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Spring Clean at the Galaxy

with the nice weather almost here, and a new trading year for us at the Galaxy, we decided that Black was not back………. and have opted for a nice clear white background ……… and I’m sure if you look you will see that we’ve tweaked the Toodles & Binks prices for better over there too.

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Amelie Bunnykins (RRP-011) Necklace for Toodles


just a little quick altered art piece for my Toodles to wear at Easter.

I need to take another picture as this closeup looks grainey – when in actuall fact because I used Chiaro Flo EP is is smooth as glass, and the others I have just discarded were out of focus.  I might have to put the might of the Technical Rubbah Elf to work to get a good closeup.

  • Anyway, stamp Amelie on the bear piece of stampboard, and then stamp the same image on a piece of Frisket masking tape and cut out the masking tape image.
  • Place the mask over the top of Amelie and run the Marvy Blox (with the lightest green towards the middle down one side, and then turn it around so the lightest green meets it on the other side). 
  • Wait until this dries – I am officially rubbish about that bit – take the mask of Miss Bunnykins and colour her in with colouring pencils.
  • Use stampboard scrathy thingy to scrape the surpace of her tail and colour with white.
  • Colour Amelie with pencils and then smooth out with Zest it – I couldn’t find my blending stumps so just used the white pencil that came in the set – it worked a treat.
  • Colour her tail with white pencile and then white gel pen.
  • Add further white gel pen highlights etc.
  • Place a piece of Frisket over the bottom of the stampboard.  It stops it picking up too much stray EP as you do multi-layers on the front.
  • One the gel pen has dried, completely cover the front with Versamark ink and sprinkle on a good portion of Chiaro Flo EP.
  • Heat and repeat to get several layers – I think I did 4.
  • Add versamark to edges of piece one by one, and then lay each edge in turn in the Spearmint Pearlised EP – I did two layers.
  • Take off the Frisket from the bottom and do several thin coats of the Spearmint, and then a really thick coat to get the pitted look (or smooth if you are a smooth kinda gal).
  • Re-heat the top of the piece and carefully sprinkle in pieces of the Spearmint EP around the top and edges.  Keep sprinkling and heating until you get the desired look – remember you can always add, but taking away is not an option using this method!
  • Give it a quick blast all over to ensure that it is all smooth.
  • Punch a hole – actually, probably a good idea to punch before you have the final layer of EP on the front as I had to repair the damage.

Voila as they say ……….. and Toodles is delighted with it.  I just need to either string some beads or do a leather thong rather than the velvet ribbon – or at the very least put a jump ring on and then re-thread with the ribbon.


I can’t wait to play with Chickadee now, and I have some fabbie new designs that will be released very soon to work on too.

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A Copic Girlies Dream of a Blog

just check out Sherrie – Cardcreme’s blog – I am off to grab a glass of something sparkling and cold, and some choccies, and will have a lovely nose around.

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Copic Colour Challenge #5 – pictorial inspiration


I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge, although I am probably right up to the wire with getting an entry in.



I used the colours and strips as inspiration, and working on the principle if it an’t broke don’t fix it, used the same kind of layout as last week with a Z foldback card, and two stripes of paper down the lefthand side (I can do other types of design honest!).

Stamps:  SU set (retired) and copics many and varied colours, which formed a large mound on my desk:  E00; RV34; G99; G09; E31; C1; N3; YR07; YR24; B23; G28; R29; YG95; Y38; G21; Y21; R27; YG03; E57 – honestly, that list makes me look like a right spoilt cow, but really much the same effect can be achieved with less colours/shades.



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SU Flowersoft image from the other day



sorry, I meant to post this on Sunday and never found the time.  This is just the image from my Mum’s card, which was coloured with COPICS and then flowersoft added.

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Ohh my golly gosh I love flowersoft

it’s passed me by until today, when I bought a couple of pots of it, the Summer colour and a Pale Green one.

