Daily Archives: 12 November, 2007

So, my blog candy bags are finished

just waiting for the last one to dry, then I can stuff and photograph them, fingers crossed that I can get them off to their homes on Wednesday.

Think it might then be time to start thing about more blog candy as I around the 15k mark now. This time though I’ve learnt my lesson, and I will get it ready before I offer it up, that way I won’t have to make somebody wait (the schedule just is not easing off at the moment).

Got some rowing stats to put on, but as they are upstairs, and I’m not, they can wait. It’s a rest period tonight, which is good as I don’t feel so great – just stress and tirdness I think, but I need an early night.

All I have to do is making No. 1 son’s lunch, and I can seek out my bed.

By the way, have you noticed the cool tumbs up/down widget that I found – cute ain’t it!


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