2-5-7-10 Box

no piccie to show you yet of it, but I’ve instructions for this box for ages now, and only just got around to having a go.

3rd time lucky, as the instructions were not all that clear, but I have it worked out now, and it’s so simple, and I think lovely when it’s made up.

I’m just stamping and colouring it at the mo – that’s the only drawback with my latest obsession, the colouring….it takes a while.

Hopefully, in the future I can take stamped images and my COPIC’s when I watch Lydia dive, swim, act, sing, dance etc. – that way I could build up a library of stamped and coloured images to use for cards.

Anyhoo, it’s been a bit busy at work today, and I’m feeling a bit creamed, so I will say nighty night, sleep tight, and hopefully will have a piccie of the finished box tomorrow.

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Filed under 25710 Box, COPIC, Markers and Colouring

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