Simply cannot sleep – I am wayyy too excited

so I’m just sitting in the little Sitting Room as home looking onto the garden, watching the rabbits frolic around on the grass.

The saying about idle hands is true too – as I’ve jbeen sitting here contemplating the new Rock-a-Blocks, and wondering if they work. So to pass the time a bit more I’ve just ordered a set.

Mmmm, they go against everything I’ve ever learnt/been taught about stamping, i.e. not rolling your stamp…… so I have to admit to being not a little curious about them.

The house is quiet, quiet, quiet – Guy and Toodles are having no such trouble sleeping. It’s a bit early to start getting showered, so I’m just going to do a bit more blurfing to pass the time. We’ll be off to Harwich a bit later this morning, and then joining the cruise ship and sailing to Norway – first stop Flam.

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One response to “Simply cannot sleep – I am wayyy too excited

  1. I have to tell you they are the best thing i have ever brought ,i love them ,no more inky mistakes or smudges ,brilliant xxx

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