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How to add Permalink tutorial – quick and simple


It’s easy to forget when you’ve been blogging for a long time, that we once struggled with the basics – so this is just a really quick and basic tutorial for anyone who doesn’t know how to get the permalink, which is basically the particular address for a post, rather than the address of just your blog.  Obviously, this is a WordPress screenprint, but it is exactly the same principle in Blogger.

  • Once you have published your post, go back into your blog, and click on the post that you have just published (see 1 in the picture above), this url address for that particular post will show up in your top bar (see 2 in the picture above).
  • Simply copy this url address (I drag across it with my mouse and think cntrl + c).
  • Go to Mr Link Widget and paste the url in (I use cntl + v) – thus when anyone else clicks on it they will go to just that post and not your blog as a whole.

Having to check blogs for links for Toodles & Binks giveaways, I cannot tell you just how annoying and time consuming it can be to have to try and plough through somebody’s blog to find the relevant post.

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