An inky spasm….which is unusual these days!

I’ve been down the cute road quite a good while now, and I have just slightly slipped off the path.

I took delivery of a Masque Pen on Friday, and thought I’d give it a whirl.  Actually, if you are not like me (and very impatient) it would work a complete treat …… but, hey ho it was still okay.

I used the Toodles & Binks Love Grows (09-01-RRP-009) stamp, masked the trees, and then washed on Moon Glow’s Startburst Stains Saxifrage Olive Copper.  I also sprinkled on salt, which I think may have been my undoing, as I rubbed some of the top texture off the paper getting it off.


then roughtly coloured with pencils – and blended with antiseptic hand gel (it really does work), and inked here and there over the top of the images and edges, also added some lines with a popsicle stick.

I think I may well re-do a version of this using Chiro Flo EP on the trees first, then masque them off ……….. and leave to dry completely, before I move on.

Maybe the inky Kay is fighting to get back, but one thing I do know is that I love this stamp soooooooooo very much.

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