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Been a bit crafty today

but, unfortunately, I haven’t quite finished….so no picture as yet.

I’ve been working on my blog candy winners little bag of goodies, and now have 2 of the 3 completed……… if you were wondering girls where your candy was, truly it is on its way.

It’s been another productive day, on the decorating front, and we now have a lot of the preparation done for No. 1 Son’s room.

Right, I off to row my little static boat, shower and prepare for the Prince of Ruffledom………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes David Tenant is back in “Learners” tonight. On a scale of 1 to 10………guess just how exicted I am!

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Love that face

one of the Isles of Scilly pictures of Lydia – sporting her favourite Pirate Headscarf.

This is an on Scrapaholic kit, with the red and blue cardstock added from my stash. I’ve only the the bare bones so far. Since taking the picture I’ve added some Hero Arts Gem Stones on the L and a white hydrangea angel kisses, layered over a red daisy angel kisses.

The “o” “v” “e” were cut one of the cuttlebug vintage dies, and then the MM rub-ons added to the centres, and matted with the blue cardstock.I need some kind of heart decoration, for the bottom of the layout, and I have just been wondering if I should use the new Papermania stamp on shrink plastic.

No sign of my Zutter Bind It All yet – I spoke to the lady on Saturday to finalise what binding I wanted, and I’d hoped it would be here today. The Cricut’s are still on route from the States too, so I’m some fabbie equipment down – and not having much of a sense of humour about it currently. Especially, as I’ve had some distressing news afternoon – apparently middle age has struck, I verifocals – YES, OLD LADY GLASSES!

It’s lovely and quiet here, Guy’s away on business, Lydia is staying with her mate Charlie, and Rob is out for the evening…, I’m about to retire with a nice half bottle of Pino to drown my sorrows with an episode of Peep Show and a bit of Dr Who – mmmmmmmm, my two favourite Davids’

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is finally being screened on BBC One on Sunday at 21.00 pm. I am in a frenzy of excitement.

It seems like ages ago David filmed this drama for Tiger Aspect [clue!!]. He plays Alan Hamilton a married man who gets run over by a car after a drink with work colleagues. How will his on-screen wife Tricia [clue!!] cope with it all, and the changes in her beloved husband?

I’m sure many parts of this will be harrowing, especially for anyone that has had a close encounter with brain injuries (and their effects on both patient and family)..but one thing is for sure there are not many actors that could do this part such brilliant justice. You will definitely need your tissues.

David spent time with the Brain Injury Charity, Headway in Essex before filming, and I believe may now well be Patron.

If you are wondering about the [clue!!] bits: I’m feeling generous and helping out the UK STampers girls with their pre-birthday game. I accept that they might not have the encyclopedic knowledge of Mr T that I do (they actually have lives!).

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Just bought myself a pricing gun…….

from ebay, I’ve been after one for ages, and dediced that I would hunt one down this afternoon. The seller’s feedback was 100% positive, and he says that he despatches straight away – so fingers crossed that it will be here in a couple of days.

I’ve also done a bit of the stock taking today, and discovered some things that I’d forgotten to add to the site, so I need to get those loaded up.

The Bloomin Scraps crop went well yesterday, and I met Linda from UK STampers – it’s alwasy lovely to put a face to a name isn’t it!

David Tennant news: apparently he has just filmed a sketch for Comic Relief with Catherine Tate as Lauren – am I’ bovvered? No, I’m delighted. There’s a rumour that he will be sporting a tweed suit and glasses – ohhhh my, is it hot in here?

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Watching the Brits…………………

and having a wonderful time. Woohoo the Fratellis and Killers have won, and the RCHP’s performance was great – bet Flo and Ali enjoyed it.

Fabulous news, Mr Tennant’s drama Recovery will be screened on BBC on 25th February ….. so not too long to wait now. Some of the lucky Team Tennant girls have gone to the BAFTA screening tonight….I am not jealous, really I’m not.

Ohhh, the Ecolines are due in tomorrow too, so everything is looking rosey.

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Do a good deed for me pretty pleeease….

click on this link and vote for the yummy Mr Tennant, Prince of Ruffledom, in the Hello Magazine monthly vote.

In fact, vote for him every 17 minutes (no less), and I will love you forever.


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Eye Candy …….does the sole good………

Mr Tennant looking very foxy in Episode 6 of Blackpool. Ohhhh, it does a girl good to watch him!

We’ve been rushing around all over the shop today, buying ink cartridges, flowers, booze, and other random stuff …. oh, and an underwater camera for madam’s photography dive tomorrow.

In a short while family and friends are descending on us, for late lunch/early supper in celebration of Lydia’s 9th Birthday – which was yesterday. Really looking to munching into the Power Rangers cake that she’s decided upon.

I’ve just picked up another couple of submission to the UK STampers Newsletter (Intensive Rubber Therapy), and am just about to finish off a further piece for that myself. I also need to track down a mermaid stamp, but I can’t find one….so maybe will just go vintage instead.

Right off to baste the ham………….

Galaxy Girl

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I refuse to moan about the weather, or just how…

rotten the Kingdom of Blah was this morning, instead I am going to say that:-

I am lucky I have a wonderful Mother, Husband, Kids and life.

I love my shopee and UK STampers, and all the friends I have made there.

I love being on Team Tennant, and am having such fun talking to like minded (and let’s face it quite sick girlies) like me who adore the Prince of Ruffledom.

I love my Miniten.

I love Blackpool (David DVD) and have watched 5 out of th 6 episodes since I got it on Friday.

I love K-Ology Trend pack I bought a fortnight ago.

I’m busy with the UK STampers newsletter, doing crafy type things, but can’t show them to you at the moment – I will do something tomorrow to post though.

My office is a mess, and I don’t care…………..

I’m off to bed and episode 6 of Blackpool.

Galaxy Girl

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I’ve been quiet, but I’m back with a vengence….

and here’s a quick view of my Miniten posing with my heat gun. To the uninitiated (and less sad than myself and the other Team Tennant crew) he’s a mini David Tennant (Dr Who) doll. Oh hours of fun will be had with him.

I could only get the K9 set, so Lydia got to have K9 as long as I had the Miniten, and we can play with them jointly – oh what it is to be 45 and decided not to quite grow up.

Clearly from the look on the Parental Control’s face she was most definitely not amused – but as I pointed out it’s my money and if as a subsitute for the real thing I require a miniten, then a miniten I shall have.

Galaxy Girl


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Circle Journal – right hand side..

blogger wasn’t playing ball when I tried to load this yesterday.

This is the right hand page of Becky’s CJ.

Guy’s just left to deliver our darling daughter to his mother’s, so I have the evening to myself – it’s poo therefore that I seem to be going down v ery quickly with a cold.

So, it’s off to bed with a hotwater bottle, and a good man – well technically he’ll be on the telly not in my bed {insert smutty thought smile} – as the georgeous Prince of Ruffledom is on the Friday Night Project this evening {insert more very smutty thought smiles}.

Galaxy Girl


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