Something new has arrived in our household …

oh hhhhhhh yessssssssss ……….. a GYPSY !!!!!!

I am so unbelievably excited – I did have a little bit of a play, but can’t wait to get seriously playing with it.

Chance might be a fine thing this weekend though, as we have birthday pressie shopping for Toodles and Mother in Law in the morning.  Need to get back by 1 pm as Toodles has two friends for a sleepover, and then the parents in law will be arriving later on for High Tea.  Plus, I have orders coming out of my ears, and blog candy and challenge stuff to get off.

The only chance I may have is when the girls are sparko on Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, one of the girls has to leave Sunday lunchtime for rehearsals, but Toodles, her other friend and I are off to see Avatar.

The poor old Rubbah Elf will be left behind to get on with decorating our en suite ….. we finally, got the shower installed – we’ve only been without the en suite since July, but it feels like a life time.  New shower is working, but we’ve been told that it is all strictly off limits til RE has fully decorated and the new flooring is installed …. could be without it ’til this July!!!



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