Smile – done over

that’s better, it’s just amazing what bit of Pearlidoodles and Stickles does for the bling factor. Much happier with it now, plus it’s really touchy feely.

Thank for the lovely comments about the bead Caardvarks card, actually it probably took about 25 minutes tops to do, the worst bit was stringing the beads. I am really lucky though to have most of what I need at my finger tips. The trouble I have is using different stamps….I tend to stick to what is on my desk till I completely tidy away, and then I will go searching for other ones for a project.

That style of card is so quick, and very effective, and the beauty of it is that because I use a lot of the 6×6 pads, I can get a very different look each time by adding a different paper to the inside – plus, there is no cutting to be done…other than sometimes my sticking abilities leave a lot to be desired and I have to trim a little around one of the edges.

Scoring too (now that I’m used to the Scor-it) is a breeze. I have to say that it took me a bit of practice with the Scor-it, but I am really glad (a) that I bought it even though it was devillishy expensive and (b) that I kept on plugging away ’til I got the knack with it.

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