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vBlog #4 – Library Pocket Tutorial

I managed to get a quick video tutorial done this evening over on UStream (can’t upload to YouTube at the moment as they are doing maintenace work on the transfer facility).

I used Sid Silvertrail from Toodles and Binks and Copic Markers  – the full ingredients can be found over on the Toodles and Binks Blog .

Call me fickle, but I am getting a bit annoyed that I can’t seem to upload video on wordpress, and now that blogger seems to have resolved the annoying paragraph issue, I am thinking I might defect back to my blogger blog …. I will sleep on it for a bit though.



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Yay – rush over to Oyster Stamps



I just picked my my Scor-pal matt, they arrived the other day ……. I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on this since November I think, and I now have one slotted all safe and sound and slotted into my Scor=pal – it won’t stay nice and clean like that for long though.

BTW, Oyster Stamps will be taking Toodles and Binks with them to the Sincerely Yours Papercraft Extravaganza Show at Hinkley in Leicestershire tomorrow, so if you are near go and say hello to them.

I will be demonstrating at the Sincerely Yours Show at Biggin Hill in Kent on 1st March ….. and hopefully some of you will be able to come to that.  The only tiny detail I will have to address before then is not using my beloved COPIC markers, as nobody at the show sells them – so if SU are going to go (they did last time) I will use SU Markers or watercolours perhaps.

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I’m sorry, what for what is about to follow………..


I’ve just broken my Making Memories Paper Trimmer – to cut a long story short I had a bit of glue drop stuck under the plastic guide thingy, and I lifted it my, was a little too heavy handed and it wouldn’t go back down again………so I tried to take out the guide and place it back in, and trying to do this I broke off the bottom bit that fits round the luggy thing………………….. BUM, BUM, BUM……………………..

Clearly, after that outburst I am now on the naughty list, and Santa clearly won’t be slipping a sable under or anything else under my tree for having such a potty mouth, but I say again, BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM FRIGGIN BUGGER BUM……….. I L-O-V-E my trimmer, it’s less than a year old – now what can I do?  Can you new ones anywhere?


Anyway, made another giftcard holder last night, slightly wider 3.5″, but the same formula.  Crappie picture, I am too upset to cut and crop it, I’m off to sulk.

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Money Holders (thanks to Kit)



My friend Kit sent me a lovely tutorial for a money holder, and I quickly made to (not quite the same as hers – as I am rubbish it seems at following exact instructions!), this evening for the two of our Godchildren.

Check out her blog for the tutorial, and also just below it are some fabulous Toodles & Binks projects, that I haven’t had time to upload yet.

I still have tons of wrapping, gift boxes and the main food shopping to do, I ticked a bit off today, but can’t get up much enthusiasm…… that is apart from a bit of Retail Therapy…… I bought a nice small tote for my COPIC markers on line.  My COPIC folders are now completely full up,  and I have some markers kicking around on the desk, so I needed something more – especially as I think I may have more colours coming on Christmas Day. 

The tote is a yummy chocolate brown with soft pink dots – and the markers will sit just below the top of it, and as it has dividers they shouldn’t fall all over the place – it can then (with a bit of tidying and re-gigging) sit on my desk.  I can then use the COPIC folders for travelling.

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Joel (08-10-RRP-002) – Kay (UK DT)




It’s …………….. another box ……………….. about 7″, so the cardstock would have been 9″ wide by by 12″ long I think and scored at 1″ either side of the centre from memory – should write this stuff down!

It’s amazing just how many markers I use when I colour too, but in truth you could use far less than this and darken as you go.


One more box and a card to do now.  No goat has been found, so I will have to think of something else – I’m thinking image transfer from the picture of the blessed creature from the Oxfam site onto a piece of stampboard at the mo.


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Adam … you’re so tweet (RRP-007)


I need to use this stamp, but had to come up with some kind of festive twist with it.



Actually, I’ve moved things on again since taking this, and have made a rectangular box to place a goat in (yes, a goat ….. well, a cyber goat anyway from Oxfam) – I thought I’d put a little label that says “care:  contents contain nuts” on it too.  I am currently in the process of cutting out a massive amount of Limeade Snowflakes and circle middles to go all around the edge.  As well as the cyber goat there will be an Adam stamp (mounted on kling) and some liquer choccies.


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I’m addicted to mini pizza……….


well the mini pizza boxes to be fair – I’m not secretly stuffing mini pizza (even though I’m a grade A chubby bird ‘cos I am not definitely not rowing at the moment)!

After seeing all the fabulous things created by Kit, of the Toodles & Binks DT members’, I got the urge to get myself a Scor-pal.  I’ve also ordred the cutting mat that sits right on top of it, but they didn’t actually have any in stock, oh and got some of the Scor Tape (that fabulously strong).

Sigh, I know I’m addicted to tools, and already have a Score-it, but I have to say that the Scor-pal is truly an impressive bit of kit. I can’t think why I didn’t get one before, I really can’t.


Not the most marvellous stamping/embellishing I’ve done to date, but Lydia’s friend Henry came over yesterday evening, with his Mum in toe, as she wanted me to show her how to stamp, and these were some of the dry runs, so I had a project to do with her.

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