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Okay, okay, I am officially bored …..

it’s taking flippin ages to move all the stuff over to Operation Craft – and Guy has been questioning just how much stuff do I need?

Nearly there now, at least I can see the floor in a couple of places in the house, and it is all fitting together nicely in the Studio.

We’ve also been desparately trying to get the bedroom finished, and after a long day yesterday and again today, we actually have our room back on some order ….. all nicey clean and tidy….. I most certainly did not want to go away to Devon and come back to it in the post-decoration state it was.

Rob has also been really useful today, and has not only cleaned his bathroom, but also his bedroom, the landing, stairs and hall – not sure why so much activity as he’s staying at home – anyhoo it was fab to see him actually do some cleaning (think it might be down to his lovely girlfriend!).

Parental Control is away for a few days, but will be back before we go away on hols, I have to admit to not even knowing where she’s gone, but I suspect it’s to another aged rellie.

We’ve had some lovely stock in, but I really am not sure if I can get it in the store before we go – but look out for Martha Stewart border punches girls!


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Looking forward to crafting in the cabin

but ’tis taking flipping ages to get moved in.  I have lost count of the number of boxes I’ve packed up (not even gone through, just packed) and moved over there.  Today has been cardstock and stamps, but  I’m officially cream crakered now and am treating myself to a rest.

I have actually started a bit of art work out there …. but, kept having to venture in to get odds and ends, and not all of the surfaces are up and running yet.

Meanwhile, Guy is manfully painting the bedroom …. which is nearly done now, just the 2 top coats left – much to his disgust we are off to Ikea in the morning to pick up Expedit units, roman blinds, and a whole host of other bits that I am currently now aware I need, but will come away with none the less!!

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Cabin Fever


he workmen have worked really hard today, and my cabin is up, and ready for Guy to paint and fit out.  I feel rather excited now, and can’t wait to get my hands on it.



Twill look mega lovely painted in Country Cream with blinds at the windows, table and chairs outside for coffee and some pretty planters.




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Cabin Coundown …

Well, it seems that I can only manage blogging at the weekend at the moment – damn the credit crunch!


Hopefully though this week I will make a little more effort.  Tis an exciting week for me, as I am on Cabin Countdown ….. with my new studio being put up this week (apparently it will take them 2 days).

Apart from packing loads of orders, I have made an effort this morning to start going through my stuff – and believe me there is a lot of it – so that I can start moving it out there as soon as they are done.  I’m mega excited about the prospect of having a stuido which nobody else will have access to, and all of my things out and about in plain view….. ahhhh and my beloved drawing board back in use again.

Over the years I have gone from all my crafty bits in a small box, progressing through larger boxes, then a dedicated room that I shared with the children, then a different configuaration of the room, to moving down to the family room, and now they have got so fed up with me I am being thrown out (hah, the joke is on them I can’t wait to be away from them!) into my own purpose built studio – they only thing it will be lacking is water, but one day even that perhaps will be possible.

I’ve b een planning the various zones, and will need to make an Ikea run to get the storage organised.  I think I will go for the small Expedite units with kitchen worktops over the top of them. 

I have already seen a smashing orange pattern swivel bucket chair there, and some great baskets and jars.  I  must admit that I have had to wait a long time for the cabin, so haven’t let myself get too excited, but it’s beginning to build a bit now.

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I likey PSE 7

I have found I can do stuff with it, this is my second attempt.



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Too hot for very much

and so I thought I would have a play on my own with Photoshop Elements 7, as I work with v.3, you can image that it’s very, very different, and it has taken a bit of getting ised to. 


I fiddled around with layers, textures, gradient, cookie cutters etc., and made a background paper …. which whilst not wonderful is a start to learnign it (I see to be a hands on type learner first and then read up later when Iget a bit more confidence).

Just managed to get a copy of Craft Stamper this afternoon, and Toodles & Binks are featured in there – yippee!!

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