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I want this T-shirt – brace yourself more stats

14th November – AM – 445 reps/27.39 cals/12:26 time ** / (1) 713 TTR (** take off at least 30 seconds to un-strap myself, run across the other side of the room, turn off my alarm, run back and strap myself in again)

14th November – PM – 460 reps/28.52 cals/12:34 time/(1) 1173 TTR

15th November – AM – 467 reps/28.95 cals/12:53 time/(1) 1640 TTR

15th November – PM – 466 reps/28.29 cals/12:19 time/(1) 2107 TTR

I was enlivened on this morning’s row by my recorded version of the Jon Richardson and Russell Howard Sunday show – especially hearing about purple boxers and rowing machines and organising drawers – did me no good at all I can tell you!

Hint to my Darling Hubby or random family and friend, I would love this T-shirt in white (unfortunately no purple option) ……..pretty please!

By the way, you can’t believe what a challenge a rowing session can be, especially when you are trying to direct the oldest child to his lunch and out the door, help the youngest do her homework, and send off your darling hubby with a nice warming snog – all of this without breaking your stroke on the machine, and trying to knock half a minute off your personal best – it’s achievable, but only with supreme timing.

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SU day arrived

I spoke to Caz today, and she is a Demonstrator for them. So anyone in need of an Enabler tell her I sent you. I’m currently working on a rather large list for her myself.

It’s going to be a non-crafty post again, sorry ’bout that – I have been crafting, but it’s currently drying. This time a quick card for poor Bernie who had an operation yesterday. Spoke to her snuggled up in her sick bed this morning, and she’s bearing up well considering what a nasty op it was.

As she can’t really struggle to the computer yet, I can post a picture of the card tomorrow, before it goes in the post, and she won’t see it. Anyhow, sending her loads and loads of cyber hugs and get well wishes (even though she can’t see them).

I need to row my little boat now, and then have a snuggle with Toodles – she’s still poorly, but on the mend, and may go to School tomorrow, we’ll make the decision in the morning.

Night, night all, sleep tight.

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