It’s official………….

Sevenoaks is a crafting tundra ……………. I tried four shops in the damn place tonight to buy just plain old silicone glue, could I get any? could I fudge!!!

I had the merest drop left, and a deadline to reach of tomorrow night to finish off  two more boxes, stuff them, make a card and find a plastic goat.  Panic was beginning to set in, so much so, that I forgot to purchase the plastic goat – don’t ask!

So convinced that I would miss my deadline we dejectedly headed home, and I made plans tomorrow to drop Toodles off at home after School and make the long trek to Notcutts at Maidstone (having first phoned to ascertain if they had any of course), when I had a bright spark ……….. Caz………….. oh yes, she has the loveliest of crafting goodies, she may have some!  So I phoned, and bless her she came up trumps for me (hugs, to you dear sweet friend).

So I stuffed dinner down my neck and drove the 35 ish round mile trip to bag my silicone, coming away with my last SU order………….. and tahhhhdaaahhhhh some stamps I’d won, and not even known about.  Carolyn I love you, it’s official.

So back at home, I’ve stuck on 20 more snowflakes, need to colour two more images, make one more box, a card, stuff them all with goodies …………… oh, the goat – forgot about the bloody goat!!!!!!!! – find a goat tomorrow and pack everything up in bubble wrap.

You’ve got to admit, I have an interesting life.

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  1. caz

    LOL your posts make me chuckle!! I am so pleased to have been able to help ya! and of course anyone bearing rubber is welcome! and goodies too… I have been spoilt and I may have had a little peek and you BAD LADY but very good too…. I love it xxxx

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