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wooo hoooo……….doing a happy dance…..

just managed to get some lovely/great position tickets for the opening night of Fat Pig – it’s not often I get tempted up to the big smoke from deepest, darkest and rural Kent – but couldn’t resist it.

Just need to get one of my friends to pick Toodles up from School, so that Mum and I can go for a pre-show supper, or if I can get booked Tea at the Ritz.

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ohhh, that bloke from Peep Show

is treading the boards at the Trafalgar Studio in London from 16th May to 6th September 2008.

Don’t suppose there is a cat in hell’s chance of opening night tickets, but I’m going to give it a bloomin good go.

For all my lovely non-UK readers, Rob Webb is the chap at bottom left – he’s David Mitchell’s writing/performing partner (the pair write and perform The Mitchell and Webb Look).  They are the leads in probably the best cult show around that has ever, ever, ever been made called Peep Show.

This is especially good news, as although equally as talented (well, to be fair in my view probably a 60/40 split in David’s favour) as the adored Mr Mitchell, he doesn’t seem to do as much independent stuff – there again he usually manges to get his kit off when he does……..oh dear, I’m now blocking out naughty thoughts about the possibility of David doing that, but sadly unlikely to happen I fear!

I quite like the other chap (but apologies, I don’t know his name off hand), who’s in another UK comedy called “My Family” and oddly the British Telecom ads.

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Sweet Nellie Tag

Sugar with Hat

I’m well down the list of tags I need to make, but still have plenty more to do yet.  This year’s theme is pretty much Sugar Nellie tags I think.


  • Stamp: Sugar Nellie 0701
  • Sage Dark Prism cardstock
  • White Bazzill cardstock
  • Papershaper concave punch
  • Chiaro Zoomz
  • “Alyssa” Prima Crazy Daisy
  • Palette Noir Ink
  • COPICs:  Skin White (E00); Blush (R20); Cool Gray (C1); Warm Grey (WG5); Caramel (YR14); Mallow (v15); Lime Green (G21); Pale Olive (YG95)
  • Scrapworks rubons in pale green
  • Lovely new Woodware Fingerguard Punch with Victorian Blade fitted
  • Ribbon in Bright Green (SG-me! spring release) and variaged pink ribbon

How to:

  1. Stamp out the Nellie image using Palette Noir, and colour in with COPICs.
  2. Cut out using Victorian blade, and concave punch the corners.
  3. Add “merry” and “xmas” either side of the image.
  4. Matt this on Dark Sage cardstock, and punch a corner in the upper lefthand side.  Thread and tie ribbon in a bow.
  5. Place green and lilac Crazy Daisies on bottom righthand side, with a Chiaro Zoomz in the centre.


Lovely surprise last night when Guy and I settled down to watch our usual Thursday late night entertainment, as the Richardson bloke appeared in some sketches on Comedy Shuffle (3:0 Jon) – fabbie.  Adam Buxton hosted it, and bearing in mind that there were some very odd acts on, he too did very well.

Dr Coke Cola (or whatever his name is) was also on.  He’s painfully thin and wears very little other than y-fronts and woolie scraft that looks like it’s been knitted by his Gran – very weird, but quite funny in an odd sort of way.

Another bit of comedy based news delighed me yesteday, Mitchell & Webb won awards for Peep Show, and the lovely Mr Mitchell also got best comdey actor – very well deserved!

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More me, me, me……….

‘cos I forgot to add in the last post………….that tomorrow should be a seriously good post day. Not only have I got these lovely chaps arriving (well the lovely David Mitchell and his mate to be more accurate) in the form of the newly released Bruiser DVD, and box set of Peep Show Series 1 to 3……….but also quite a bit of craft related bits and pieces.

I’m waiting for my Non-Seq’ Summer Garden sheet and the Moonlight Japanese Garden washes, there are more bits too, but I can’t remember what they are!

So this weekend………I might start off with a bit of craft based activity and pretty quickly move onto gratuitous David Mitchell watching………oh yeah……..only thing that would top that would be a bit of David Tennant thrown in.

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Got another Whispers today………

it’s the orange pad – and updated my wish list again – still a few to go I’m afraid.

I also managed to get some of the Papermania Latte cardstock – it was in a Natural Earth 8 x8 pack with a lovely chocolate and cream selection. I really wish that the latte came in it’s own pack though – it really is my favouite colour at the moment.

Lydia and I had our hair cut today, she’s love to go the hairdressers, but it’s more of a trial for me – having said that I’ve found a fabulous hairdressers in Tonbridge called Hair House, and the lovely Miss Sophie has done a great job. I’ve gone for a bob (my hair can’t cope with much else), but the back has been chopped in and is now quite short. It must be good, Guy’s just noticed!

No news on my Zutter Bind it All yet – how much long? Come to that the Cricut’s not here yet, but I was expecting that to be a bit longer.

By the way, thank you Beth for your lovely comment about the blog – very much appreciated.

