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Scored some canvass off the roll tonight

just perfect for the cover of my mini journal ….. but stripe me….£10 odd for a metre, and they wouldn’t sell less than that (still it’ll last a good while).

It’s been an horrendous day today, just so busy at work – my boss has been off sick, and now away on leave so that just leaves good ol’ me and my able assistant, but we are run right off our feet – I am consequently pooped, and vegtable like in bed watching Emperor’s New Groove with Toodles – what can I say, it’s Llama based!

Very exciting when I got home, some of my birthday pressies have arrived, but I am not even allowed to look at the boxes, let alone get my hands on the contents.


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My NEC haul from last week

I forgot to post this.



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Haungtingly good time last night and a right old soaking today

and I have actually crafted ….. a few more bits and bobs towards the Halloween album and a small bind-it-all 10x10cm journal for the shoebox appeal box.

Lydia and I managed to get royally soaked this morning in Tonbridge, it was nothing short of monsoon weather, but cold and windy with it – still she was happy as she managed to get a sweet Hello Kitty umbrella thrown into the haul from Claire’s Accessories …. you see, we were out getting the contents of our annual Shoebox Appeal box, and as we’re aiming for a girl 10 -14 years Claire’s was a very good idea.  I have to say that she went out wearing her Converse, which were soaked right through (and are still not dry these many hours later) – I was a little more sensibile, but found to my cost that my 4 season old (beloved) boots were both leaking and I soaked up water to ankle level, and then from head downwards – twas pretty much the effect of just standing under a shower!

There was still a little room left when we packed the box, and so I swooped off to the Craft Cabin and made a small journal with my bind it all – now, I’ve had the BIA pretty much since it came out, and am only just getting around to using it, and actually had great difficulty with the binding side of things, but with a little help from the Rubbah Elf, that was also soon accomplished …. I do, however (and surprisingly to a lot of people probably) remain uncertain at the BIA, I am not sure if it is too much trouble in the long run ….. I expect though that if I give it more of a chance it could probably become one of my favourite tools, there again, may be just a good old fashioned office binding maching might work just as well – I shall have to try out chipboard in the one at work.

I forgot to take piccies (and I apologise, my blog is picture short recently) of the little notebook we put in the box, if I have time in the morning I will go at taking a picture of it – hopefully, it won’t be like the videos I did the other day, where Toodles had taken the memory card out of the camera.

Happy Crafting Chicas



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