It’s exhausting having a puppy

and has seemed to take up most of our waking moments since we got him.

There are also lots of other personal things going on, but hopefully the future will be fully decided on 8th March, and we can move forward in one of two directions (sorry that sounds a bit vague, but it would be long winded and exhausting for all of us to go through it all at the moment!!).

We had a quick trip to Ikea today to pick up another desk …. and I am now back upstairs in our dressing room next to the bedroom, as the studio is just too cold this time of year, and I also need a goodish internet connection to do Ustream broadcasts.

I have been a good girl recently, and actually managed a bit of crafting, and have nearly finished a mini journal, which was an Xmas present for a girlfriend.  I really have had so little time to work on it, but am glad that’s nearly there, as I want to share it with all of you and then move on to something else.

Moving upstairs on a temporary basis has meant that I can actually have my Cricut/Gypsy on the desk to play with, plus my heat gun and all the essentials, rather than hopping around all over the place to use and find my various bits of equipment.

I will be back in a few days with some videos I think.

Happy craftinging Chicas!!




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