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Wooohhoooooooo I don’t know, but I’ve been told

2009-10-27-atga Scotch ATG gun is worth a pot of  gold …. well, that might be a bit of an exageration, but they are apparently a lovely bit of kit!

Mine arrived today from Gill at the Scrapbook Shop, along with some other purchases ….. and I can’t wait to try it out.  I must be a visual learner (the written instructions were less than helpful – actually might as well have been written in an alien language), as I had to resort to a Youtube vid to be able to load it up with the tape …. rather than wait for the Rubbah Elf to get home and tut at me for being pathetic!  Still, it’s installed an I am raring to go with it.

Poor Toodles has flu, so I have been running around with her most of the morning, but she is now bathed with lovely clean hair (makes all the difference I think when you are poorly), and perked up enough to have a go on the computer in the other room.  Fingers crossed then, and I could get out to the Craft Cabin later on for a play with it.  I also got a lovely Sizzix Top Note shape die and some pieces of chipboard (boring, but completely necessary for mini album covers).

Actually, talking of chipboard, I also placed an order with Tando this morning for some of their scrummy chipboard, and that should be in store soon.  The Ivy flourishes will work a treat with the new T&B release (coming soon, I know I’ve been saying that for ever, but this release has been a long time in the pulling togehter through one thing an another).

Happy Crafting




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I’ve got a little list ….. and it’s getting a bit bigger every day ….

another day nearer the NEC with Zoe, and my excitement is growing.  I have a little list, and it’s getting bigger every day.  So far it has on it:

  • Paper Bags for mini albums
  • Normal and black chipboard for mini albums
  • Sir Tim Swivel Clips
  • Sir Tim Hitch Fastenners
  • Charms
  • Distress Embossing Pad
  • Glimmer Mists in Lemon Meringue, Creme de Chocoloate and old lace
  • Cosmic Shimmer pigments, not sure what colours
  • journal blocks of some kind from 7G
  • Pinflair Gel glue
  • ATG gun and tape

To the un-trained eye pretty boring, but to a crafter ………. ahhhhh heaven!

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Treats for me



lovely treats for me …… yummy Ipod Touch. As I’m being thrown out of the house shortly (resist the temptation to feel sorry for me, as it’s only into my own crafting cabin in the garden) t’internet won’t be working that far away, and so I have had to put some tune ability into place, as I cannot work in silence – I need tunes, Richardson podcasts and recently The Archers!

I took the opportunity at Bluewater yesterday to pop into the Apple Store to buy one.  Surprisingly enough I have never been in there before, and it was all a bit bewildering – luckily though, Toodles was with me to steer me through it.  I just went for an 8 Gig, as realistically I don’t own (or likely to own) that many songs, but I have to admit that once on the journey home I then started to panic that this was the wrong choice ….. would I suddenly have a rush of music buying, and need more space?  I need re-assurance!!

The choice of cover was more difficult, purple would have been main colour of choice, but none was to be had; pink is lovely but not really me, so I left the choice to Toodles and she decided on Paul Frank money, and I went for this one:


If not purple, then I seen to be drawn to citrus colours, with organge just below lime green on the list of favourites … am I odd?  Actually, no need to answer that, I know that I am.  There mere fact that I am now listening to the Archers seems to confirm it for Guy! 


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Toodles & Binks **Special Offer**

for a limited time Toodles & Binks have got a 3 stamp bundle offer on, which is £11.00 for your choice of any three stamps in the current range, and if one of those happens to be Toodles & Binks Skate they will add in the Figures of 8 quotation stamp as well.  Check it out here.

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Blimey …. that was quick



I only ordered it from Craftsulove yesterday, and my smashing brown and soft pink spotty Macinac Tote arrived this morning.

I had a tidy up on my desk, and then unloaded all the COPICS I possess into it – plenty of room for more of their mates too!


I just have one quick giftcard holder to make, and then I must go and get ready – we’re off to the local pub for a night out with friends (it’s Jam Night, and always good fun.)


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…… and now I have those elusive bits

at least I will have in the next few days. Thanks to my stash emergency email to Caz, I managed to find not only the Momento Dye Ink in, but also the coveted Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder. Thanks hun, you always come up with the goods!

In fact, I also got the Rich Cocoa Momento as well as the Tuxedo Black from them, Charmed Crafts.  I can’t wait to try them out.  The Palette Noir works quite well, but the only bugbear I have with it, is the fact that like most Palette ink pads it tends to be on the dry side.  I’m a juicy kinda gal, if you know what I mean!

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Look what I got, and it’s just as yummy in real life


as I have imagined it in my fluffy brain – a scrummy Tim Holtz stamp file.  I popped over to Scrapbook Sisters yesterday, and as it looked lonely on the shelf by itself I had to bring it down.  They had lots more, but sold out really quickly.

The only tiny bit of disappointment is that it doesn’t have a handle on the spine, but truthfully most of the time that won’t matter one jot.  It came with 5 of the stamp storage sheets inside, but a got an extra pack.  As this particicular beauty is being used for my Toodles & Binks stamps, and no others will be allowed to creep in.

The way I justified it to myself was that I can’t tout the T&B wares around retail shops without something smart to show them off now can I?

I also picked up some lovely pearls, a cuttlebug embossing folder (disappointingly not the Swiss Dots one that I covet), some Bazzill Just the Edge Cardtock Strips in bright yellow, a small 7g’s tag book, and a large acrylic Tag Book book, oh and a Papercrafts mag from the States.  I really just went looking for Momento ink, but you know what it’s like!

I shall have to order the Momento on line and also get myself that Swiss Dots embossing folders – for that I can blame Adele, she uses hers to such effect, that I want one.

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