week do you scrap? Yes. Until I started the Galaxy I used to scrap/stamp about 4 hours a night, but now I am busy running things so it’s not that much. I am working on a layout at the moment, which is the first one this month. I am a slow scrapper though, because I like to stamp and ink to within an inch of a layouts life, it takes me a bit of time.

9. I have to say a Road Trip across the States with the kids, but in an open top car – and (despite the fact that I DO NOT CAMP) spend a weekend at Yellowstone in a big, big, big American RV.

10. What is your favourite food? Black Currant Sundaes (I am on an enforced diet from them) on the sweet front – god I LOVE those, and on the savoury my Mother’s Cheese Pie.

11. What is the food you hate the most? Porridge – uckkkkkk, makes me heave to even think about it.

12. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? Oh there have been many, usually alcohol induced. I think finding out that I’d been dancing on a table half naked drawing whole shed loads of attention to it probably.

13. What is the happiest day of your life thus far? Sorry, I have more than 1, but if I was pushed to name a couple: Giving birth to Rob, the day I got married to Guy and giving birth to Lydia, when I got my first horse.

14. Are you a neat freak? Or a dirty house cleaner? Ummmm, my bed has to be neat, neat, neta and perfect. I am so lucky my Mother likes it clean, clean, clean, so I don’t have to do a lot of housework. I like certain things in their place, and it drives me insane if somebody empties the dishwasher and they put the cups in the cupboard with handles all akimbo. Hello people, how long does it take to put the handles in the right direction.

15. What is the worst thing you have ever done? So many it would take three weeks to type them all, but if I had to say one thing, it would be not tell the people I love enough about how I feel about them.

A couple of other very random things: I love purple, I have a cat called Felix, my sister is no longer with us and I miss her every single day, I used to live in Itlay, I am a royalist, I love flowers.

I tag Sid!!!!

Have a good one peeps.

Galaxy Girl

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