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Merry Christmas Everyone

and a happy and prosperous New Year ahead.

I hope that Santa brought you lots of lovely goodies…. I know that I got such a lovey pile of crafting goodies – plus my Logitech Webcam for me videos in the coming year.  So much easier to show you all in an ad hoc fashion what I am up to than trying to remember to photograph/or not as the case may be, with all the pfaffing around that that takes.

I am going to try and do a quick haul from this morning as soon as the Rubbah Techno Elf has loaded up the software for me.

Don’t forget that the I Want It All Draw will take place over at Toodles and Binks Blog on 31st December when one lucky person that has commented/taken part in blog candy drawings in 2009 will win all of the current Toodles and Binks Stamps, plus Zoomz, Embossing Powder, some Buck Naked Chipboard and ribbons to kick start their 2010 crafting.  So if you haven’t left a comment make sure that you leave one before end of 31st December 2009 to get added into the draw.  Why not become a follower over their as well, because there is some really good stuff coming in 2010.

Lots of Christmas Hugs.


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Not much time, still playing catch up, blog candy on offer ….

is on offer over at Toodles and Binks Blog, get over and link up, as it’s been a long time since they had any.



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Toodles & Binks – New Release ** BLOG CANDY **

I forgot to tell you all yesterday, Toodles and Binks have got some truly cute and scrummy stamps coming out (they are on pre-release currently, but the images haven’t been added yet), which have been designed by the uber lovely and talented Sally-Ann Hancock from Grab a Doodle Do.

As usual to launch the release, there is blog candy up for grabs over on their blog ….. all you have to do a post on your blog, and then add the permalink to their Mr Linky list whilst leaving a comment about what you think the name might be for the new range  ….. even if you don’t win this time you will be added into the “I Want it All” draw on 31st December, which includes all of the 2008 and 2009 released T&B stamps, Zoomz, all of the Embossing Powders they SG-Me! do, and will also grow depending on the amount of interest that is show in the draw – you have to be in it to win it, and the prize is getting bigger all the time!

I will be back in a bit to post a quick card that I have been meaning to post for a few days, I then need to do at least a small amount of hoovering, as I have one of my UK STamper buddies coming over for a play date this afternoon – laters….

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Easter Treat for the Rubbah Elf



Guy doesn’t eat that much choccie, but he does love Fruit and Nut ……so I whilst he is out strimming some of the wilder areas in the garden, I knocked this up for him for Sunday.


Hopefully, I will get back later on to post some more, as I have another similar project to complete for my Mum 0- Ijust need to make Fish Pie for this evening and the strimming Elf a cuppa Java first ……… o0hhhh, and perhaps get dressed!


If you get a chance hop over to Toodles & Binks Blog as there are a few clues showing up here and there for some new releases (I’ve seen them, and they are so completely gorgeous) play along over the coming days by keeping a note of the changes that are being made to the blog and over at Stamp Galaxy,  and you could be in to win some blog candy, and also get added into the “Win it all” draw on 31st December 2009 when some lucky blog reader who has contributed in some way will stand to win all of the T&B stamps, zoomz and a whole lot more.

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More Toodles and Binks Blog Candy

to celebrate their new blog, which has moved over to:

All you need to do is to post on your blog, and then fill in the Mr Linky Widget of the T&B blog with the permalink to that post, and then leave a comment about your most recent craft purchase – simple.

they are giving away an Adam (RRP-007), Zoomz and one of the lovely new Stampendous Thin stamp storage files.

So hop over to the blog and take part, even if you are not successful it will mean that you’ll be entered into the “I want it all” draw on 31st December where you stand the chance of winning the whole of the T&B range issued by that date – you have to be in it to win it as the saying goes!

I have just moved all but one of the T&B stamps into one of Stampendous Thin units this morning, and I will still have room for some more small things in there.  T&B have a video demonstration of the blog of this product, and it is fabbilicious.

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If you had a choice would it be a Cuttlebug or Big Shot?

I’ve just been having this debate with my friend Kit ….. now if you had to make a decision which one would it be …. please vote to let her know…. and also leave a comment about your choice, or if you have one or the other, why you like it.

There might be a bit of random blog candy!


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Help me out (Blog Candy)

yesterday, as I was surfing I found a fabulous photo tutorial for tieing ribbon around a card …… only problem is that I can’t now remember where the deuce I saw it (pretty certain it was a UK blog, but then I can’t be certain).  It involved wrapping the ribbon around the card, and making two small holes underneath it to then bring round and tie in a boe/knot.

So the first person to point me in the right direction can have the choice of a Toodles & Binks stamp.  I am pretty certain some wonderfully blogger can help.



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Blog Candy on Toodles & Binks Blog

and all you need to do to stand a chance of winning, is to tell them what you want, what you really, really want to see in the way of new designs ……….. easy, peasy, lemon squizee!

Check out the post here.


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They are spreading the love over at UK STampers Cyber blog

go check it out, and join in – you might win some blog candy.


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and another Blog Candy Bag


but I guess it’s because it’s near Christmas you are all too busy to comment…….so, it won’t be hard to decide who get the blog candy bags!

Soz about the awful images (especially the messy background), but at this time of year light levels in the evening are really not the best.

Anyhoo, that’s two of them ready to go to new homes now.

After picking Lydia up after school, we dashed off to Tonbridge and got caught in the heaviest rain I’ve seen for many a long year…..I still feel cold and clammy even a few hours later from it – seriously, we looked like drowned rats after running the 200 yards to the shop.

Still we did manage to get Rob’s Christmas present, and I now only have Guy and a few sundries to get……….phew, nearly there.

Guy has let slip that he placed a nice order of Magnolia’s for my birthday on Tuesday, but that he is worried that they haven’t come yet (ordered on 13th November apparently).  I’m waiting for an order from them too, but I placed mine around the 18th – fingers crossed they turn up before Tuesday.

No rowing for me tonight, especially after soaking earlier, I’m off to cuddle up in bed and watch a bit of TV instead – bad girl.

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