I had a lovely day yesterday

First thing I popped into Sevenoaks to go to the Puddleducks, the local quilting centre and bought some calico to stamp onto, then next off to Chick Shack Craft Club in South Nutfield to see Caz and all the lovely crafting ladies, then home for a quick sandwich and out the door again for a girls night out.

I cannot do anything too taxing today, so I have just ordered a couple more COPICS to add to my collection, and am in the process of cooking a roast chicken, whilst listening to the film score from Twilight (thank Caz honey, it was a fabulous surprise).

It’s now really difficult to keep track of what markers I have, so I printed off the Copic Colour Chart,  and have just scribbled my colours on, I will keep in my stamp folder, and then it can easily be pulled out for reference in the future.

Actually, it will be enormously helpful to use on of these when I do colouring, so that I can keep a tally of exactly which pens I used for a project.



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