I’m back, and the need to sandpaper my legs!

We have had the most fantastic time, and have been completely blessed with the weather – shame the same can’t be siad now we are back it’s truly terrible here in darkest Kent.

There are lots of piccies to upload, and I am seriously in the mood for some crafting.  First I need to pop over to see Caz, and pick up my lovely goodies that are waiting for me.  I then need to do the UK STampers weekly sunday challenge, which is to do a red, white and blue congratulations or thank you card.

In the days of my youth (a very, very long time ago now) the usual brush off for a boy was that you were washing your hair ……….. these days though it’s more inventive than that – sandpapering your legs! 

I clearly must be behind the times, as I’ve only just discovered these wonderful mitts (as Guy’s been pointing out they are essentially wet and dry paper), but it sure beats all that shaving and waxing.  Just 4 clockwise and 4 anti-clockwise and voila.

I got my pack from M&S, but couldn’t find a picture of them on their website, but these ones are a whole penny cheaper at 99p than the M&S ones apparently.


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One response to “I’m back, and the need to sandpaper my legs!

  1. I used these years ago, I didn’t realise they were back ‘in’ again! Must get some…

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