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Adam (RRP-007)



as I might of mentioned, I’ve move the Adam tag I made on a bit last night, and have made box with it using my Scor-pal and a piece of 12×12 card.  I didn’t write it down, but I think I scored at 1 and 11, and 5.5 and 6.5″, and then flipped it around, and scored and 1 and 11″ again – which has essentially given me a large rectangular box.


Then I mounted the image on some Daisy D Christmas paper, which I have had for several years unused.

Then just addded QK snoflakes in Limeade Sugarcoated, with red dots and leaf green pearlidoodles, and red snowflakes with Limeade centres and red pearlidoodles.  Green gingham ribbon all around the middle of the box, and a limeade circle with red ribbon tied through to indicate the opening.


It did take a bit of making because of all the cutting out of snowflakes, and I’ve all but depleated by stock of silicone glue too … which is tragic as I still have tons of 3-ding to do.  I need to find an emergency supply from somewhere, and am hoping that Lorimers or Sussext Stats will have some in Sevenoaks … we are so desparately short of a decent craft shop here now.

Sorry for the awful photos, the light levels are terrible this time of  year.

By the way, I found out what my extra birthday pressie was – yay, the Sparks new album (OMG, that takes me back decades and makes me feel really old!).  Actually, they look younger on the cover than I rember them all those years ago, and it’s a fantastic piece of work, called “Exotic Creatures of the Deep”, and has a really rock opera feel.  The individual tracks are also make great listening – my particular favourite is (She Got Me) Pregnant.


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