I’m just sitting her grooving to Rocking with Suzi Q on listen again, and when that’s done I’m treating myself to a bit more Mitchell & Webb on Radio 4 listen again (goodness, those two are funny).

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Love that face

one of the Isles of Scilly pictures of Lydia – sporting her favourite Pirate Headscarf.

This is an on Scrapaholic kit, with the red and blue cardstock added from my stash. I’ve only the the bare bones so far. Since taking the picture I’ve added some Hero Arts Gem Stones on the L and a white hydrangea angel kisses, layered over a red daisy angel kisses.

The “o” “v” “e” were cut one of the cuttlebug vintage dies, and then the MM rub-ons added to the centres, and matted with the blue cardstock.I need some kind of heart decoration, for the bottom of the layout, and I have just been wondering if I should use the new Papermania stamp on shrink plastic.

No sign of my Zutter Bind It All yet – I spoke to the lady on Saturday to finalise what binding I wanted, and I’d hoped it would be here today. The Cricut’s are still on route from the States too, so I’m some fabbie equipment down – and not having much of a sense of humour about it currently. Especially, as I’ve had some distressing news afternoon – apparently middle age has struck, I verifocals – YES, OLD LADY GLASSES!

It’s lovely and quiet here, Guy’s away on business, Lydia is staying with her mate Charlie, and Rob is out for the evening…, I’m about to retire with a nice half bottle of Pino to drown my sorrows with an episode of Peep Show and a bit of Dr Who – mmmmmmmm, my two favourite Davids’

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Successful shopping trip this afternoon

Lydia and I both got an outfit for this wedding, and I also grabbed a few quick craft items.

I’d run so low on sticky tape and silicone glue, so now I have the stuff in abundance….and as you couldn’t guess, crafting shopping nearly always means more Whispers Dye Inks: Barn Brown and Whispers Pink to be precise.

I also got this really cute (and cheap) Papermania Stamp (PMA 1024) as I thought that it would be mucho useful for Clare’s CJ entry that requires wings, it might also come in handy for a wedding card.

Let me see, what else……….oh yes, three lovely new flat brushes for doing washes with Twinkling H2O’s – most of my brushes are way too wide to fit comfortably in the pots.

Also some box envelopes from Lakeland plastic…I did think that they could be used to kind of make a tiered wedding cake card, but now I’ve got them home they are too flat. Never mind, I saw exactly the right kind of boxes at the craft shop in Southborough, so will pop there and get two to make it. I’m thinking along the lines of the round Ellison Advert paper cake that I’ve seen in some of the mags recently.

We’ve had a takeway this evening, and enjoyed yet another fabulous Dr Who episode – damn, it’s the last one next week! Now I’m just tidying and getting ready to view two of my other favourite guys tonight, John Barrowman and David Mitchell on Would I Lie to you.

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I’m eagerly awaiting my Bind It All

which I ordered late on Thursday….fingers crossed it turns up today.

Last night was quite productive (apart from the terrible problems we are having with the main base unit in the office, so I’m blogging from the slow notebook), I managed to get one of the three CJ’s completed.

It was entitled Angels & Demons, and after a bit of a false start I really am quite pleased with it. It’s funny, you start off going in one direction, do a U-turn and voila!

I couldn’t sleep much, and so took advantage of the fact and got up at about 6 o’clock to craft and endulge in a bit of Mitchell & Webb on Radio 4’s listen again – they are so funny – it’s a great new series.

Whilst doing that, I’ve started on the 2nd CJ I need to get done…..actually, I’ve made quite good progress with the sign in tag drying and the background cardstock covered. I think I know which direction I’m going in with – fingers crossed I stay on track!

Obviously, with the base unit playing up again, I might not be able to post last night’s CJ piccies, but I will save them up for when the Technical Guy gets it all working again.

Ohhh, forgot, I had a huge spending sprey with English Paper Company for the Galaxy last night. There are some yummy papers coming, including the new Kim Marshall Xmas papers.

For anyone who hasn’t had experience of their lovely paper before, they are an English paper company, and it is all designed and manufactured over here from sustainable forests and in an Elemental Chlorine Free process thus limiting environmental pollution. All good, all acid free so wonderful for scrapbooking, and all really smashing designs.

In the order I’ve included some of the Men at Work range, not only are they lovely, but it includes a cricket paper – so refreshing to have papers tailored for British sports instead of baseball, etc.

I think my absolute favourite of all of the might just be the Christmast Shopping design from Kim’s Christmas range, but it’s also closely followed by Cupcakes from Fairy Fun – Lydia is going to love that range.

They should be in some time next week, and I’m sure you will all love them as much as I do. I have gone for 12 x 12’s, but also the border strips and a bigger rang of 6 x 6 packs, as they are just so marvellous for scrapbooking, cardmaking and altered arts (it’s save on wasting larger sheets I find).

Lydia and I are off shopping til we drop this morning, and then it’s back for a take away and Dr Who —- yay!

Have a good day.

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