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Thank you WordPress, that was really very easy

I’ve now managed to move most of my posts and comments across.

There is just some random bits and pieces left, that I am move over asap.  The whole thing couln’t have been more easy.

Currently I’m celebrating as paragraph problems seem to be at an end – thank goodness.

I got a lovely surprise when I arrived home, there was a package for Mr Galaxy from Hobby Horse Stamps (which I’ve not opened, but admit to rattling and trying to develop X-ray vision to see the contents) and my Magnolia Stamp Club Nov/December was waiting for me – I am soooooooo pleased, as I had sent them an email asking if I’d ordered it (because I’d lost all trace of a confirmation email), but hadn’t heard anything.

 They look smashing images, but I can’t mount them til the EZ Mount arrives in store (which should be this week some time).

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I’m on the move

my new blog can be found here.

Please bear with my whilst I move things across.

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Hello world!

I’ve decided to make a move over to WordPress, so please bear with my whilst I get this up and running, and move all my other blog stuff over here bit by bit.

I think the main reason I decided to make a move was the paragraph issue I have had with my current blog host – I’m borderline OCD, so things like that bug me big time, plus I can’t post from the place I spend the majority of my time Monday to Friday).

By way of a quick introduction before I do this, I’m crafty and love rubber stamping (with a bit of scrapbooking and altered art thrown in for good measure).

I used to do arty stuff, but have recently become obsessed with cute and cuddly – and have now got a insatable hunger for Magnolia Stamps in particular (and have just added Sugar Nellies to my favourite stamps).

 I also run my own craft company, and am the founder member of UK STampers, which is an active and growing forum in the UK.

 My name is Kym, but friends tend to just shorten that to “K” or sometimes Kay depending on how they feel.  I don’t mind either.  I particuarly hate being called Kimberley though.

 What else can I tell you about myself, well I’m happily married to Guy (and have been for 10+ years), we have two kids: 1 x 19 year old called Rob and 1 x 9+ year old called Lydia (Toodles or Worm to family and friends).  We live in rural Kent on a farm, and I have a full time job with a large financial institution.

Recently, I’ve got into rowing (land based on a machine), and Guy bought me a bike for my birthday next month – I’ve gone from being a slightly tubby couch potato, to a bit of a fitness freak – pretty sure this is to do with being on the wrong side of 45 now, and staring down the barel of the big 50!

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