Soapy Notes


Downloaded Soapmaker program, with 30 day trial. Not even used it yet, but I feel happier with it than the bloody soapcalc.


Various, rambling and vague notes on soap making, just things that I’m jotting down (and have nowhere else to put at the moment). This really may be of only passing interest to any of the other CP/HP nuts out there.

Coconut Oil – Cocos nucifera
Olive oil – Olea europea
Sweet almond oil – Prunus amygdalus
Caustic Soda – Sodium hydroxide
Water – Aqua
Beeswax – Cera alba) I’m guessing with “alba” that’s white
Parfam – Perfume

Preservatives: BHT, tetrasodium EDTA

Pigments: CI 47005, CI 17200:1

Our soaps are handmade by cold process so they retain all the good moisterurising properties of the glycerine, will last for ages, and feel great on your skin.

Not tested on animals, but tested on teenagers

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