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Thank you for the lovely comments

I thought I’d answer a couple of queries:  the boxes are the first round of little gifts, I have more to do for table presents, and some actual presents too – however, these particular 4 are off to a certain, andvery well-mentioned radio show.  Only fair, the inspiration seems to have come from listening to the radio show for the designs when I commissioned them, so they are each getting one of their own (not that they will know what the heck to do with them!).  The boxes have sweeties in.

The goat, not that I’ve found a plastic one yet, so have had to make do with one printed out and stuck onto stampboard and then triple UTTEE’d is also going in one of the boxes.  Toodles & Binks bought the JR show an Oxfam Unwrapped goat, as Mark (the Olvernator) did a feature a few weeks ago about the scheme.  I’m not sure if it’s available in any other country, but basically you buy a goat, sheep, camel or such like and it goes off to a developing country to help assist families in improving their circumstances.

I also got Lydia 100 school dinners for a year, which is going to go in her stocking from Santa ….well, obviously not the actual 100 school dinners, that would be one hell of a delivery and clean up operation for the old chap, but a nice little card with a lovely picture of kids eating their school dinners …… I like my kids to understand that there is every need to give to others, especially when they receive so much, and not everybody in the world is as truly blessed and fortunate as them – that’s me off my soapbox now.  I’m also getting her the Terry Wogan and Aled Jones Little Drummer Boy download for Children In Need to go on her walkman.

Now a confession, I am so behind in sending out DT and winning stamps………….. ekks….sorry everyone.  I will try and do it very, very soon – except not Friday as I will be drunk and incapable (fingers crossed) by about 11.15 on the Orient Express.  Guy has orders to soak me up from the station later that eveninig at a yet unspecified time (fingers crossed again) in an even more drunken state – yipppeeee!!!!! where I will no doubt tell him loudly that I love him and be clutching mistletoe – I am a very happy drunk!

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Joel (08-10-RRP-002) – Kay (UK DT)




It’s …………….. another box ……………….. about 7″, so the cardstock would have been 9″ wide by by 12″ long I think and scored at 1″ either side of the centre from memory – should write this stuff down!

It’s amazing just how many markers I use when I colour too, but in truth you could use far less than this and darken as you go.


One more box and a card to do now.  No goat has been found, so I will have to think of something else – I’m thinking image transfer from the picture of the blessed creature from the Oxfam site onto a piece of stampboard at the mo.


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