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Quick update on the Palette Noir ink

I’ve only had one try with it………….but, it really doesn’t seem to bleed as badly as other inks.

I will give it a thorough try …………..fingers crossed though that I’ve got the solution.

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I stamped a header, but made it a bit big

so it looks a tiny bit odd with bits cut off it – nevertheless, it’ll do for now, until I have time to do a new one.

It’s been hellish at the Kingdom of Blahh, and I am completely creamed.  After work I dashed off to Sevenoaks to get a pair of leather gloves as part of the Parental Control’s Xmas pressie, then dashed home to an empty house.  Prepared the dinner, rowed, and now I’ve just bolted down my dinner.

I need to organise a shower for me and a bath for Toodles, but I think that may well be all I can manage this evening.

I had a “processing your order” email from Silly Monkey, so fingers crossed that Caz’s Tilda is on its way to her (I hate having a debt outstanding, and the stamp she wanted is one).  My other order with them placed a few days later isn’t mentioned, but fingers crossed for that one too, as it the Mermaid Tilda in that particular order.

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