I used it earlier on a SU stamp that had flowers in the foreground, and it really makes them stand out.  I will post a picture of the card later on today …… currently, up and blurfing as for some unknown reason, and despite the fact that I am bone tired, I cannot sleep …. it’s amazing just how much catching up with all the wonderfulness on line can make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Talking of Flowersoft, a friend also told me about some wonderfullness that is due to arrive in their shop very shortly, and it sort of a velvet flocking, which when heated with a heat gun puffs up, and looks velvety.  Apparently, it comes in some yummy colours too, so I can’t wait to get my paws on that.

I induldged in a bit more retail therapy today, also got myself  Heart Nesties and Pinked Edge Circle Nesties – I have to admit that I don’t think I will be entirely happy until I have all of them, but feel that I slip further and further behind all the time, what with all the lovely new releases from Spellbinders that keep coming out – I mean, have you seen the yummy frameabilities that were released at CHA – I have to have them!


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My entry for Copics Colour Challenge # 4



I didn’t have the Yellow that was requested in the challenge, so I used the closest that I had to it……..

  • Y17 – Golden Yellow
  • V06 – Lavender
  • BG13 – Mint Green

and then added to that:

  • YE31 – Brick Beige
  • YR14 – Caramel
  • E41 Pearl White
  • C1 – Cool Grey 1
  • Sakura Silver Gelly roll for centre flowers and Crystal Art Inst Glitter with Sakura Quickie Glue Pen

I wanted to go sublte for this one, so I coloured the centres of the flowers with the Mint Green, and then did one pass of the yellow on the petals, added spots of violet to the petals, and went over again with yellow to blend it together ….. I had some of the beautiful mottled pansies in mind that are in our garden at the moment.  Then I went over the leaves and stalks with mint green, and filled in the centre with the peal white.  As usual all around the outside with cool grey 1.  The ribbon was coloured in the violet. 

I first of all just coloured the centres with the silver sakura gelly roll, but it was a bit flat, so in the end I used my fail safe of white PM pearls here and there and coloured then with the mint green – just having plain pearls and colouring always means I can co-ordinate (it works on ribbon too), and just then used the Quickie Glue pen on the few remaining centres and the ribbon on the pot – it gives gives a bit more texture.

The card blank is a tiny one from SU (I got lots of them in a goodie bag last year), and so this has given me an idea, I’m going to start doing more cards this size and then bundle them up as gifts packs in holders for Xmas.  The stamp set is SU Garden Playtime, and I’ve had it probably since last summer (bought it from Caz), and never used it.

I thought I had quite a few colours, but it’s clear that I am going to need more to keep up, and Stamp Galaxy/Toodles and Binks have been thinking about becoming Copic Distributors, so would anyone be interested in pre-ordering sets or single colours if we did?

PS:  Uggghh, I’ve just realised that the cardstock looks really blue in the picture, when it’s actually a bright peakcock green colour.


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Copics Colour Challenge #4



check out the challenge …… still a few days left to take part, and I am just thinking about doing my one.

Toodles and Binks will be sponsoring the challenge on there shortly, so watch out for that.

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My Scrummy New Printer – Kodak EPS5

kodak-esp5is now up and running …. unfortunately, we couldn’t get our hands on a Kodak one that was wireless, but it is bluetooth if Guy gets the right donglethingymajig for it, but it’s not that bad, we have it upstairs to stop running up and down, and having to have the main PC on downstairs to go and print with.

It really does live up to all my expectations, as it really is lab quality printing, and the artwork looks lovely and glossy.

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Copic Challenge #3


here’s my entry for the new Copic Challenge blog, which this time was a sketch and then any choice of Copic colour.

I really enjoyed the challenge, but worked the three squares across the bottom slightly differently, by doing a fold back card, so that one of the squares is on the bottom layer.

  • Stamps:  SU Unfrogettable Set (retired)
  • Milky White Shrink Plastic
  • Horrendously expensive colouring pencils
  • Staz on
  • Cuttlebug
  • Classic Scallop Recetangles Large)
  • Copics:  E31 Brick Beige; YR09 Cadmium Orange; R02 Flesh; E41 Pearl White; YG03 Yellow Green; C1
  • Sakura Gellyroll



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