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It’s not the best card I’ve ever done, but


it’s not too bad I suppose.  I have to admit to struggling with rectangular or DL cards – I prefer square. LOL!

In retrospect, I should have outlined the tag with ink or stictching, and I think I will put the scroll corners on the top as well, then a bit of ribbon down the side, and it’ll probably look a whole lot better.

Thank you to my SBS8 Sister, Kelly, for the Pay it Foward pressie that’s coming my way.  Very exciting.

Early next week, I will Pay something Forward on here to keep it going, so wath out for that.

I won’t be able to blog or craft much this weekend, as Toodles is taking her Adult PADI Certification.   We are going to be gone from about 7.30 to 8.30 both Saturday and Sunday.  As she’s only just 10 (next week in fact), I really wouldn’t like to leave her alone with instructors, etc., for a whole day.  Even though she knows all of the instructors very well, and has been diving with them since she was 8.

I know that the big Adult Course thing is worrying her just a little bit, and she’s putting a brave face on the whole thing…..but then, I remember her first ever scuba dive and just how very scared she looked, ’til she hit the water………and then it was all forgotten.

So I will be packing up basic craft supplies, lunches and drinks, and plan to spend most of at least tomorrow with her.  Guy is hopefully going to do Sunday, but we’ll see how he’s got on with the various kitchen based tasks that need doing this weekend.

Right, I’m off to get things organised, make sandwiches and pour a large glass of something red.

Ohhh, I have a confession  (my crafting budget is supposed to be tiny this year per month), but my mate Caz has been enabling again and I’m going to be giving 3 of her reitred SU sets a good home.  We’re out together on Thursday, so I’ll get them then – shhhhh, just don’t tell Guy!


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