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Round, round pedals, down, up, down

Well, that’s downright nearly killed me.  I unwisely suggested to Guy that we buy a cycle rack for the back of his car, and then Toodles and I could do then the Tonbridge to Penshurst cycle path.

There’s a very long hill you have to go over to get to the Castle, and I really thought my whole life flashed before me at one point.  Still, there is also a lovely descent with a beautifully (actually stunning) view of the castle, which made it all worthwhile.

Guy dropped us off in Haysden Country Park, and then drove to Penshurst, parked and walked to meet us with Dexta Dog.

The whole ride is just over 6 miles – which probably sounds like nothing to the fit readers of this blog – and took us just over an hour. 

One advantage was that I think I have got the hang of the bewildering amount of gears my bike has, before today I just stayed in whatever gear it was in when I collected it from the shop, and didn’t have a clue how to change them.  Thanks to a lesson from my lovely hubby, I now have a new skill!

Just scoffed down roast veggies and cod, followed by Eaton Mess with lemon meringues and Kentish rasberries, all washed down with a lovely rose.  Only problem with all this outdoor stuff – it don’t arf make you hungry!

I confidentally expect not be able to walk in the morning, so I’m off for a nice bath and a rub down with the Craft Stamper.


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