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Hold the phone – actual crafting!!!!!


yep, but only just a quickie knocked up the other day for my mate Denise using the Unforgettable set by SU.


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Playing with art brushes


this morning, it’s all quiet in the house and I can’t sleep, so more playing with art brushes and vector shapes in AI.

This seems like a pretty easy shape to draw, but actually takes a bit of skill with the pen tool, expanding, outlining and filling strokes – also getting used to how things translate visually from my head.

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Cupcake drawing


I’ve been playing again and trying to get the hang of the blob brush tool – next time I’ll use a finer stroke for it – probably this would make a good illustrator cry but ….. baby steps….baby steps with this program … especially as I am also trying to get the hang of a tablet as well (mostly lounging in bed!).

This week at the Kingdom of Blah has been totally pants …… yesterday, 20 0f my colleagues (all friends as we have been there a long time together) in the office were made redundant, and about another 30 odd around the UK.  That will then leave me as the only girly in an office totalling 5 – doesn’t take a genius to work out we won’t be long either!

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mmm, that’s interesting/annoying

I exported it to a jpeg and re-sized it in Jasc PSP, and it’s fuzzy.  Not sure if this is because it’s going from Adobe to Jasc (possibly not though).

2009-01-16-craftingawardSo had a go at exporting to a png file…… which is a vast improvement.  I wish now that I’d put drop shadown on the wording, but that was before I taught myself how to do it!  Also, some of the stars have drop shadow, and it was before I realised that there was a slider option to vary opacity and point – duhhhh!

If anybody knows how to lock the background layer to stop it moving around, please can they tell me – it would save me loads of time.

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Just something I’ve been working on for Toodles & Binks

2009-01-16-craftingawardit’s my very first try at something like this, especially something quite as ambitious as it turned out to be.  It’s not perfect, but considering I only started using Illistrator 3 or so weeks ago, I am quite proud of myself.

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A lovely new blog to mooch around ……..

and for anybody who loves COPICs, it’s a great find. 

Check out Melanie’s blog.


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My pink filled version


look away now ….. more hearts and flowers, just to prove I could do one filled in!


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Just played around with the folk heart image ….



and made a flower – I am beginning to love this program!

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Sorry, I will be very, very boring in the short term

because part of having a blog is record various projects/aspects of my life, as I have a terrible memory. So please bear with me if you see lots of posts of hearts, etc., whilst I keep a record (cure the OCD) of how I’m getting on with learing!

2009-01-10-folkheart2This is the folkheart with amendments.

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Whooohooo CS Illustrator 4 is in da house

only problem was that Guy did some updates to the network, and we lost all internet connection – so he didn’t have time to install it for me.

2009-01-10-folkheart1So, I’m still working with the trial program ……. refining my ability to draw a heart without referring to my notes, and also vary its appearance.

This is the latest offering, which I actually quite like, and will turn into a brush I think.  I’d just like to make it look a bit more worn/distressed on the blob bits.

Talking of drawing, Gen has just sent me a new design, and I really love it, can’t wait to get my hands on the final copy, and there are also some other fab sentiments on the way!

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