Not the best of days yesterday, but at least one thing was my fault

which is the most frustrating thing.  It was mega, mega busy at work, and I simply didn’t have a moment to take a breath yesterday,  but at least the day does fly by.  The disappointing bit was that the lovely Mark Olver (I have mentioned him before on the blog, and he is the inspiration behind Mark & Milo Stamp) was gigging in Tunbridge Wells at Trinity Theatre.

I had forgotten to get tickets (not normally a problem as they are not normally sold out, and even if they are returns that come in quite early, so I tried as soon as the box office opened to find they were sold out, so they put me on the waiting list and I was the only one on it.  Wonderful, I would easily get the returns …. the day went on no phone call whatsoever …. so we went about my day … with minor things going wrong ….. had my hair done a fabbie purple …..Guy got home late and we went out to eat at the Harrow in Ightham Common ….. at 7.59 pm exactly I had just eaten 2 mouthfulls of delish pate when my phone went to advise that they had 2 returns ……. now even if we had bolted down our food, we wouldn’t have made it to Tunbridge Wells by about 9 …… so we had to thank them and decline …… bummer!  It has taught me a valuable lesson to be more organised, and actually bloody book something in good time that I really wanted to see. 

I missed out on a lovely supper at the Trinity and also on saying hi to Mark, still we will have to now have a weekend in Bristol to see him at the Oppo Commedy Club.

Good news for the day:  plates arrived and so the cookin’ will begin tomorrow night, and we will if all goes well despatch priority orders by Saturday.

Still further good news, I love my purple hair ……

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