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After doing an impression of Simon Cowell all day

I decided that enough was simply enough, and hit the rowing machine when I got home …. way too many Full English Breakfasts, Devon Cream Teas and 4 course meals had left me feeling sluggish to say the least, and with the distinct impression that my waitband was rising to meet my bra – I know, I know – ACK!!

The mere fact that I struggled to strap myself  into my wonderful rowing contraption, still deepend my belieft that that is where I should be heading most days – too long have I been living off the benefits of 2000 metres rowing before last year’s Edinburgh Festival.

I therefore made a modest start, and am now right royally knackered – no crafting for me, just pack a few orders and chill now I think (to contemplate just how much I will feel this tomorrow).

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PSE 7 playing around

still trying to get a handle on PSE 7  (I should have been packing orders, but needed to help Lydia with something, and have drifted around playing instead of working, not a good start!).


Basically though, I’m just using it all as an excuse to listen to the Lancashire Hot Pot on 6Music live from the Edinburgh Festival …. oh yes, it’s that time of year again when the radio waves are full of comedy!

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I’m backkkkkkkkkkkk …. and raring to go

We’ve had a super-dooper-fabbie holiday, and I’m feeling really ready to go now.  Just pulled a huge amount of orders off the store, which I can hopefully deal with quickly, and then I get over to the Crafty Cabin and start to organise and play around. 

We came back from Devon with some fabulous new arty images, and I an’t wait to start playing around with them, also Guy and I need to sit down and finalise the two plates we’ve had waiting around for ages to get the new Sally-Ann Hancock and also a lovely new Designer up and out to you all.

I have loads of paperwork to do, but am pretty much ignoring that wholesale at the mo.

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