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Snooze Button……

is always switched on for this fellow..Felix the Cat!

He is not too happy, as he cannot get to his usual place on the sofa, as we spilt water and there is a wet patch, so he is making do with the fire in the inglenook – which whilst warm tends to be on the darkish side.

Have logged into the Mail Art site in readiness for tomorrow, and have been receiving other emails from others who are also logging in. There is a definite air of excitement.

Rushed home to send out some urgent orders, and had to leave the office in a complete mess to get the PO in time. Back home, dinner eaten, kids doing their thing, and now caught up on paperwork.

Hi to Marion by the way, who may pop in to have a quick look at kitty.

The Society of Blahness was quiet today, so had plenty of time to place a lovely large order with a supplier, loads of KI bits coming this way. Also need to look at the HOTP details that arrived, but not sure if I should order Sarabinders. I noticed they do a cool blank book for altering – I would quite like one of those.

I need to get Lydia (Smallest Minkey) ready for bed in a mo, and then think about some crafting possibly.

Galaxy Girl

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