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vBlog #9 – Nestie Storage

I promised a long time ago now to show somebody how I stored my Nesties, so now I have moved up to my “Winter” Studio, and settled everything in, I did a quick UStream broadcast.

I am Kay ….. watch me ranble …………

I have a Spider’s Webb flower technique that I need to get down next – fingers crossed I am on a roll!

Actually, I will probably turn on the UStream most evenings, so please feel free to pop over and watch me pfaff around in real time here.


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#v7 – Name Plate from Cereal Box

Just uploaded a quick vid on UStream, unfortunately PC upstairs has gone wrong and UStream is not co-operating with youtube, so I can’t upload it on there.

You can check it out here:

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vBlog #4 – Library Pocket Tutorial

I managed to get a quick video tutorial done this evening over on UStream (can’t upload to YouTube at the moment as they are doing maintenace work on the transfer facility).

I used Sid Silvertrail from Toodles and Binks and Copic Markers  – the full ingredients can be found over on the Toodles and Binks Blog .

Call me fickle, but I am getting a bit annoyed that I can’t seem to upload video on wordpress, and now that blogger seems to have resolved the annoying paragraph issue, I am thinking I might defect back to my blogger blog …. I will sleep on it for a bit though.



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Library Pocket Tutorial

Hi all,

Earlier today I streamed live from the kitchen table on UStream, and made a library pocket.

As I had really told very few people I was planning to do it (in case I messed up – which I did quite a few times!) I decided I would record a tutorial for it tomorrow morning, and then do a live stream at 5 pm tomorrow again live from the kitchen table.

You can find the link etc. in the post below, but here’s a quick intro.

All you need to do is register log onto and search for “toodlesandbinks” and then watch away live, you can become a follower and I will schedule other live from the kitchen table streams over the coming weeks…’ll have to bear with me whilst I get the hang of operating the software, camera and talk and co-ordinate my usually non co-ordinated person around the whole thing….. still it should be a laugh and you could chat to me as well (if for no other reason than to laugh at me running in ever decreasing circles trying to cope with it all!!!


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My Christmas Goodies Video

I had a quick try the other day using my new Logitech webcam and Ustream.  So here is a quick video of my Xmas Goodies.

I am just about to pop into my workshop to collect some bits and bobs and will then hopefully Ustream live at about 5.00 pm for half an hour or so if you’d like to join me at the Kitchen Table.


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