Lydia had a great time at her Friend’s

Halloween Tea last night, and Molly loved the Boo bag full of sweeties.
Guy picked her up covered in flour.

Whilst she went to Molly’s, Mum and I tootled off to see Tosca at Tonbridge School – and had an equally great time. The music and performances were stunning all the way through, just the ending left a little to be desired – I was expecting a bit more drama and perhaps a fabulous Aria or Grand Chorus – rather it just Tosca flinging herself quietly off the castle rampart with no fuss!

You’ve gotta think that if you’d been arrested by the villain, forced to hear your beloved tortured. Ravaged by said villain, whom you then killed, and after that watched your one true love be shot by the firing squad, you might make a bit more fuss than that – or is it just me?

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